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Why Not Me?

By DELGADO All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


Cleo Grace is your successful 22-year-old female. She has a wonderful job as an Interior Designer. Has the look and the brains but the one thing she doesn't have is the perfect relationship. Logan Shawn is your average sexy successful 23-year-old male. As top Architect in the borough and a fine man candy with the brains, looks, and attitude, he's set, except he doesn't have the one thing he longs for. The perfect relationship. Cleo and Logan both long for the same thing, the perfect relationship. With them both being neighbors for a couple of years they know each other like the back of their own hands. Logan longs for Cleo to be his one, but every time he tries to make a move she's with someone else. Cleo longs for Logan to be her one, but every time she tries to talk to him he has someone new. Will they ever get the chance to be really happy?

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His bright green eyes. His short silky hair. His kissable lips. His strong chin. His sexy smile. His kind gaze. His white smile. His well-built body. His strong muscular shoulders. His long tall legs. His washboard abs. His husky laugh. His cute dimples. His strong sexy voice.

Why can’t I have you? Why can’t you see that I’m right here?

Why not me Logan?

Her soft hazel eyes. Her long wavy hair. Her pink petite lips. Her white smile. Her cute button nose. Her delicate eyebrows. Her sexy grin. Her slim body. Her long legs. Her obvious curves. Her round bottom. Her big bust. Her tight stomach. Her sweet smile. Her soft voice. Her contagious laugh.

Why can’t I have you? Why can’t you see I’m what you really need?

Why not me Cleo?

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