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And You Thought Your World Was Harsh! Vol. 2

By darrinadams All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Humor

Chapter 1

“Are you freaking kidding me?!” screeched Milena.

She simply watched the verdict of the court session on the television in shock as the HTCNN news reporter cheerfully gave his overview of the Officer Lives trial. Milena was about ready to pull out her hair in frustration.

Laura seemed to be shocked too, but is less impacted in general. She personally hadn’t met Officer Lives, and never met Michael either. To her, she didn’t see why her friend was taking things so personally. Politicians are politicians. They lie in order to get into office, then things pretty much stay the same. After her catatonia, Milena grabbed the nearest lamp, and threw it through the television screen, breaking it.

The neutral one sighed in disappointment. “That’s the fifth time. How much money have you spent on new TVs?”

The lamp thrower corrected her. “Eleventh. I have thrown stuff into the television at least six times before you moved in. I’ll be back...I need to go to the bathroom. I can’t believe this shit!”

The pissed off woman stormed off. Upon arriving in the bathroom she looked herself in the mirror, turned on the faucet, then splashed herself with water and thought to herself.

What’s the point of helping these idiots?! They are gonna do what they want, and believe what they want regardless of what we do or say. Hell, they had a hell of a lot of proof that Officer Lives was guilty, and yet, the people pretty much forced an innocent verdict, and HTCNN is covering it all up again! Screw the Harshtown Counterfeit News Network!

She looked at herself in the mirror again. What shocked her is that the cloths on her reflection were different from the ones that she was currently wearing. In the mirror, her reflection was wearing an outfit that looked similar to a queen’s. Milena looked down at her cloths, but saw that they are casual, which confirmed that something was off.

What the fuck?! Is this mansion haunted?! On the other hand, lately I have been feeling head pains and grogginess for some odd reason, ever since that damn nightmare that lasted for two days, but I don’t do drugs and I don’t take medication! What the heck is going on here?!

The reflection responded back in a voice similar to how she sounded in high school. “No Milena...it’s me again. Have you forgotten about me?”

Milena gasped, “What in the world is going on here, and who the hell are you?! This shouldn’t be possible!”

“I’m a part of you. I am the part of you that was dominant in the past. Why did you suppress me? Why did you run away from me?!”

“No! That’s impossible! I’m not you!”

The doppelganger in the mirror shook her head. “The last few thoughts you had...is something that you pondered a lot. You have been doubting what you’re doing! You constantly are giving me more and more power! You thought that you could just change and run away from me, but I’m back, and ready to take over! It is time for things to be how they were before you were committed to the asylum!”

The nervous woman shook her head. “No! No you aren’t! You aren’t real and you’re not me! This is just a dream, just like before! I’m going to wake up and find myself in my bed any second now!”

A minute has passed and nothing changed, which confirmed to her that this may not be a dream. Milena immediately rushed out of the bathroom in terror and towards her room. She dived into her bed and tried to fall asleep in an attempt to forget what she experienced. As she slept she constantly had nightmares every ten minutes about how her personality was when she was a teenager. For some odd reason, she thought that she saw some woman wearing a lab coat sitting near her bedside looking over at her. Milena dismissed these visions as mere delusions that were a part of her dreams.

During the next morning, in the living room, Laura said, “Good morning Milena...how did you sleep?”

“I slept kinda recklessly...but I’m fine.”

Laura nodded at her best friend. Milena headed towards the bathroom. After Laura ate the food that she prepared herself, she went to the bathroom and waited patiently for her friend to finish, so she can take a shower. She knocked on the door, but there is no response.

“Milena? Are you there?” said Laura.

Nothing. After waiting a bit longer, the concerned woman opened the door to the site of her friend brushing her hair.

“You are a pretty girl. Everyone loves you. You are popular. You are god like. Everything about you is perfect. You are rich. They are nobodies...you are worthwhile!”

This earned her a gasp. “Milena?! Are you alright?!”

Milena turned to her. “Oh! Hi Laura! Yes...I’m doing fine...was just grooming myself.”

The delicate woman pondered for a moment. “Laura...I got a proposition for you.”

Laura looked at her, confused. “Yes?”

“Instead of me brushing my hair, can you do it for me? Since I allow you to live here, and since I pay for everything, and am pretty much the queen of this mansion, and to some degree, the world, and since you are my inferior, It is a pretty fitting role for you.”

Laura looked confused. “Milena? Is everything alright? You don’t seem like your usual self.”

She shook her head. “Never mind...my hair shouldn’t be touched by your peasant hands...you probably would taint it or give me some homeless disease or something.”

Milena gleefully left the area while leaving her friend even more confused.

Several hours later, around lunch time, in the living room, Laura said:

“I’m sorry about what happened in court Milena.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m happy that Officer Lives was found innocent. He single handedly stopped the riot and is my hero. Well, I’m going to go to the store and buy some new clothes...see you later.”

“But yesterday, you were upset over what happened. And why are you buying new cloths? You went shopping for new cloths a few days ago already.”

Milena hastily turned to her friend with a glare. Did this piece of shit homeless woman just do that? Tell me I didn’t hear her question one of my judgments!

She faked a smile to her. “Yeah...I know that and considered it. It’s just that I didn’t get everything I wanted.”

“You spent like a thousand dollars on clothes last time.”

The irritated woman replied somewhat snarkishly, “But I want to look pretty! These cloths I have on right now don’t exactly pass the fashion test! Since I am a queen, I need to dress like one so people can understand my worldly influence! I’ll buy you some new cloths as well Laura, because you sure as hell could use a makeover yourself!”

Without another word, Milena left the speechless Laura, who thought to herself , It’s as if she’s a different person. Since when did she care about her appearance aside from just looking presentable?

Thirty minutes later, in a clothing store, in front of the check out line, Milena crossed her arms impatiently.

After shopping for clothes, She was visibly irritated at the male clerk that was helping her. As he checked for tags to scan, he accidentally dropped some of Milena’s clothes on the floor. Milena hissed, “Hey! Be careful with that you creep!”

The nervous clerk apologized, “S...Sorry Milena!”

He immediately picked up the cloths that he dropped. “Is there anything else that I can help you with ma’am?”

Milena nodded. “Yes...but I’m afraid to ask. You are by far the most incompetent worker that I have ever seen, but then again, I guess I shouldn’t complain. Not everyone can be perfect like me.”

The worker didn’t respond, rather, he scanned all of the clothing that Milena gave him. Milena walked over to a rack and saw a red dress. She held it against herself, then looked at the worker. “Do you think this would look good on me?”

“Yes Milena! It would make you look beautiful! Ooops!”

He immediately covered his mouth. The woman narrowed her eyes at him. “It would make me look beautiful?! What the hell does that mean?! Are you trying to say that I won’t look beautiful without it?! And don’t call me by my first name! Address me as my queen!”

“I apologize Milena...err...My queen! What I meant to say is that you look beautiful regardless of having the dress on or not. The dress however will make you look even more beautiful!”

Milena smiled. “Better...”

She paid for all of the items by using her credit card, and snatched away the receipt. She stood in front of her bags of merchandise with her arms crossed while glaring at the clerk. The nervous man gave her a confused look as he pondered what else she could possibly want. “Ma’am...did you need help with anything else?”

“You expect me to pull all of this stuff out with a cart?! I’m too godlike for that, either you do it, or someone else does before I get really angry!”

Even more fear was instilled in the clerk, which caused him to recall the terrible rumors about Milena. “Yes ma’am! I will call forth my best workers! Please be patient!”

Thirty minutes later Milena returned home. She furiously slammed open the door to her mansion. The workers of the store were also with her as they carried her bags inside of the mansion and to her room. Milena yelled, “Be careful with that stuff!”

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