Creepy Candy:Endeavored Youth

By MrHull All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Erotica

Chapter 7: Drink Me


The fireworks, the music, the kiss, everything: They force me to watch once more as Alabaster looks into my eye with a wicked grin.. Well played..

“Hey is the car here now?”, I ask Alabaster. He stops for a second and said, “ Should be, need a to grab something?” “Yea.. I forgot my.. Uhh iphone…”. He foolishly passes me the car keys. “ Don’t drive off, I have a tracking device on the car so I’ll know.”, he says it as if to be a threat. I look over to Damien who is just wasting no time to show Al’ affection….

Anger: this is the emotion I’m at. To stop myself from a swift punch I rush my way out of the crowd, bumping into several people until I finally reach to the entrance and look both ways, noticing a familiar leg hidden to the left of a small wooden cabin. In curiousity i peer into it to find Zoe’s beautiful form leaning against it. Texting someone and of course with no hesitance she sees me and closes her flip phone and tucks it in her bra while she stares at me. She says to me teasingly, “ What do you want shithead?” Even after we worked things out on what I did she still seems a little peeved as to holding a grudge. But, I wouldn’t blame her.. I’m not the best person in the world to trust.

I speak to her at last, “ What are you doing here all alone? Where’s Sunshine?” She turns her whole head to me and stands up straight and begins walking to me. “We’re taking a break right now..” Oh… I know what’s going on. “ He’s going ‘trigger happy’ again?” She smirks at me, “ You have no idea how bad it’s gotten lately…” She pauses for a minute trying to hold in a tear, “ A week I was with some of my friends, just chatting having a normal conversation with my friends. I wanted to Sunshine along but he said that he was hanging out with his buddies. I didn’t expect him to arrive.. But he busted in the door, drunk as ever with gang and nearly shot everyone of them and looted the house as he smothered me leaving me unconscious, bringing me to his house place. When I woke up he was still drunk and was laying on top of me staring into my eyes saying that he saved me from everyone so he can have me all to himself… When he passed out from the hangover he had know idea what I was talking about, saying he blacked out or something. I don’t know what that was, or if it’s even hi-”

“ Wait, hold up, are you sure about this?” I question her. “ Yes.. and it’s just been getting worse with his drinking habits, sometimes I fear if one day he will hurt me.” “ Pft, nah. I doubt it”, I lie to her in favor of keeping the relationship stable and of course she sees through it with an eyeroll. “ Just, don’t tell anyone I told you this? I love him but I need a break to stay away.” “ Oh, okay.. Hey wait how are you getting home?” “ Well that’s why I’m texting people dumbass.” “ Geez, you don’t have to be a bitch-” “OOo, bitch is such a strong word… but I have the right to be rude. What’s it to ya’ anyways?” I show he the car keys and say politely, “ Wanna’ ride?”


Dancing in the night to fireworks closely with you… it’s like a dream. A few people start watching us and cheering us on as to which the spot light gleams down on Alabaster. The lead singer points to him to get on the stage while everyone cheers him on louder. He looks at me and smiles , “ I don’t know, I’m a little nervous.” “ Do it bitch.” He chuckles and looks at me with a gentle smile. “ Alright fine.” He walks up slowly to encounter the thin woman with long black hair and makeup. The whisper to each other as if he is unsure on what he can do then, after she speaks he nods with and ‘Oh, okay’. She then walks to the mic and speaks with her cyber gothic suit:

“ Hello my little party animals!” The crowd cheers. “ Thank you thank you, you’ve been a great audience really. Now I have brought this dashing young man to the stage to give us all a speech of his life…” The crowd roars with excitement.. Alabaster’s life? His? Have I ever even asked-

He nods with a mouthing thank you, then looks down at the crowd and speaks to the mic loud and clear, changing my perspective of him as if to open my eyes a little:

“ Well, for starters, I mean damn I wasn’t expecting this to ever happen today”, (chuckle), “ Never in my life would I to even think about being where I am now if it wasn’t for my God father..”

Oh here we go again with one of these speeches.. Congratulations you have a great dad now shut up.

“ I remember as a child at the age of six, my brother being just 4 years of age. We were forced to live downstairs in the basement with our mothers growing to that.. Then that day, he came downstairs on my birthday. Dragging me and him upstairs but My mother tried to fight him and keep us down with her. They were arguing until he snapped and shot her skull right in front of us. As I child I didn’t know what was going on and neither did my brother, so we just agreed to follow him upstairs. And what awaited us was so much worse..” He pauses for a breath and looks down the back up and continues. “.. up in his room he brought us as we walked down the stairs keeping quiet, when he opened the door..”.. He freezes trying to hold in tears, “ We saw a video camera staring at the bed..” A tear goes down his cheek… “ I.. just.. Know that if anyone has dealt with anything traumatic, just know you’re not alone.” He stops and goes off the stage as the lead singer widens her eyes as the crowd goes silent for a while.

He walks up to me and pulls my arm, “C’mon we’re leaving.” I stop him and say, “ Uhm, we aren’t, what the fuck was all that about?” He looks to the side then back at me. “ I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He chuckles and looks down. He’s such a shitty liar. “ Al’ did your father rape you?” He looks back at me annoyed and says, “ Why the fuck would it matter to you? I mean hah, you’re so busy with yourself you never even got close enough to already known this.” “ What the fuck is that supposed to mean.” He rolls his turns around and starts walking with a “Bye Damien”. Yea no, he’s not avoiding this that easy.

“ Don’t fucking ignore me I’m talking to you!” He just goes mute and continues walking. “ Hey at least look at me for fucksake! God why is everyone such an asshole to me… like you’re all just a bunch of crybabies” I say to him laughing. He turns to me annoyed, “ Shut the fuck up.. I know you fuck Hazi behind my back.” I go quiet for a moment and drift off for a second.. Wondering how he found that out, and try denying it. “ I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking abou-” “ A year ago I caught him sucking your dick on the loveseat.. 3 months before you attempted suicide… Don’t fucking lie to me Damien.. Before that found you pounding him against the wall in the bathroom stall at school. I just kept quiet.. Want me to name some more?” I am getting a bad vibe from this.. “ Uhm hah, so? Like that has anything to do with us? I mean we’re together still right-” “ Just shut up! SHUT UP! Everything that comes out of your mouth is just, PURE BULLSHIT! I’ve kept at this relationship because I’m trying to make it work. But heh, you just keep fucking it up… Heh, you wonder why Sunshine treats you like shit! Just fucking look at your actions and what the fuck you do.. You DID THIS, it’s too fucking late to apologize..” He stops for a breather and hears beeping from his phone. He reaches it out of his pocket and looks at it chuckling. “ Great, wow, he took my car.. Aren’t you two like the perfect pair? Here since you already have my car you can have my fucking cousin too!” He takes a few away but as soon as I try to stop him he grabs my wrist and twists it, “ Don’t ever fucking touch me.” He threatens and let’s my hand go and walks off.

What.. just happened? I look in the moonlight sky… alone again? I take a deep breath and feel someone tap on my shoulder and I turn to see who it is.. “ Hello? Damien is it?”, the woman performing? What does she want from me? “ Huh, who are you?” She giggles.. “ You don’t remember me?” she has a bold seductive tone in her voice and soon it’s recognizable. “ Wait is that, you Emi?” “ Hey~” My mouth is in shock. “ Oh my god I thought I recognized you earlier but I didn’t know for sure-” “It’s alright, a lot has changed. I do rock music now. Uhm, would you like a lift? I heard about the break up.” “ Please..” She smiles at me, “Alright, come with me..” I shrug and follow to where she walks until the front second entrance holds a sparkly gold limousine as my mouth drops again.

“ How the hell were you able to afford that?” She chuckles, “ As I said kid, a LOT has changed”. She unlocks the car and opens the door for the driver’s seat. “ You coming?” she asks. “ Oh sorry, my bad, I follow in the passenger seat and shut the door putting on my seatbelt as she begins driving. “ You don’t mind if I crash at your place for the night right?” I ask her, “ Mm, not at all I guess, but tomorrow night you have to go home. Look I know how you are with your father and why you are so distant but you can’t ignore him for too long. Trust me, I learned that the hard way in life.” I sigh and nod my head to agreement, “ I understand ma’am” I say to her out of reason. “ Good, now let’s listen to some music.” She turns on the radio and continues driving..

[ Hazi ..]

I finally arrive back to the same space where the Geep was left and guess who’s there? Standing right in front of the main entrance waiting for me. His arms crossed and a pissed face. He sees me pull up and walks to the car.. “ Oh shi-” He opens the driver’s seat and pulls me by my shirt collar out of the vehicle and has me lifted up while the other arm is ready to slam my head in! “ What the fuck’s wrong with you?! You’re lucky I have the utter patience not to beat your brains out right now!” “ Geez calm down! I just dropped Zoe off.. No worries.” He pauses for a moment then drops me down. I want to ask where Damien is but by the looks of his behavior it’s probably best not to bring that up.

“ Let’s just get in, I’m dropping you off-” “ But I wanted to spend the night.” He sighs and gets in the driver’s seat, “ Well you can want in one hand and shit in the other.” I roll my eyes and get in the passenger’s seat as he starts the car up and drives. Me pouting and him looking dead cold the entire drive to my house.. When he drops me off he throws me a black hoodie with the sign aquarius on it. “Wh-What’s this for?” “It’s Damien’s”, he says, and drives off..What I night this has been..


Satan: It looks like they finally have broken up.. You think both of you boys can mess around with Alabaster’s head? Anonymous… you’ll get a chance with Al..

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