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By HWILLEUMIER All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Other

Chapter 1

Sookie looked askance at her “Hello! What is there not to be embassassed about?” mother... flailing her arms around in the kitchen, singing and swaying to her heart’s content.

“Mum! “Cut it out! Behave yourself! You’re SO embarrassing! God!” Laura looked up from her Sufi-like dancing and gazed doey-eyed… at her daughter.

“Sookie, darling… pet! I’m just happy! That’s all! Can’t I be happy? Why shouldn’t I be? The autumn colours… the leaves tumbling and playing in the breeze. It’s all so enchanting! So delightful! Also. I’m excited. Just heard from a friend in an e-mail about the Global Oneness Summit; a whole day dedicated to celebrating the Oneness of Life/connecting deeply with our global communities; it’s the second annual summit and folk like Neale Donald Walsh, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Don Miguel Ruiz, Kenny Loggins, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Lynne Mc Taggart and especially Gangaji... You know how I love Gangaji… will all be there; Imagine! A free global telesummit… Oct 24th from 8:00 till 6:30. Guess where I’ll be that day!? Ha!

I just scrolled down all the guest speakers… simply marvellous! I may be fifty-nine but as Rod Stewart once sang,”May ye be forever young!” I sure feel it! Have always... haven’t you noticed?”

Sookie, with cookie in her mouth, muttered under her breath…”How could I not? I’ve been trying not to... haven’t YOU noticed? You’re acting sixteen… just like me... Only difference... I feel and act more mature! You have to be cool… and not so nerdy like this! When you’re cool, you rule… or didn’t you know?” “Yes, cool… My little mesheginah…” Laura replied with a gleam in her eye…”chocolate on your upper lip and all!”


Sookie dashed to the bathroom mirror.

Horrors! Ah! What the heck??

It was almost Halloween… she’d re-create “the look” in her mind… Costume prep...

She’d keep elaborating and honing the image… She was going out as a Druid sister anyway! It could be dried up blood.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and when it opened… there stood Matt.

“Dad! I thought you were still on the road… flogging all that fabric across country”.

Matt was a salesman and sold fabric cross country to stores like Eaton’s and the Bay. Lots of smaller outfits….

He hadn’t been expected home until October 31st.

Today was Saturday October 22nd. The year, 2011.

“Hi all!” he smiled... flying his fedora hat like a Frisbee onto the hook on the wall. It landed without a hitch.

“Home early; we did exceptionally well! How’s my two most delicious kuggele?” “We’re great!” Laura sang…”I’ve been gardening. Planted bulbs bought at Thrifty’s…bought a couple of those orange lantern plants too... So gorgeous. I love that orange! I’m so glad we moved to Victoria. The Fall is such a great time of year!

I’ve been just tootling around neighbourhoods; looking at it all… the gardens, parks, buildings… I’m so glad we decided to leave Toronto. The pace is just perfect.

“Dad?” Sookie piped up. “Can I borrow $50? It’s a Halloween Party soon and I’m in charge of decorations etc… I probably get re-imbursed but... I just want to get cracking and see how it all turns out!”

“Righty-Ho!” Matt was one of those affable fathers… every sixteen-year-old dreams of. He made up for her Mum. (Oh well! Can’t have everything!) “Gee! Thanks a bunch! I’ll probably be able to pay you back, soon!” “If you can… no sweat!” Matt was one of those fathers who knew his daughter well… She WOULD pay him back… accountability was her middle name.

She was a great kid…

They were so fortunate! At sixteen, she was way ahead of the game… school-wise.

She’d skipped two years and was finishing her grade twelve. She took a correspondence course while she babysat at night. Spanish.

Where did all that energy come from?

As Ian Tyson would say, “He could only stand back in awe”.

No real interest in boys yet… That would come; no big hurry, really.

She was a bit of an egg head... but luckily her sense of decorum and humour kept her afloat. He had to laugh at how Laura got her goat. Laura.. precious Laura… Stuck in the sixties. Laura! How she loved her Yoga class and tooling about in the kitchen. Home-made this and home-spun that! Earth Mother par excellence!

Only that she did it in her original wispy way! At the moment, she was singing softly to herself…”Sookie Little Girl Like You! Spookie!”

An enigma. Full of surprises; sometimes she seemed like a fairy… a nymph…then; like a genie... here only for a spell.

A fairy? Or witch? A compilation of some very interesting and “je ne sais quoi” ingredients! There was certainly more than met the eye! She was a canny one, alright!

Her Scottish background probably accounted for her genes... full of Celtic legacy. All that yoga and meditation. She seemed to thrive; she knew things… that one!

He could see she was really enjoying Victoria, British Columbia. The beautiful West Coast Gulf Island. Something about living on an island too…what with all that fog in the morning… the dewy grass… the rain-soaked leaves. Wasn’t really his cup of tea; he’d preferred the dryness of Ontario... that dry cold…not so penetrating “in your bones” cold.

But ah well! They were happy!

Laura had switched on some Van Morrison. “Brown-eyed girl (Do you remember when…)”

They were both at that age when lots of reminiscing took place. Laura would feign indignation though…

She was “heavily into Eckhart Tolle”

“The past no longer exists” she’d insist. “Be in the NOW… A new untainted moment to enjoy!”

She seemed to be doing it… No flies on her! One smart cookie, his Laura! Full of good intentions and sticking to her guns! Without being obstinate either, he might add…Quite a feat! Quite a gal!

“What’s for supper?” he asked as she pranced into the living room again. They had built this house together... from a kit when his brother, Stan and wife, Eddie… owned the property.Years ago. Was it seven?

They had come one summer and all four of them assembled this 22-sided”Mandala House” as it was called. It had been a great venture and then when Stan and Eddie decided to move to Salt Spring... they had thought ”Hey! Why not?” And! Had moved in!

That must have been just about two months ago.

A mushroom-looking house… circular with a loft upstairs and skylight.

A lot of the walls were solid glass and at first it seemed a bit too much; like living in a fish bowl.

Laura had made curtains, which could be drawn anytime. Nothing to fear, though… they lived on three acres of forested land. No neighbours or peeping Toms in sight.

Lots of deer though. They would come unabashed... to peer into the windows.

Does and fawns. So lovely!

A bit pesky though… they’d nibble away at the rose bushes... at all the plants. Laura had them under chicken wire, but they still managed. There were a few plants they didn’t like and Laura had seen to that too!

Lots of frolicking squirrels... run among the hazel nut trees… so sweet!

He’d get entranced, time and again!

“What’s for supper?” Laura echoed with a cute pixie-like grin. “Thought we could go out”. I found the best Greek restaurant, down on Blanchard.” “Fine with me! Sookie too?”

“No, she’s been invited for a sleep-over at her friend, Carol’s. May as well l”carpe diem”!

“Second that” he twinkled.

A great home coming and time to play”catch up”

It was only 4:00 pm so they decided to explore some of the trails. They’d heard there were lots in Victoria… Those near Hillside would do the trick. Trick AND treat!

With Boots, the black Spaniel at their heels, they waltzed out to the awaiting sting ray.

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