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Love the Country-Side

By Carrie Wyatt All Rights Reserved ©



Jasmine was a city-girl and she loved it. But when her mom died, she had to leave the city and go to a small town in Tennessee to live with her dad. At first Jasmine thought that it was going to be a bad thing but when she meets a down to earth cowboy, she thinks that she will love it. But when she meets Chases ex best friend Chris, Things turn upside down.

Chapter 1- Why now

Hi, I’m Jasmine and I live with my mom in Chicago and I love it. But soon my mom is going to die due to cancer that the doctors can’t help. So I have to go live with my dad in Memphis, Tennessee. I have to leave the big city and live on the country-side.

"Why can’t I just stay here with my grandma?" I asked.

“Because your dad wants to see you.” is what my mom told me but he could come see me.

*The day of the funereal*

When I wake up this morning, I get dressed in a black dress and walk downstairs. Once I get to the bottom of the stairs, my dad says “I’m so sorry sweetie. I know you don’t want to leave but we don’t have a choice.”The dress Jasmine wears to the funereal

I say “Can we just get this over with?”

He nods and we walk to the car and we drive to the funereal. When we get there, we say thanks to everyone who came and soon its over and we leave.

My dad says “Your going to love it here.”

I say “I don’t think so dad. I’ve lived in the city my whole life.”

I put my headphones in and listen to music and soon I fall asleep.

When I wake up, I see a small ranch house and say “You have got to be kidding me.”

I get out the car. my Dad says “everything is already inside. How about you take a tour of the house.”

I say “Just tell me where my room is.”

He sighs. “Last room on the right.”

I nod and walk inside and find my room then lay down and go back to sleep.

When I wake up, I change into a red shirt and a pair of shorts before walking to the kitchen and hear my dad say “Good morning Sweetheart. This is Chase. He helps me with the land. Chase, this is Jasmine.

I look that the guy. “Nice to meet you. Dad can I go into town, I need some new clothes.”

He says “sure.”

Then he tosses me the car keys and I catch them with one hand and walk outside. Before walking to the car and driving into town. When I get there, I walk into one of the stores and buy a red dress, cowgirl boots, and a hat before walking back outside and driving back home.

When I get there, Chase is outside and I get out and he grabs my bag.


I say ” I was going to get it.”

He says “Yes well I grabbed it first.”

I say “Whatever.”

I take the bag from him and walk into the house.

my dad says “Do you want to go ride a horse?”

I say “I’m good. I don’t want to get all sweaty.”

He says “Thats it. You came here because you have nowhere else to go and you know that. I know that moving from a big city is hard but you have to try Jasmine. You are not going to sit in this house all day doing nothing. So you can either go for a ride on a horse now or tomorrow. Your choice, but you are getting on a horse.”

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