Creepy Candy:Endeavored Youth

By MrHull All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Erotica

Chapter 27: Bad Intentions

[ Alabaster ]

And he blocked me…..

Give him a day.

Looking up was great though; Hearing Cherry wake up from her slumber(still a bit pale). It’s just shocking how she had herself placed in this situation; very random.

“Oh praise JESUS! She’s alive~ My sister is alive!”, Midnight announces as Cherry widens her eyes to cough out heavy blood. What’s going on with her?!

“ CHERRY?!?”

She turns over to me and slowly begins to breathe normally in a gentle moan; I admit to blushing a bit..

“ Well Good morning there~ A little dramatic on the blood though…”, oh wow midnight.. She’s ‘dramatic’? She’s bleeding throughout all corners of her mouth. I quickly get up and bring her a chalice of holy water to drink from..

Then her eyes seem to slowly change to silver blue, dragging in a deep breath of oxygen.

“ Well.. it appears my work is done..? Al’ will take it from here?”, Midnight says as she finally waltzes out the door; little weird but…

Peering over to Cherry, seeing her lie down in such a frail manner made me concern.. She looks cold; maybe I could warm her up <3?

“ Hello there? Uhm… stoner guy? Question.. Where the heck am I?”, she asks in sincerity. Instantly my face grows shock…

“ What? What are you talking about? It’s me Alabaster.”

“ Ala...baster?”

“ Yeah, like the gem alabaster. We’ve known each-other for years-”

“ I don’t even remember my name… I don’t recall..”

Once she says that, I can get a brief idea of what’s going on; my eyes widen as my emotions flow onto itself. As soon as I’m brave enough to tell her and be with her.. It’s too late.

I lay on her lap crying like a baby as pets my back, trying to comfort me.

“ There there stranger, I don’t know what you’re crying about but I hope it gets better… where are we?”, after a few minutes I sit up and hold on her for a soothing embrace… at least until security came to kick me out the hospital.

Amnesia… some form of memory loss or more or that ‘voodoo’/spell-casting: that’s what it has to be. Her eyes… I didn’t recognize them. Who would do this to her and why for that matter?

Walking back to the car with sorrow, I feel a cool breath across my neck as soon a few flashes of a visible person haunt my reality.. But I figure it was just a hallucination. That is until I’m shoved into my car and I see the man smiling into my eyes in a cheerful matter( to my luck, it’s Anonymous). I try to push him off me as he grabs onto my neck trying to strangle me but he begins to open his stitched lips and blow a small powder into my face and disappears.. Maybe I’m just hallucinating: now feeling and noticing I have been strangling myself. I need rest, counseling … this is too much for me right now.

Driving home I could see the trail of chaos, like it was a sea of dead bodies. What’s going on? There is no riot, just a town that’s been pillaged but it is so quiet. The farther I drive the more blood is seen as folks drown in each other’s toxins. Something funny has been occurring lately. I take a sip of my whiskey bottle but quickly spit it out…

This isn’t whiskey…. This is redrum.

My vehicle then begins to swerve and everything else is blurry from there on out.

Sliding my way out from under the Geep I walk over to Alabaster’s laying body as he tries to open his eyes but the scopolamine is kicking in.. leaving him vulnerable to me. As I watch him struggle I blush to his innocent aura and smile. My goal was to trick him into self sacrifice but, seeing him in such a state in mind is far too easy. Instead, I command him to forget about everyone he ever knew and fall asleep. “ This is just a bad dream.. Lay your head down.”

I drop him off on the front gate of his village, leaving a black stained lipstick mark on his cheek. Goodbye Alabaster…. Love you forever <3

[ Zoe]

“Hey Sunshine, have you seen Al’? He hasn’t returned yet, aren’t you worried?”

“ Babe, he’s a grown ass man he can take care of himself.”

“ I don’t know… I’m just a bit worried is all..”, and he just rolls his eyes at me. Such an ego, does he realize that he doesn’t need to always be on my mind. And now he’s trying to get on top of me.. This should be interesting….

“ So you ready?”

“ Ready for what?”, I puzzle for a second as to what he’s asking until I see him begin to unbutton my shirt, “ No, please not right now.” “ Well when then? We always fuck at this time, why not?”

“ Sunshine I don’t even want to have sex right now…”

“ Yeah, because I’m going to knock you up one way or another! Just give in Zoe; being a mother will change your life. You know I’m not going anywhere, we’re getting married soon anyways.”

“ Just be patient with me okay? I’m scared-”

“ I am too, it’s okay.. That’s what makes it thrilling.” I let out aloud outburst and bury myself in the bed covers.

“ Zoe.. please get out from under there.. Look I’m sorry-”

“ No you’re not, you’re such a selfish prick! You only care about yourself!”

“ Baby stop..”, he pulls the covers off me but I tug it back over me again.. No more excuses I’m done right now. “ Alright fine, I’m coming in then.”, he says as he dives into the covers on top of me and pins me down. “ Oh my god, can you please stop right now.. I don’t want to do anything!” I yell at him but he smirks and begins licking and biting my neck. “UGH H, you don’t even care do you?”, but it seems the more I lecture on the more playful and sensual he gets. Soon he makes his way to my chest and finishes unbuttoning my shirt, exposing it and pleasing me.. I just watch as he continues to give me all oral pleasure.

{ From another room lies Gru reading a health catalog, responding to the moaning in the other room}

“ Just another day in Mini Brazil..”

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