Creepy Candy:Endeavored Youth

By MrHull All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Erotica

Chapter 28: Child’s Play

[ Cherry ]

As I lay wake to the seen, my dead body drifts into the spirit world of all the skies. Deep within the cloud layers I rest my head onto a gracious woman’s lap(my mothers). As tears flow past my cheeks she pets me, calming me down from all the years of neglect. “Care for me dear, prayer is what brought a beautiful miracle like you into the sick world down below..”, she whispers to me as I relax myself into her soothing words. “ Mother, why do I have to go back? Why must I return the land to of the living? I will only suffer more pain and agony… I want to stay here with you and remain young and pretty. Wouldn’t god want that? Happiness?”

She takes a deep sigh and caresses my hair, “ Oh Cherry, if only things worked that way in reality. Our god works in such mysterious ways. But, she believes there is a certain young man waiting for you on your way back-”

“ Alabaster?”, I jump up in a thrill of excitement. She smiles at me and fixes my hair in small chuckles,” Let’s just say your prince will take sometime to rescue you. But when he does, it will feel like the fairytale you’ve always dreamed of.” I take a deep breath and sigh, “ Okay, I think I’m ready…”

“ Remember Cherry, I’ll be watching over you…”

Wake Up………..

Before I open my eyes I feel something put pressure upon my mouth, sliding an eel like tongue inside my mouth. Peeping my eyes wide and realizing the shocking discovery of it being Damien, his eyes blinded by the pleasure. Soon to notice my chest completely exposed and legs spread out across him. Oh god, he’s trying to rape me……

I try to push him off me but by the slight push his eyes glare fiercely at me as a shard of terror swarms my body. He pins me down and I gaze at him helplessly, screaming for someone to help me. Then his facial expression changes into a therapeutic resort, “ Shhh, calm down… relax…. Shhh I’m not going to hurt you at all. I’ll promise to be gentle-”

“ Let me go you sick fuck! PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!”, I continue to cry out for help but eventually my tears jumble my words and I lie there, at his disposal like an injured lamb.. He begins to snicker at my hopelessness, causing me to panic more. “ You’re so cute, you know that, right Cherry?” My whole body shivers in fear, there is no prince, just misery as I watch him tie my arms to the bed and please himself to my body. There are nothing but tears to show the hollowness of my being; I am nothing, I don’t want to live anymore…..

Soon he tries reaching for my panties, giving me back consciousness, questioning his motive in a sorrowful manner, “Wait!”, he stops looking up at me confused. “ Why are you doing this? What about Alabaster? What about Hazel? Why do you want me so badly? What motivates you to go as far as this?” With a gentle smile he crawls up to me, running his fingers through my hair until he opens up his mouth, “ Oh, you simply don’t know how soft and delicate you are do you? Angel soft skin, big porcelain doll eyes…. So innocent. No wonder Al can’t keep his mind off you… neither can I <3” he says as he forces his fingers into my panties as I begin to panic and beg him to stop but, it’s hopeless…

Once he finishes he stares at my body, blushing as I gush out tears, soon kissing me deep forcefully. When he backs off a spit in his face disgusted at the pig he really is. He touches it and backhands me, scratching my cheek. As he unties me he pulls down by my hair towards his genitalia and forces me to do something I never thought I would do. I’m guessing it was his way of torturing me.

“ You done? Ready to go home now..?”, he asks in a threatening manner. My body shakes… my jaw is so sore I can’t help but to stutter so I nod, giving him the satisfaction he wanted. He hands me some of his clothes to wear and escorts me to my car… even though Tobi lost it not too long ago I thought. Before I drive off he grabs onto me, holding onto my warm body and whispering into my ears, “ Don’t act like I didn’t make you cum like Alabaster does. He’d tell me every single detail about it. And don’t even think about telling anyone. No one is going to help you. Call me whenever you have free time or I’ll do it again..” And then he walks off, scot-free… Leaving me to feel worthless.

[Alabaster ]

“ Sir, your highness? Wake up!”

“Mmm, five more minutes Gru I’m chasing the purple dragon again..” I mumble as I lay in bed half-assed asleep, trying to catch more Z’s. Well until an air-horn gets blasted in my ear causing me to jump. “ GODDAMMIT GRU, YOU DIDN’T FUCKING NEED TO GO THAT-” but soon stopping myself as I open my eyes to see two random elf douches standing at the end of the bed I’m laying on. Come to think of it, this bed nor this room looks familiar. Is this a hangover or am I imagining things..

“ Ah sire, you are finally awake from your slumber. Now hurry yourself down to the right and you’re tailor should be on the right to give you the latest fashion your kingdom has acquired-”

“ Wait wait, what the fuck are you talking about?”, the short elf stutters in confusion to what I ask.

“ I-uh, beg your pardon?”

{ Continued in the next book }

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