Creepy Candy:Endeavored Youth

By MrHull All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Erotica

Chapter 4: Open the Mind

Aside from the mindless nonsense we ended up having a great time, Gru opens the bottles and Sunshine got pretty drunk, holding Zoe close, cuddling up to her as if to expose his inner girliness to us all. Al took a few shots of Gin and offered me some but i refused. He shrugged it off saying ‘More for me’ with a soft laughter but.. I am a little upset I couldn’t stop him from his bad habits. While Sunshine was practically laughing and smothering Zoe, she seemed a little down but she tried to look happy for her boyfriend. I wanted to ask but I guarantee that f___khead would have tried to fight me. It wouldn’t be right to say that he isn’t a little possessive but at the same time, I have seen her enraged if he ever so stare at another girl. Something else was going on, I will have to look on to asking her later. Right now, Alabaster is nudging me to come upstairs and follow him.. Since I have nothing else to do or say, plus Gru fell asleep on the couch from exhaustion I agree with a “whatever, fine”. And that brings us up to date on where we are at.

The both of us are on his bed.. Him, grinding hemp while I wait patiently for him. He’s been rather clingy lately.. He usually isn’t like this at all towards me. Maybe he is sick of the ‘tough love’ nonsense.. I don’t know. He then finishes and packs it in his 17 inch bong. In all honesty, I have no f___king assurance of if I can handle it or not: like Sunshine said, I don’t know how to hit it very well. I’ve only done it a few times and the last time was just a year ago! But, Al’ doesn’t care about it and wants to teach me for some weird reason. “ Hey dork, you are hitting first alright?”, he says in a stern tone. It had startled me a little.. So I go on with a confused reaction,” Huh?” He rolls his eyes and shoves the bong closer to me. “ Hit it.”, he commands me but I don’t approve of his tone of voice. “ Yea I know what to fxxking do, you just took so damn long that-” “ Oh my god, stop being a fxxking puxxy and just do it already then.” Did he just threaten me?

I give him an irritated glare and mumble as I snatch his bong from his hand. “ Heh, what was that?”, he says teasingly. “Ugh, just give me the damn lighter okay asshead?” He smirks and tosses it to me with a sly smile. God he’s so weird..

I quickly light it up and inhale on the mouthpiece gently, trying to conserve how much I can handle. Then goes Al’ making it weird as fxxk: “ Mm inhale that smoke emo, get that good resin in.” I try to ignore the ‘me wanting to punch him’ and concentrate on the inhaling until after 7 seconds, with a little of smoke left. I’m practically the normal newbie stoner, I begin to cough a little and he laughs at me struggling. “ You’ll get use to it eventually emo..” he smiles at me as I get a little flustered and frustrated at him. As I recover he uses the opportunity to not only finish my hit, but to smoke up nearly 25% of it. With a clean ghost inhale and a few blows in my face, looking smug as ever.. God, I want to fight him so bad..

Eventually, I begin pout in rage and jealousy. “ Damien? You okay?”, he put the bong on the shelf across the right side of the bed and crawls by me, trying to look all innocent and confused...

“ Uhm, what does it fxxking look like idiot?”

“ Will you relax with the attitude?”

I roll my eyes at him

“ Oops.”

His eyebrows indent inwards and then to a puzzles expression as he gently tackles me and pins me down.. I am getting a good sense where this was leading to… and sure enough I was right. Tickling-to-teasing-to-kissing..

We argue, fight, have makeup sex, then get all lovey dovey or whatever: this weird little cycle I guess. But hey, I enjoy it. And off to falling asleep in my own little wonderland.

After a long night of drama and stress and final relief, the slumber to me was amazing. Never have I felt so refreshed in my life. When opening my eyes to the sunlight, it stung a little but at the same time, it was rather beautiful. Like the time I went to the beach as a child, before that one incident occurred..

Soon a begin to sweat, nervously and grab the blanket tight.. Trying to stay calm… taking deep breathes.


The door gets kicked wide, steering my attention that direction. I notice Al’ is still passed out asleep.. Imagine that huh? Onto the person doing that?

“Damien Alabaster wake up! We are going to the Zoo today!”, man, I know that high-pitch loud mouth from anywhere….

My eyes widen for a second in shock, what the hell is Hazi doing here? All dressed up in a cute gothic outfit: this time with a tshirt, arm sleeves, and some black skinny jeans. As for makeup; thick eyeliner for a coon look, mascara, and some pale lipbalm. Pretty brown, sparkling eyes, you would think he was pure.. Nope, not one bit. The only thing “pure” thing about this kid is his soft pastry white skin. Apparently he is holding two grocery bags of faygo soda and a bunch of snackish junk food. I guess it would be reasonable to use his foot but, the entrance was a little ridiculous.. But I just want to know why he’s here in the first place.

“Wake up Damien”, he flashes his flashlight in my eyes and I turn my head back trying to cover from the pain. Hazi giggles but I am definitely not in the mood for fxxking around with his punk ass. “ Ugh, what the fxxk are you doing here kid?” “ Oh wow, says for the one that ‘almost died’. Is Alabaster up?” I snarl at him, “ Does he look awake stupid?” He laughs,” Damien you are such crybaby, you need to loosen up sometimes!”, then he reaches in his right bag and pulls out a megaphone: ‘Oh hell no.’

“ Hazi, put that down, NOW..”, I command him but, he doesn’t seem to give a shxt. “ Shut the fxxk up Damien, you’re so lame.. What happened to the Damien I knew before the suicidal attempt. The one like, a year ago?”, before he let’s out a yell, snatch it from him and break it in half. He stares at both the halves; inhaling and exhaling fast until it reaches to a loud cry with a gigantic tantrum, waking Alabaster up as he tries to cover his ears and mutters, “ mm, Shut up.”

What in the fxxk, He is sixteen and still throwing fits when he doesn’t get what he wants.. Kids these days.. He is lucky he’s cute, because if that were me I would have gotten my ass kicked. “ Jesus Christ Hazi! Calm down already!”, I yell at him but he is too stuck in his own zone. He continues for another minute until Alabaster shoves his blanket off of him and walks over and slaps the living fit out of him. Never interrupt Alabaster’s slumber. In a stern voice he speaks, letting him know what’s up, “ Grow.. up.” He sits back on the bed and peers at me, then back at Hazi. His voice shortly reaches to words once more, “ Now, since you are finished with your “little” temper-tantrum, what did you want?” I whisper to him, telling him that they were going to take him to the zoo and then his eyes widen a little in memory.

“ Oh shxt, I remember, I totally forgot it was today.”

I reply fast..

“ Wait, you forgot? What’s going on?”

“Well Gru said he would pay me to take Hazi to the petting zoo today and since it’s by the carnival where I’m making a few drug deals with Cherry, I said ‘Hey I’m getting money for it, why not’?”

“ Oh.. “

“ -But you’re welcome to come along if you want.”

I shake my head to a no.. there is no way in Hell am I going to put up with Hazi’s outbursts. I care about him and all but he is not a good person to be around. If Sunshine thinks I’m manipulative, he needs to pay attention to his cousin. Not only did he convince him and to break up with Zoe before, he also made this big story saying she ‘raped’ him just to remove her from the ballot of being student body president. I do admit to being similarly as bad as him at some point in time but I learned that I’m not going to get nowhere in life so it is just best to not ruin people’s life to benefit my own.

After a second, Alabaster replies, “ Alright, well”, he gently grabs onto my shoulder, “ I’m going to get ready.” He removes his hand and stands up, picking some clean clothes from the laundry basket to the far east of the room and heads out, shutting the door quietly.

As soon as he leaves, I knew what Hazi was going to do, he gazed at me with those pure brown eyes and walked up by me. I should just leave, before he tries something. But I’m frozen. He puts his fingers on my chest and searches deep in my eyes again.. What is doing to my head.

He smiles softly and whispers close in my ear, “ I missed you.” And as what I guessed, he licks my neck gently, trying to seduce me. I’m surprised he has still remembered about this ‘affair’ in the first place.. But, it doesn’t really upset me. We aren’t too far age apart. I’m only eighteen, but if Al’ seen this? Dear God help me.. I soon say to him in a calm voice. “ Hazi, no.. please we can’t do this anymore.” I try to tell him but he doesn’t care and smiles at me. “ Really? You’re letting that fxxkboy hold you back? Come on..”, he is lowering his hands but I shove them off me. “ Stop.”, I say to him again. But, he is not caring enough to understand that this isn’t natural.

He looks a little shocked and me and annoyed, aw is he going to throw a fit? “ Why is this even a big deal to you? Before it wasn’t!” “ Well Hazi, being in a coma for 7 months makes you rethink the things you do and the life you lived.” “Pfft whatever, dont give me that bullshxt Damien! I bet if you knew what Cherry and him did behind your back-” “Wait what?” He’s lying Damien.. He’s just trying to manipulate you.. Hazi bites his lip and exhales, “ I mean shxt.. You were gone an awful while and you three are all rather close. It’s only natural that he-” “ Sew your mouth Hazi, I’m not going to believe it.” He looks down at ground and says “ I was just trying to help-” “ Whatever kid!” He takes a deep breath, “ Damien, I’m not lying, believe what you will I guess. But just keep that in mind.”

I don’t even want to look at him. It wouldn’t surprise me how low he would be, just to get me to have some sexual tension in the room. What a dingus. Shortly after, Alabaster arrives in, wearing his denim blue jeans the tank top I bought him, with some silver chain with a cross on it. His shoes were just some typical jordans, nothing ‘non-trendy’. “ Hey, we ready to go..?” Me and Hazi respond at the same timing:

Hazi: “ Yea”

Damien: “ I changed my mind.. I wanna’ come.”

The room goes silent… until Al’ reaches his words back to me.

“ Nice, heh, just look in the laundry basket for some clean clothes. I’m sure there’s got to be something your style babe. We’ll just be downstairs waiting so when your done.” He walks over to me and gives me a gentle smooch as Hazi watches. I have a good feeling Hazi was not very happy after seeing that, but he held it in for the most part. “ Al’ breakfast is done, let’s go downstairs now.” He sighs, “ Alright squirt, come on.” They open the door and leave, giving me some time recalibrate on this entire situation.

Fifteen minutes of meditating: I finally now bring myself up to get ready, only to put my shirt back on and find some pants and briefs. Since I showered last night, I should be alright since it’s the morning still. My clothing was just some grey and black briefs and some light brown joggers. It looked tacky as hell on me but, I didn’t care. I slip on my shoes and walk downstairs. Hopefully that little seventeen year old prick is off his period finally.

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