Creepy Candy:Endeavored Youth

By MrHull All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Erotica

Chapter 25: Other Senses

[ Zoe..]

In the bathroom of the house, locked doors and still not a goddamn care in the world.

Me and Sunshine sit by eachother and light ourselves a hit on a crack pipe and snort a little.

“ Oh shit baby, how was your anniversary this year? Did I double the spoiling?”, Sunshine says drunkishly to me. I stare at him giggling and kiss him.. “ Always..”

“ Oh, uh… by any chance how much longer do you plan on sticking around?”

“ Wait… what do you mean?”, and that’s where he asks it:

“ Zoe Mabis Garnell, would you marry me and do the honor of being my one and only wife?”

I… I don’t know how to respond with nothing but a grin of glee.. But I bite my lip to hide its looks.

“ Okay but if I say yes baby, I need you to love every part of me.. No matter what.”, I say to him sternly. He smiles and nods his head, as if he’s ready for this… and then I show him it from hidden under my long bang.. My opened THIRD eye.

Scrambling around trying to think as it makes seizure infested color changes when affected to any type of drug substance.

Surprisingly he doesn’t seem to care and slides my ring on my index finger. “ Hey I dig alien chics.. And I’ve always loved you.<3”

We both kiss and hold hands and head inside Sunshine’s room as the night passes onward.

[ Alabaster + Tobi ? ]

Alabaster: Snoring asleep, holding on closely to the comforting human pillow I laid next to last night--God have I never felt better!

-Tobi: So.. I was able to see Cherry again and we spoke a little flirtactiously and hung out for a bit but Alabaster kind of kept third-wheeling’ us~(weirdo..)

Alabaster: We didn’t really do anything here but when she fell asleep helping me out, she looked so comfy I couldn’t help but to snuggle( plus I was drunk to dial down the anxiety.)

-Tobi: And as he’s third wheeling I eventually assume he’s probably waiting and so we-

Alabaster: -Walked her up the stairs and discussed the basics of the situation I was in a little more in depth and she-

-Tobi: I.. freaked the fuck out because it’s the first time I ever seen something like that in the world we’re in. Treacherous thing..

Alabaster: But she did give me some pointers still on the whole situation and helped me a little more with understanding it. And now I’m on the right track of womanhood…(never thought I’d ever say that shit in my life.)

-Tobi: But after that I was so damn tired… I definitely needed to rest.

Alabaster: So I let her sleep in my room and eventually.. I joined her……..


Waking now, to the bright warm sunlight on my face… then feeling a body on me.. Then touching and holding onto my chest. Before I make an action I open my eyes to make sure it isn’t a man’s hand-- AND IT IS!


“ YOU FUCKING PERVERT!”, is all I hear until I feel myself being rapidly flown out to the other side of the bed and landing on the cold, hard floor.

“ OW?! What was that for? It’s not like I violated you or anything.”

“ But what about my chest huh? You are such a fucking weirdo dude..”

“ I’m not that difficult to understand if you read me right gorgeous-”

“ Eww, did you just call me gorgeous?”

“ Why is that such a gross thing pretty face?”

God.. I love doing this to girls so much! Seeing them blush or act in a tomboyish action keeps them giggled and loved.

-Tobi: “Stop flirting with me, it’s…. Weird?”, oh gosh.. Am I actually blushing? OH MY GOODNESS I’M AS RED AS A TOMATO….

I couldn’t understand his motive but it freaked me out a little. I just get up out the room and leave… need a relaxing shower to keep me undead.


And then like that.. She walked out of my life again……

Our connection went beyond some place more…


[ Sunshine..]

Okay, waking up without a hangover was fucking GREAT, but all those cans definitely get me piled up to take a piss and as I’m doing it the door gets FLUNG OPEN and I get thrown out while the other person walks into the bathroom. All I remember is that the person who did that was for sure the strongest chic I’ve ever seen.

I look down and pull my boxer shorts up growling as I go downstairs to try to clean up but there Damien is, sitting franticly and banging his head against the wall. In Front of him is some color dyed red pancakes and blueberries aside… What the hell was his problem. “ Hey Damien.. EARTH TO TARD over here-”,and then he turns his head to me, acting normal again. “ Sorry.. I was just panicking over something, with being angry at myself.”

….. “ Are you sure that wasn’t a diagnostic of high level down syndrome-”

“ That’s not fucking funny……”

“ Well it wasn’t a joke Damien..”

“ Okay okay, I’ll tell you but uhh… did you pee on yoursel-”

“ That doesn’t matter, spill the beans scrotum sniffer.”

“ Uh.. patience? So my body is born from an awakened fetus and I didn’t think my real mother was alive…”

“ This shit sounds so fucking edgy, can you just skip to the main plot of this dialogue?”

“ Gru… is my mom….”

“ Uhmm… okay you and Alabaster need to chill the fuck out with all this gay shit. Al’ WASN’T even gay before he met you. Infact, before he met you his life was going great--”

“ That’s a lie.. You know that is Sunshine.”

“ Let’s see, he was a track star, basketball player, great teeth and hair … not to mention he was STRAIGHT.”

“ So, you’re trying to say I fucked up his life?! HE WAS A FUCKING LOSER WITHOUT ME-”

“ HE was going somewhere in his life! He was GOING to make it! All you did was change him; infect him into something brand new. Now look at him, a fucking junkie, almost destroyed teeth and NO RESPONSIBILITIES… whatsoever.”

He pauses for a moment, as to be out done… then he stands up and whispers in my ear, “ Fuck you…”, walking away to go bitch about it to somebody…. Man he’s such a leech. I open the fridge to drink dome milk straight out the carton until I hear Damien yell loud and proud, “ GRU! SUNSHINE’S TELLING ME TO KILL MYSELF AGAIN!”, oh wonderful...we have the family SNITCH.

And there they come, stomping down the stairs with a rifle in their hand. They glock it and threaten, “ Say that to mama’s child again……”

I look at them both confused and just walk away… “ I don’t even want to know….”

[ Hazel..]

Hello world… what more gossip can we receive from the outside world today..

“ Hey baby, why do you always stay inside and watch people all day? Let’s go outside-”

“ Anthony, I’ve told you this several times already… I HATE people.. I’m just observing them so I know how to inflict pain on others in a whole nother’ level.”

“ Yea but you could, not learn to be an antisocial cunt to everyone that talks to you.”

“ Screw you! If anything society needs to be like me..”, and just like that he leaves, “ Hey I was ONLY joking…”, I buff out my anger and sip on a tall bottle of redrum. Stalking Damien around has never been easier; HE WILL marry me whether he wants to or not… I have to get him away from Alabaster… but HE’S always by him!

“ Hey, what’s up Hazel..”

“ Ugh, what do you want Glanice-”

“ Listen you need to stop being a little whiny goth bitch and grow the fuck up. On some realshit we’re all tired of this and Damien isn’t here so, get out or lay down.”

I look in their direction and see Genesis, iiExtra, and Anonymous looking pissed as ever.

“ Go, throw me a bone here? I don’t need you losers anyways because Satan’s got my back.” As I say that insult the man grabs onto the back of my neck, turns me over and lifts me.

In his nasty odored roar he tells me, “You’re time is UP WENCH~”, his delivery of words itself had me to wetting myself. “ Wait! Al hasn’t broken the spell I put on him yet.. therefore ‘I’m still needed’.” He then pauses and throws down.. “ The bloodied widow is right… okay children… new game; cause distractions and other chaos to rise… And Hazel sweetie, you’re going to be seducing Damien to you. If anything, that’ll grab his attention fast.” He then creates a portal in the wall and shoves me in there… letting me fall into the wormhole.

[ Cherry..]

Sitting in the bathroom, relaxing with the light pretty music relaxes me in the background… soap bubbles in the air, laying back to pop it. I gasp and blush… I grab my rubber duck and play with him a little.. Then ducking my head underwater….

Wait… this goes much farther down I expected?

The world of access to seadreams anubis; lay the vision to arrest my sight for now. Make wind bring all beauty such as this:

A whole seaworld ocean! I duck my head above water for a few dabs of breath and hesitate a little onto whether keep exploring or not. But my curiosity gets the best of me as I see the world again..moving around see the fish swimming and isles and the seaweed and other glorious things… Until I see a human like figure in the distance, surrounded by long eels of the sort..swimming past him in sudden realization of who this man was.

Damien: Looking dead with chains and an anchor holding him down.. Drowning him. Swimming past him my naked body is; observing him from all angles and trying to understand his presence a little more. And then his eyes open in shock as he scares me.. Causing my mouth to open letting the water swell me. He tugs me close to me and closes his mouth on mine and breathes through to give me some oxygen. Then letting away from me as I try to guess his motive.

Was this another lucid dream?

I look down at his chains and anchors to figure out how to free him. I swim around trying to break it with rocks but I can’t but soon I tend to notice this entire time he’s just been watching my body… patiently sway around him.. teasingly..

I.. I suppose a kiss wouldn’t hurt…. I look at him gently, walking myself to him as he kneels down to me and grab onto my hips and stomach..

And as soon as I notice the eels are swarming us, I feel a little uncomfortable but when I try to swim away he digs his fingernails in me and pulls himself up. He then pulled me closer to him; latching onto me like a leech… Then I’m gasping for air but the only source is him! As I hold my breath and try to push him away I begin to get more and more dizzy until---

“ CHERRY PUT THAT THE FUCK DOWN!”, awakening me, Midnight does in my realization of I was going to drop the plugged in toaster in the bathtub. I throw it and scream my head off… what was I doing? Was I hypnotized? What the fuck is happening to me-

“ GIRL WE GOING TO HAVE TO GIVE YOU TREATMENT IF YOU’RE SHIT LIKE THAT!”, Midnight tells me.. She’s only caring for the money though.

“ That wasn’t me though!”

“ Are you shizo? What you were doing you seemed well and fully alerted.”, she says as she dials up 9-1-1.

I sigh and begin to let my worst fears get to me..

This is the real me world…. Don’t accept me, it’ll be fine.

[ Alabaster..]

At a walmart today: not the most exciting thing on my agenda but Gru wanted us to have another form of ‘girl-time’ and is taking advantage of the curse I got right now. Me, Zoe, Tobi and Gru.. shopping at a store.. OH WAIT LET ME CLARIFY THAT:




….. And a sports dyke go to walmart. Now what a wonderful joke that is. Not even ten minutes there and we’re already dicking around:

| Entering 10 minutes earlier… |

Walking in a well appealed confidence, Gru comes pushing in the grocery cart while the rest of us kind of follow her like ducklings..

Gru: “ Now kids, I want you to act as proper as you can for me-”

Zoe: “ Oh come on Gru, we’re all practically adults here… please?”, her eyes twinkle and then her creepy third one does as well.

Gru: *sighs* “ Everytime I let you children do such a thing you’re always doing drugs, smoking pot… and especially messing with people-”

Tobi: “ Hold up.. They actually do that shit on a daily basis? Wow, no wonder your kids are such dicks.”

Gru: “ Not Alabaster, I raised him right~”

I smile for a minute until Tobi says something that drops my confidence level to my current situation.

Tobi: mumbles, “ Yea, he’s just turned into the pussy of the family.”, And Zoe just viciously laughs along.

Gru: “ HEY BE NICE! Alabaster and Sunshine are my babies-”

Alabaster: “ GRU!”, I say embarrassed.

Tobi: “ Oh my god dude you’re so lame.. You’re getting your own MOTHER to stick up for you.”

Gru: “I WILL BREAK EVERY BONE IN YOUR BODY.”, they shout loud enough for the entire store… grabbing everyone’s attention and Gru freaking out fast. “Well children.. Me and Tobi are off to shop and have a lovely conversation.. Feel free and run off now-”

Tobi: “ Wha’ uh? I wanted to hangout with them!”

Gru: “ Well you can’t always get what you want in this world..”

And they both walk off shopping; Gru’s probably just not wanting to have an outburst at the store again so she’s giving Tobi a few ends of reality. Me and Zoe on the other hand look at each other… both ready and knowing what we got on our mind.. Looking at another shopping cart we go around doing bumper car races throughout the aisles and ride bikes around for a little bit and begin to do other pranks and shenanigans until we decide to take smoke break in the girls public bathroom.

As we’re at the door Zoe pulls on my arm, “ Wait Al’, don’t you need a change of pads and tampons right now-” “ Zoe.. I REALLY don’t want to talk about it-” “ No, I’m just saying.. Nows your chance~”, she smiles but she still makes a clever point. I ponder and then decide to snag one but VERY carefully..

Zoe is behind the line of clothes watching me as I steer clear from all directions. I go up and grab a randomly selected box and shove it in my hoodie pocket and then go to the women’s bathroom with her.

As soon as we get in she bursts out cackling in laughter at how embarrassing it was for me. I get defensive and respond, “ Was it REALLY that funny?” “ LOL no, I just recorded it and added it to my snapchat feed!”

… Oh fuck..

“ ZOE REMOVE THAT, PLEASE!?”, I beg her but she just smiles and says it is way too late. “ Ugh whatever, Just give me the damn lighter and the pipe you brought-”, fucking cunt..

She hands me both out of her unicorn designed backpack and I take the first hit and give it to her as she sits herself on the sink, criss cross applesauce style.

“ So.. have you always had a third eye this entire time?”

“ Uhh.. yea..”, she hands it back after she hits it and we continue.

“ Like.. ALWAYS though?”

“ Yes Alabaster, I was born with it…. Just an extra chromosome~”

“ Oh…… that’s fucking weird.”, after I say that she squints at me.

“ Wow, you and Damien both know exactly what to say to a girl.. Don’t you-”

“ Hey what’s that supposed to mean-”

Just then an older looking woman walks in startled by me and before she can even lecture Zoe looks at her with a stern face: “ Uhm, that’s my dyke friend, GOT A PROBLEM?” God I owe her so much at times….

The women just walked out.. Probably going to snitch on us but we don’t care and smoke up the bathroom anyways.

[ Gru?]


“ What are you talking about? We were only messing around.”

“ Yeah, that’s total nonsense.”, I say to Tobi, onto continue my ranting with her rude act.

“ Well you gotta’ be a little harsh on them, that’s how they grow-”

“ Bullying them is a ‘little harsh’ to you?”

“ God you sound like my ex, just chill out for a minute….”

I squint my eyes at her, debating when I should rip her soul out. Instead I walk up to her and pierce down in her eyes and threaten, “ I will destroy you, if you were to insult me again.” Her reaction is the girl leaning over and ignoring my entire statement. The audacity!

“ EXCUSE ME STORE EMPLOYEE”, we hear a customer across the aisle and turn our heads to them…. Some part knowing it was no good.

“ Yes ma’am-”


“ A queer?-”


“ Uhm ma’am, I am a little partake sensitive in the term you use for homosexual males, but I will forsure check into what they may be possibly doing.”

“ They were smoking out of a crack pipe-”

“ RIGHT AWAY MA’AM! Show us the direction.”

And they did it again…… I sigh and rush in to go find them..

[ Zoe..]

Walking out of the bathroom, baked as a pie with smoke clouding up the outside of the room… What a wonderful day right?

Al’s eyes are all red and we’re both laughing like we just got done watching a Kevin Hart sitcom or someshit.. Back to pranking-

“ THERE THOSE TEENS ARE!”, yells the woman from earlier at us with a police officer.

“ You have the right to remain silent, any form of resistance will only lead to-”, yea fuck this guy, me and Al’ heard that bullshit before.. We both split into two different directions for him to chase after… luckily for us.. We already set boobie traps!

As I set up and dodge one of the security guards Sunshine calls me on my cute Z phone 10 flipphone, the highest quality phone any american weeb can get! (Gosh I’m lucky I’m so smart to get all this money to spend.)

I answer the phone in a rapid motion as I jump up and down ladders to avoid the police. “ BABE WHAT DO YOU WANT I’M BUSY!?!!”

“ UHM??? EXCUSE ME? Woman shut the fuck up!-”

“ Did you just fucking tell me to shut the fuck up?”, I restrain his dominance and show him who’s really in charge of this relationship. He startles back and then soon replies..

“ Uhhhhh….. No?”

I next bite my lips and hide for a minute, trying to keep low to protect myself from getting arrested, “ Whatever, look I’m getting chased by security guards and-”

“ NO OKAY?! I woke up from last night and I have the biggest *vomiting heard through phone*hangover and on facebook, I see pictures of last night you posted… ye.. YEA WHEN DID YOU HAVE A THIRD EYE?!!”

“ Sunshine, can we not talk about this right now?”

“ FUCK NO! I have to sit and tolerate you saying crazy perverted things to people just for the sake of amusing yourself. Now you have to lean back and hear me question you, THAT’S HOW A RELATIONSHIP WORKS~”

“ Wow, you’re really going to play that game with me-”

“ YES, because I’m sick of the petty retarded stuff you do and you do it for attention. Like honestly.. AND I’M trying to figure out how we’re even going to ….. “, he then mumbles something.

“ Uhh.. what the heck was that?”

“ I didn’t say anythin-”

“ WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING?!”, I question him back and he takes a deep sigh.

“ I…. I wanted to start a family with you…”, I blush deeply as my eyes widen.. I freeze for a moment and think about my emotions towards the person being. “ Look baby I know this sounds so crazy right now, I bet you’re probably even thinking of leaving me but we can think about it later. It doesn’t have to be right now, I already am getting rehab and I just interviewed for a job doing journalism last week.”

“ How’d it go-”

“ Zoe, did you even hear a word I said?”


[ flip to Sunshine]

She’s being rebellious already? See Gru did warn me about making good girls go bad.

“ Nevermind, just talk about it with me later tonight okay?”

“ I promise Sunshine… love you <3”, and I hang up on her just like that…..

Can’t even spare to give me as much affection as you have messing around all day? I kind of want to leave her at some points in time but I know she doesn’t mean it but it still hurts so badly at times.

| Zoe’s emotions-

What a fucking prick, hang up on me like I’m a second class object! I’m sorry mister egotistical maniac over here cares too much about his goddamn pride to care about his girlfriend’s happiness in life. Some man huh?!

“ THERE YOU ARE YOU LITTLE SHIT!”, I feel the strong male security guard pull on the back of my shirt as I fall back and drop my phone, resisting arrest again. Until Alabaster throws a turkey at his head and he lets go, giving us the opportunity to run scott-free… That is until we got back to the car.

Gru was standing there high and tall with his arms crossed, enraged as ever. Tobi was already in the car with her windows rolled up..

“ Oh fuck”, Alabaster whines at him..

Spare us please!!

[ Damien ]

So I’ve fallen back asleep in Al’s bed and I’m having some crazy dreams until I feel a woman- like handrub past my thigh and I get up quickly to see who it is.. Hazel?

“ Woah, aren’t you a little jumpy-”

“ What’re you doing here?”, I ask her with no hesitance.

She sighs in a cute fashion and then stands up straight to show me her figure and outfit.

“ Ya’ know Damien… I’ve been watching you-”

“ SO?! What hasn’t changed?-”

“ Wow… what a mouth you have I see”, she crawls up to me seductively and then whispers to me, “ I just seen how a certain ‘someone’ was getting a little lonely~”

I blush and shove her off me a little, “ No… you forced me to knock you up.. What makes you thin-”, and then she begins unbuttoning her shirt… oh good lord control yourself Damien…. Don’t give her the satisfaction she wants to give… ugh..

She then lets her hair down and looks inside my dead eyes … competing on giving one another the intimidation glare.

Then the door slams open as Al’ comes in holding a few groceries and sees her on top of me with her shirt completely open… it is not my lucky day is it?

But when he seen us he didn’t even say anything, he didn’t even care. He just walked away with blank expression on his face… he’s so mad fuck…

“ So hey look Damien, your dad doesn’t want me there if you aren’t so uh… you going to go so I’m not continuously tortured in hell?”

I make a confused stare at her, “ Sorry, you lost your chance.”, as soon as I get up to leave she follows and tells me to stop and listen but she’s not worth my time anymore. I’m taking Gru’s advice with just letting it go…. She has my child already, what ever more could she want?

I run to catch up to Alabaster and bump into Zoe (us colliding and falling down)

When did she get a third eye? Wait.. That’s why she wears bangs all the time! I mean it’s a pretty eye, but it’s just fucking weird to admire it. “ Oh, hi there Damien^^”, ugh finally something nice. “ Uh, yo~ What’s up?” She shows her hand to me to see her expensive Ruby silver ring on her finger… how beauteous. “ I guess Sunshine really did propose to you?” “ Oh yea! It was the happiest moment I’ve ever had with him.. Say when did he cut his hair?” “ Oh… haha that was last night, someone dared him to do it I think. You guys all got so hammered.”, she chuckles and giggles. And just to ruin the fun conversation comes Sunshine standing above the both of us.. Waiting for Zoe to get up and follow him.

She stops giggling and stands up and walks away holding his hand.. Oh no.. she talked to me.. So scary

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