Creepy Candy:Endeavored Youth

By MrHull All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Erotica

Chapter 6: Not Alone Yet

Clear autumn smell, wind brushing past my hair as I lick my lips to taste of the light misk. Looking upwards to the stars, viewing the constellations in a refreshing pause. Trying to gain some hope on the situation. I just hope he doesn’t do anything stupid when I leave. I couldn’t bear to have him in another coma… not again.

Peering down after a minute or so my steps guide the golden gilded gate. Ticket booth to the left: polished and well structured.. Looks like they finally decided to get a new one. Normally, I hand my money to the Deer teen in the booth who didn’t seem to give a fuck about their job or what he was supposed to do. So I just walk past unnoticed this time. It’s just a quick search anyways right?

Lights, colors, fireworks: what thrill it all brings as I rejoice the wonderment and get myself lost in the carnival rides and games. I don’t want to go back.. When have I ever had fun anyways?

After getting off the Tilt-A-Whirl someone grabs my shoulder and I turn my head to see who it is and guess who found me? Tall blonde with blue eyes, football player of the school.. My older brother Robert. Of course he had a girl or two with him since he always has to be sleeping with someone. He says to me irritable, “ Woah, what the fuck, isn’t Al’ supposed to be watching you?” “Dude, it’s Alabaster.. He couldn’t give two fucks about me or what happens.. He just had Damien watch me so he can go around and play with Cherry.” He looks away, peering at the area and says back demanding, “ Where the fuck is Damien? And I don’t like you being around him-” Before he continues I walk away until he threatens me, “ Hey I heard what you two do. Don’t forget, I caught and seen what you both did that one day. Don’t think I won’t tell.” I look at him annoyed and take a deep breath. Trying to swallow my pride in one tangible bundle but unsure. I finally start walking again until he calls out for me causing me to pace faster and faster. Trying to avoid him until he dismisses the girls and catches up to me and shoves me against the railing. “ Listen fag, I’m trying to make sure you’re safe. Remember last time you were alone?” “ Get the fuck off of me!” I shove his arms off and say sternly to him. “ I can take care of myself!”

He becomes speechless and walks away, looking rather annoyed. What’s it to him though, he wouldn’t know what happened, he wasn’t there. But, maybe he’s right? I stand up tall but before wanting to go back I hear a ring from the speakers around the carnival.. An announcement so exciting to catch everyone’s reaction. And I quickly run to check it out, wondering what it’s all about.


[Damien ..]

Eyes widening to viewing his side of the world.. And now hearing the announcement’s echo from my side of everything:

“ All attendances at the carnival and staff come to the center, there will be a special performance and prizes given to the lucky audience member today; I repeat, all participants step fourth.”

Hm… strange.. I didn’t know any concerts were going to be placed.. Maybe I should check it out as well. Even if I am still upset. Hazi needs someone to have an eye after what occurred last time.

Finally getting up to after thirty minutes of sulking.. God aren’t I pathetic? As soon as I get near the entrance I see Robert walking by with to side hoes and as soon as he sees me he whispers and smiles at the girls, dismissing them.. I had no clue why until..


Sucker punched my right eye hard as a gently squeal fast trying to stand up as he walks away, getting in his little Ford Hummer and driving off. God what the fuck was that for? It’s whatever, I’m just trying to get in. There isn’t anyone in the ticket booth anymore so I just casually walk in, assuming something to happen but I guess karma’s already just made a hit.

Walking in with my hands in my pocket, sulking my dead eyes down to see all the humans and other creatures engage in their weird little “festive” activities and games. It’s so abnormal to me, for I was never given such an opportunity to visit here as a child. I remember seeing the other kids have fun with their families and friends. While I would always watch and observe through father’s magic orb and spy on them. I wanted to join them but we weren’t allowed live a happy life. He taught me the sin Envy.. I wanted nothing more than to destroy their carnival and break it. I knew no kid wanted to hang out with a freak like me..

Just seeing it now, the families, it makes me cringe with disgust and anger; why should they deserve a happy time? Why must I suffer instead? I lay my head back in a deep sigh as I continue walking around for a few minutes as to find them, that couple, talking at the Carnival. Sunshine and Zoe.. what were they doing here? It would be reckless of me not to spy on them for a distance so I take a shot and over hear them at the wooden shooting ring: Sunshine wearing a spiked leather punk vest with his bandana on his neck, chest exposed and wearing some semi-tight blue jeans with some deadly spiked boots. Zoe on the other hand, still in that innocent little schoolgirl uniform. It’s disappointing she never wears anything a little slutty but I’m sure Sunshine wouldn’t be to happy..

I peer closely to the conversation made with Sunshine and the woman in the booth:

Sunshine: “I’d like to get that Pudding Panda on the far right corner.”

“You sure you’re up for it young man?”

Sunshine: “Listen lady, If I managed to get a girlfriend as thick as that-”

Zoe: “Babe!”

Sunshine: “ Oh, I’m sorry-” he turns around and faces her, “ You don’t like me bragging about ya’? Anyways,” he turns his body back at the woman behind the booth, “ Here’s the money for the game.” * he hands over a couple of bucks*

“Thank you sir, here’s your slingshot-”

Sunshine: “ Pfft, a fucking slingshot?-”

Zoe: “ Sunshine calm down-”

Sunshine: “ Nah, a sling shot ain’t goin’ to do shit.” from his left side of his vest he takes out a desert eagle pistol and shoots all the targets spot on. “ Well bitch, the fuck you starin’ at me for.. The prize?”

The woman seemed terrified beyond belief and shocked until she blinked and apologized, giving Sunshine the prize. And they walk off.

What the hell did I just witness?

I shortly walk began swerving my direction back to the center and coming up to a large crowd of people. “ Damien!”, I hear Hazi’s voice calling for me and soon him clinging into my arms. As he holds onto me tight with firm grasp ever so close on me. Then he stops staring into my eyes, god he’s making me blush so I gently nudge him off a little more. He seems to be wearing a glow stick necklace and a few bracelets. “ Hey where did you get that?” “ Oh, the concert they are hosting, the lead singer is a little late so right now they are giving out prizes and other stuff. I got cotton candy too.” “ C-Cotton Candy?” I say with utter confusion. “ Uh yea, I have it saved in my bag for later for us to have. I wanted you to try it out.” My irises increase for a split second in utter curiousity as to why he would do that, for me. I have been so rude to him lately but he’s been so, understanding.. “ Hello? Damien?” “Huh? Oh sorry, I must have zoned out again.” “It’s alright, the concert isn’t until another twenty minutes, want to grab some food?” “ Hm? Uhh, sure I guess..” I scratch my head with a nod. He smiles at me gently and giggles and kisses me deep, feeling his soft sticky tongue around mine; that is until i interrupt and push him away. Jesus christ kid… I agree to eat with you and you’re already trying to blow me? Obsessed much?

He looks at my face then looks down and smiles trying to play innocent, nice try Hazi. He grabs my hand and lead me to the food court where I get a giant slice of pizza and him? A good old fashioned chili dog with fries. Was this a date? We were both talking and having a nice time, until-SLAM! At the table, goes Sunshine’s hands and we both look into his direction. What the fuck does he want? “ Hey nerd, what you doing?” “ Oh hi Sunshine, what’s up?” Sunshine Stretches out his arms and sits between us: I’m guessing his date didn’t go well so he has to cock block. “ Eh, nothin’. Just waitin’ for Zoe to hurry up and change her tamp’, you know how broads are haha.” Soon I open my mouth and with a rude tone I say, “ Do you mind?” He stares at me rudely, “ Uhm, was I fucking talking to you? ...Yea, shut the fuck up Damien no one likes you.” He is just begging me to knock him out. “ Uhh, me and Damien were kind of doing our own thing right now. You think you could-?” “ Oh?”, he says curiously. Great Hazi, you just had to say it like that. “ Hazi, I respect you but, I know you could do better.” He finishes and walks off calm. That little prick, one of these days…

Soon the announcement’s chime in, telling us the leader of the band is finally here so we both rush out to see him: more of him dragging me though and pushing past several people and then us seeing Al’.... we both glare at him as he sees us and he smiles with several glow stick necklace on his neck. “ Hey Babe, Hah, you made it, sorry about that earlier, Cherry’s car broke down it turns out and I had to go grab her. I didn’t mean to ditch you.” Hazi looks annoyed at him while I am more calm. “ I-It’s alright.”, I say to him. “ Wh-Why are you holding hands?” “Hm?”, I let go of his hand, ” Uh so he doesn’t get lost, duh”, I step to him smiling. “ Yea but c’mon he’s not fucking three years old-” “ Just shut up.”, I say to him and put my arms around his neck. Before we could kiss the stage arose with the leader. For a second I thought I recognized her, Emilelisa?

Her guitar string erupts causing the crowd to go wild, she slowly speaks into the microphone, “Y’all ready to hear the thunder in Mini Brazil?” The crowd cheers and me and him smile at each other kiss while the loud rock music plays in the background. Not knowing, not caring. I wanted you just hear with me. That’s all that mattered. I don’t care about Hazi… he is nothing compared to how you make me feel. Alabaster..

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