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By Samantha23 All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


Stuck with two dead end jobs, a pile of medical bills, and her rent two months passed due extremely blunt and hot headed Hailey Anderson is stuck in a financial rut. But as her horrible luck would have it, a brush with how the other half live puts her in a very odd predicament. Enter : Axel Masters ; billionaire, dashing businessman, and the embodiment of how the other half live. After and heated exchange in a dark alley way, Hailey finds herself with a handsome stalker and he won't stop until damages are paid. His proposition is simple; go to jail or work for him.

Prolofue: My Day Off




The loud banging on my door woke me up from my desperately needed sleep. If I wasn’t so used to people banging at my door at the crack of dawn I would have jumped right out of bed. However, that wasn’t the case and I really don’t care anymore. I pulled the covers up over my shoulders and got comfy again. A shameless attempt to block out the noise and hope that whoever it was would magically disappear.




“Hailey, I want the rent that’s due to me! Come out here with my money!”

Oh, for the love of - Why the hell did my landlord have to be an early bird? Why couldn’t he wait until I went off to work to bother me? You know, when I’m not here. He probably did it just to annoy people out of their hard earned money instead of asking for it nicely. None of the other tenants that lived in my building liked to be near him rather than actually talking to him. Many would rather nail complaints to his door. He was starting to have such a collection that he had to replace the door it had so many holes in it. Others had the common sense to send in the police rather than confront him face to face. Then there were the desperate ones that just moved out after two or three months of living here, even if they had no other place to go. New faces showed rotated in and out of this place never knowing what kind of hell lived within the basement.

“I know you’re fucking in there! I’m not leaving until I get my money! And I mean all of it this time!”

I flipped off the covers, stomping to the dresser across the room. I rummaged through the sock drawer, throwing all the contents on to the floor. There was a small tab sticking out on the side, I pulled it up and reveled the hidden stash I had been saving up. You can never be too careful in a place like this, I’ve been robbed once before and money in the freezer, yeah not a very good idea. I grabbed the whole bundle without counting it and stormed to the front door. Ripping open the door the old, smelly, landlord looked up at me with surprise.

“Here’s your money! Now shut the fuck up!” I threw the money at his face the shocked look on his face was priceless as my hard earned money rained down around him as I slammed the door. Leaning against the door I let out a long sigh. Why can’t I ever wake up to something nice like the smell of coffee or bacon? Oh well, not everyone can live in luxury. Looking over at the clock it was too early for anything in my book especially when I had the morning off after ten days straight of opening shifts. I really wanted to sleep in today.

Knock, knock.

What the hell now? I jumped up and opened the door. “Don’t you have something-!” I found someone other than the land lord standing at my front door. Actually it was a relief. My best friend of ten years was holding the most glorious thing I had ever seen, a doggie bag from Vivi’s bakery. “Please tell me those are glazed?”

Tammy raised an eyebrow with a smirk on her face, “having a rough morning?”

“You could say that.” I side stepped and let Tammy into the apartment.

“Saw your landlord.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Didn’t look to happy to me.”

I rolled my eyes, “that’s a shame.” Tammy walked across the room to the dining room table and placed the bag of sweets right in front of me as I sat down. I reached for the bag a pulled out a donut, the glaze running down the sides still warm and fresh as if pulled out of my own oven. A bite of its wonder filled my mouth and I was once again at peace with the world. “Now, you want to tell me why you’re not at work right now?”

“I had a client cancel last night and since this is your morning off, I thought I would bring you a treat to better your day.”

“Tammy, you’re a godsend.”

“I know. Now get dressed we have things to do.”

Instead of arguing I groaned and trekked to my room.

“You just got to tell your dad.”

“There’s no way I could tell him, it might actually give him a heart attack this time.”

Tammy had fallen yet again in to a hole that she didn’t know how to dig out of. After five years together her boyfriend Bruce finally proposed. And as you may have guessed her father has never been too fond of her yoga instructor boyfriend, thinks he’s not a man and can’t provide for his daughter.

“You can’t let your dad stop you from spending the rest of your life with your ‘sissy knitted, tight wearing, frivolous boy toy’.” As her dad put it so bluntly one night at dinner in which I had the unfortunate pleasure of witnessing.

Tammy broke out laughing, “what would I ever do without you?”

“Wonder everyday why you don’t have a friend like me.”

We laughed as we continued our walk down the sidewalk window shopping our way around the city block. The sidewalks and streets were filled with people and yellow taxi cabs. Tammy and I stopped at a vendor to grab something to eat. A few New York hot dogs and we would be good to go. New York hot dogs were always the best, so was the pizza. And thank god vendors don’t discriminate against the breakfast hours, I would never be able to make it through my day without something unhealthy.

“Well, have you thought about …you know?”

“Tammy, we’ve been through this already I have no desire to do anything right now I just want to wade in my own misery like everyone else.” Almost since the very moment we graduated Tammy’s been pushing me to find something I’m interested in and pursue that as a career. And ever since she found Bruce, she’s been pushing me to find someone I would want to spend my life with and have kids and the picket fence, the whole nine yards. I just can’t see myself living like that.

“You know that’s not true.”

“Tell you what, I’ll do something about my life when I win the lottery.”

“You don’t play the lottery.”

“Looks like I’m doing good then.”

From behind someone smashed into Tammy and almost plowed me over, straight in to the pavement. “Hey!”

“Hal, he stole my purse!”

I looked back at Tammy and she didn’t have her bag on her. I picked myself off the ground and ran after him with everything my legs could give me. The guy pushed more people out of the way knocking some to the ground. It was like doing hurdles in gym class all over again. When the guy tried to run across the street he was nearly hit by two cabs. I followed and a black car rolled right in front of me, I barely caught it out of the corner of my eye to jump over it in time.

I slid over the top of the hood with ease and once my feet hit the ground again I was gone. Damn, this guy was fast. I should really reconsider my morning runs. The guy dove into an alley as I closed the gap. I could not describe the smells I smelt running through that alley luckily I wasn’t stopping to smell the roses. He pushed a tin trash can on the ground, nearly splattering its contents on to my clothes, “Hey! These are my good pair of jeans!”

Once he rounded the corner he crashed in to a stranger walking by and he stumbled. I capitalized and grabbed on to his jacket and pulled him straight to the ground with me. We dropped to the ground hard, the welcome of pavement wasn’t pleasant. He tried to get back up again. I grabbed his jacket collar yanking him down, his head kissing the sidewalk with a thunk.

“You bitch let go!”

“Stay down jack ass!” I lightly tapped my fist against his face, knocking his lights out. I let out a heavy sigh. Everything hurts, I think I’ll just lay here for a second, this guy’s not going anywhere for the moment. The crowd of people began to surround us. It wasn’t long before a squad car casually pulled up along the sidewalk and two uniforms stepped out, clearing the sea of people.

“Hey Hal, nice surprise seeing you here.”

I looked up and there was Mickey, a friend of mine that worked at the local precinct, “yeah, nice seeing you too, Mickey.”

“Your uncles going to love this one.”

I dropped all the way down and laid on the ground to catch my breath.


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