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The First Ones

By inkedup All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Scifi


Thereticus Mortimus is a lonely and depressed vampire after the death of his lover, Kasha. While grieving, he discovers an unusual girl with abilities playing in the forest. His curiosity about who or what she is helps him to cope and eventually find love again. However, what he discovers about her takes his life for a thrilling turn because she has the power to save or destroy all humans and vampires. This knowledge about her awakens the First One Vampires-the most beautiful, evil, and strongest vampires alive. It is now a race against the clock for everyone's survival.


I’m Thereticus Mortimus, born in 1774 in Rome, Italy. I’m a vampire who is 239 years old. I join the army at age 18 and at that time, vampires often prey on those with injuries from the war. I remember clearly; laying on the field with carcasses around me and Chad on the other side. Our injuries came from an ambush in the revolution. The air smells of burnt toast, and the smoke is thick black clouds. We can hear the gunshots in the background, and the other soldiers scatter. There lay about fifteen of us with injuries. Some with arms blown off, and others with leg and head injuries. We collectively moan from the pain. When I caught sight of my fellow soldiers’ eyes, I can see the looks of desperation on their faces.

Abruptly, we hear screams, and see creatures picking up carcasses and biting their necks. They threw them to the side, like trash. Chad and I leap up, and I put his hand around my neck in an attempt to get away. We run as fast, but our leg injuries are too bad. We limp toward an old black, abandoned wagon, and hide behind it. Suddenly, two women appeared. One lady wore a long blue and white silk dress. She is beautiful except for the blood on the front. The other lady has on a green and black, shiny, dress overlaid with black lace, likewise with drops of bloodstains. One of them asks my name.

“Thereticus,” I answer.

“I’m Olive, and my friend is Mirabella. You are both handsome men. It’ll be a shame for your beauty to disappear from the earth.”

While she says those words, she strokes my face with her hand and puts her lips on top of mine. I receive a gentle kiss, my first kiss. Even though I’m in pain, I enjoy it. Meanwhile, Chad has Mirabella touching all over his body, and he kept telling her he’s in love. Love? That was fast; I thought, but neither one of us has ever been with a female.

We’re both scared but filled with excitement. Olive and Mirabella threw us down and bit our necks. We try to fight these women, but they’re stronger than us! We’re men, but as I struggle, she barely exerts any energy in keeping me still. I’m weak, and my head is dizzy, like the feeling you get after drinking too much. Everything is spinning, and life is draining out of me. I manage to look over and see Chad fading too. His eyes roll back in his head, and his mouth gapes open. The sensation was pleasurable and traumatizing at the same time. Of all the ways to go out, this is it.

I’m leaving the world, not for dying for my country, but being someone’s meal. You don’t get honors for that. I guess it’s better to die at the hands of beautiful women than bleeding to death. Mirabella and Olive didn’t intend on draining us to death because I flashback to her words, “It would be a disappointment for a good-looking man to disappear from the earth.” Mirabella is startled and looks up with blood dripping out of her mouth. We hear soldiers yelling and coming close. The soldier’s footsteps and gunshots cause Olive and Mirabella to flee. Since the world is aware of vampires, soldiers carry wooden bullets and all sorts of weapons, just in case.

We start twitching from the foreign matter injected into us. It’s poisonous and begins to shut down all our organs. Our bodies fight to reject it, and we feel awful. It’s the worst case of flu you ever had with body aches, and chills as the poison travel through our system. Our bodies try to retaliate, but it loses the battle. I wish I could die. Wait, I did. You know what I mean. My vampire’s lifestyle is not a choice but forced upon me.

Hours later I woke up and opened my eyes, and Chad is still lying there. I shake him,“Chad, Chad, wake up, man!” Finally, he opens his eyes. We both scan the area. The wagon is gone, and we continue sitting in the field. Why didn’t anyone wake us when they saw us lying here? Maybe they thought we were dead. I would have. We know what vampires are, but we figure we passed out from the blood loss. I rationalize those women were a dream before I became unconscious. I didn’t want to accept I was different, but deep down I knew better.

Chad is in denial and agrees with me. It wasn’t long before Chad, and I had to face the truth. We are vampires. Our stomach starts to hunger and growl. It’s called hunger pains for a reason, the burning in your gut. We’re incredibly thirsty, and our mouths feel dry as cotton. We walk into a nearby town while it’s dark and didn’t notice our injuries healed. We went inside a mom-and-pop joint, called Billy Bob’s Burgers, and notice everyone’s veins throbbing in their necks. I can see their blood circulating through their veins, and smell their blood scent. My mouth begins to water, and I crave blood, bad!

“All I think about is blood!” Chad laments.

“We better get out of here.”


We bust out the back door and slide down the wall next to a green dumpster. Both of us are sitting on the ground looking at each other. “What the hell? Chad, we’re vampires!”

“How is that even possible? I mean everyone knows the history of why they’re here, but I never thought this would happen to me! This bites!”

I slowly turn my face to him and raise my eyebrows in disbelief. “Really? You could’ve picked a better word, man.”

“My bad, no pun intended.”

We both laugh. Next, Chad grabs his neck, and I do too. It took every bit of our will not to go back inside and drain every person.

“I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to hurt anyone either.”


Just then a guy flies through the air out the back door and lands on the ground in front of us. He has wounds bleeding on his right arm, left hand, and elbow. He hit his head on the ground, and its total knockout. The owner says, “... and stay out! No street punk is going to mess up my hard work!” He turned to us, “What are you looking at monkeys. Get out of here! I better not see you when I come back.”

He goes back inside, and we look at each other. We slowly move closer to the guy, a little at a time, observing him like he is an alien.

“We can take a sip, right? I mean, all we need is a taste,” I justify.

Chad complies, “Yeah, just a lick,” breathing heavily.

“He’ll wake up and not know we were here.” I put my mouth on his arm as Chad licks his hand. After one sip, we stop and wail in pain as our fangs come out. We’re terrified as we move our fingers back and forth over our top lips. The perception is like a knife carving into our gums. When the fangs come out, they knock my tooth out of the way. Imagine your tooth getting pulled. I was intrigued and uncomfortable at the same time. Chad and I flash our teeth at each other observing them. I sank my fangs into the arm and started to drink. Chad follows my example with the hand. I’m sucking the crap out of this guy, and it tastes much better this time. We both moan in pleasure and normally, I would be embarrassed, but I didn’t care. Afterward, I try to wake the man, but he didn’t wake up.

“Why isn’t he waking up?” Chad insists.

“I don’t know.” I put my head to his chest, and no heartbeat. I check for a pulse, but nothing. I look up at Chad, and he can read my face.


“No way, we better get out of here!

We run and our speed is within seconds. Once we’re away from where the dead man lay, it hit us hard.

“I don’t know what happened. I taste the blood, and I can’t stop,” I said

“Yeah. It felt like a possession taking over my body.”

“I didn’t want to hurt anyone.”

Chad’s eyes get wet as did mine. We didn’t want to die, but we didn’t want to kill. Yeah, I kill people in war, but war is survival. I can argue survival, in this case, but it wasn’t. It was pure pleasure. The dead man was somebody’s father, someone’s son. We agonize in conflict over the pleasure of draining his blood versus the pain of taking an unnecessary life. I haven’t forgiven myself, and neither has Chad until this day. We don’t speak of the first pleasurable kill because it’s painful.

In time, I’m glad for immortality, because it’s a second chance. It’s an honor to sacrifice myself for my country, but I’m young, scared and inexperienced. Over the years, my experience grows, and I regret it at times. Human history is savage with the same things repeatedly happening. I like my immortality and despise it. Until I was able to gain full control of my bloodlust, I hunted and killed. The killings get easier after a while, but it doesn’t take away the conflict of enjoying the hunt and blood, but feeling horrible I took someone’s life. We both struggle with controlling our urges for blood and sex and try not to go overboard, but it’s a long list of epic fails.

We meet a First One named Bagen, who took us under his wing to show us the ways of a vampire. We learn to hunt better and cover our tracks. He gave us some of his blood, which he said will allow us to walk in the daytime permanently and it’ll magnify our ability temporarily. He gives us extra vials to be amiable. Bagen knew of Olive and Mirabella; the ladies turned us. He said they were rogue vamps who’ll turn people for the fun of it. Maybe we’ll run into them someday. Bagen said he won’t be around this area long, but we appreciate his guidance even though it didn’t help to curb our bloodlust.

Bagen looks like a Greek god statue. Legend says they don’t come around people and other vamps-unless it’s for a meal. Imagine our concern but he never tried anything; however, sometimes he did lust for us. I wonder why he was nice to us. First Ones are evil and not “friendly” or so I’ve read. Maybe legend has it wrong.

Chad and I eventually made a decision to tame ourselves to animal blood only. Drinking animals allow us to fulfill our hunting nature, and ended the conflict with the pleasure of the hunt versus sorrow over the kill. Animal blood is eating a delicious meal, but one you didn’t crave. You desire a juicy steak, but you get a plate of veggies instead. It does the job and stops the hunger. Of course, my abilities and strength aren’t the same as someone who feeds on humans.

The only thing keeping me going is my search for love. All vampires, know they are on a timer. We’re not meant to be permanent. Humans are the preferred race.

I settle down in a small county in Blue River, Colorado. There are fewer than one thousand inhabitants. I grew up in an orphanage before I turned, and I made friends, Chad being one of them. I pick a small town on purpose. It conceals us, and if one of us lost control of our bloodlust, it would draw unnecessary attention to us. An added incentive to do the right thing.

My friends and I protect and care for one another. In time, many became ill and died, and others find out what I am and ask to be turned. Those are the ones who have remained our friends: Sapphira, Jaleel, and Uve. We also made friends with a witch named Emna. Those vials of blood Bagen gave Chad, and I came in handy because we gave it to our friends, except Emna. Now they can walk in the daytime, too.

Sapphira has dark brown hair, and dark eyes, gorgeous. She’s the one who always has your back, a true badass. Chad is the geeky, hot, studious one; the teddy bear everyone loves. Jaleel is a good looking man with a nice dark tone and a rebel. I call him my son, and he’s a bad boy. Uve has blonde hair and green eyes, and he is pretty as a female. He is a guy, no doubt, but I have to agree the long hair doesn’t help him. He always comes through when you need him, and I love it. Uve is the sensitive one.

We live in a time where mankind takes precautions to protect themselves. The government seems to excel at finding new ways to kill us and reasonably so because of bloodthirsty vampires who don’t care about humans and eager to kill them all. The First One vampires exist because of the dark angels. They serve as punishment to mankind because of their wayward course. If mankind repents, the archangels will fight and get rid of us but mankind’s greed, lust, and battle for power seemingly ensures the vampires’ longevity. We rarely hear from the light angelic realm because even though we’re “allowed” to exist, we’re inherently evil because our bad blood. There are sightings of the First One’s vampires, but it’s rare, and I’m shocked we saw one. Legends hail them as the most ruthless, evil, and powerful vampires.

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