Creepy Candy:Endeavored Youth

By MrHull All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Erotica

Chapter 22: Scarred By The Damned

[ Cherry]

“ Wait.. what are you talking about? I’m not out there anymore I’m in the back booth. The guards locked me in there because I tried defending Tobi when they were insulting her. But yea.. I did notice a bit of resemblance-”

“SHIT-- I got to go, I’ll call you back in a bit I just got to get to the bottom of what’s going on right now.. Bye~”

And there he hangs up.. Wow I haven’t heard act this serious about something in a long time; I wonder what’s going on over there with him. No matter, not like I have anything to do anyways.

I sit and wait and try to ponder and wonder if she’s going to survive or not and hoping she does. It kind of sucks seeing a person like that die over something ever so little. For thirty minutes I wait until I finally hear a door open and see the light. At first I think it’s another guard so I snarl a little get a bit of an attitude but no response. I turn my head to see who it is and it’s Tobi.. but different. Her eye’s are so traumatized as she is covered in blood and black liquid. On her hear they put a thorned crown with roses and a little banner across her body saying she’s the ‘ New Boxing Champ’ or something. My mouth reaches its mere shock as she next grabs me by my wrist and tugs me outside of the building and into the car. Just driving away someplace random. Soon the car speed increases its velocity as I begin to get anxious. “ Tobi, what are you doing?”, she doesn’t respond to me and continues to go faster and faster. She then swerves the car and almost crashes into them and I stop the breaks on her just in time. “ Tobi.. ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US?!”, I begin to freak out on her but it’s the casual mute. “Tobi?”, I say to her again.

Then she opens the car door and walks into the middle of the highway, forward to where the cars are driving. I get up and follow her to tug her back until she stabs the side of my ribs. My blood drips as I grasp hold of the situation and realize something….she’s being possessed. Tobi would NEVER stab me.

As soon as a car passes by and she stands open waiting for it I push her out of the way and..

Cherry to Tobi...


W-What.. What happened?

I feel a sharp scrape on my face and stomach but nothing too harsh I think… is that blood coming out of my head? I sit up and realize I’m in the middle of a highway with cars passing. I put my hand on the ground and feel another bloodspill; looking up I then see a hood of the car with bloodstains on it. Backing up in fear as I stand and begin to run away until I see Cherry’s broken body, lying in the streets dying. She looks over to me and smiles as I’m gasping in fear and run to her; carrying her to the car and drive to the hospital. Trying to remember what happened when I blacked out..

I killed that girl.. Not intentionally but out of self defense..

Everyone kept giving her objects to torment me and I remember, she burned my neck with an imprint of her initial. They had my arms chained to the a ball…. And then she tried killing me with a circular saw..

I look down at my scraped hands for a second and continue driving as soon as the light hits go. I grabbed it from her and dismembered her with it but that wasn’t enough. She kept stitching herself back up and giving me a psychotic grin saying it’s pointless.. Until I lit her on fire with the torch she shoved my way. I had to watch to to make sure, as I see her skin melt away slowly and smell it.. Nearly close to vomit I look back as just her skeleton lay to rot… my entire body dipped in her blood and dark essence.. And then it went black.

I should’ve known shit like this was going to happen… it’s what I get for fucking around and trying to dance with a demon on this one. Now I have to deal with what else those lunatics have planned for me. Why did I ever decide to sell my soul? Now in around seven years I’m bound to die and suffer here for an eternity. I guess I have to forget on what I have to hold on by and let go of the old. Oh great.. “ Are you fucking kidding me?”

I look outside and see a traffic jam. Wow, this is exactly what I need right now.. More bullshit..

I look to the side and here her phone ring and answer it to check on who it is:

“ Hello?”

“ Hey Cherry, so like.. About that party.. You’re coming right ’cuz I brought that one bitch Emi for you to whoop her ass so?”

“ Uhh.. Cherry is unavailable right now currently?”, there voice sounding gayish but not womanly at all.. I wonder if this is her trans sister she has been talking about. She sure seems to have the attitude.

“ Wait? Are that crazy boxing bitch that just killed iiExtra? I mean iiExtra is immortal but in the match you WHOOPED her ASS girl.. Give the damn phone Cherry already ’kay?”

“ She can’t talk right now.. She’s sleeping..”

“ Then wake her dumbass up then, I ain’t got all day with her ass. I do that to that bitch all the fucking time. She don’t mind it.”

I look over to Cherry (who is now practically dead) and make a panicked expression while maintaining emotional control, “ In a few minutes bye~”, I hang up the phone and grab onto her and her purse and run to the medical center a few blocks away. I’ll find a way to get her car back I just don’t have time, she doesn’t.

Once I get there, dripping in sweat I throw the patient in the ambulance vehicle out and put her in it. I know it’s a fucked up thing but it was just a splinter they had in them so I kind of took advantage to the doctors and nurses not being around. I hide in the bushes to make sure she’s taken in and with the luck I have, she is and immediately brought in there. I snagged a few contacts while I had her phone one me and wrote down Al’s and Damien’s so I can get a hold of them. Now to get back and wash-up but, of course.. When I head back to the car it’s stolen. Imagine that huh?

I try to call up Alabaster but he didn’t respond… go figures….

Well shit, I guess I’ll have to walk my way out to a hotel here in Mini Brazil, in the morning I’ll stop by to check if she’s alright… Please be alive at least…..

[ Hazel..?]

“ What is Damien DOING?!”, I huff out impatiently. I’m so bored here, waiting for him to show up while these dumb idiots do their bidding for me. I HAVE WAITED HERE ALL FUCKING DAY, been pampered and treated like a queen.. But where’s my king? WHERE IS MY FUCKING KING? I sigh and peer into the crystal ball to see where he is and he’s in the hospital unconscious again.. Ugh.. I guess I’ll have to go fetch him since he’s too busy being an emo queer. His father sent him those meds to approve his demonic ability, I don’t know why he is being such a big baby..

Accept pain and it will relax you.. I stand up and soon his family member Glanice questions me, “ HEY! Where the hell do you think you’re going bitch..?” I roll my eyes and turn his skin inside out as he begins to panic and freak out to it. I chant a spell of teleportation and wind up in the hospital floor he is in.. navigating my way through the halls.

[ Alabaster..]

So I got my blood transfusion finally and Damien’s finally calmed down. He’s just asleep and the doc said to leave him be for a little while since he’s been going through his hallucinations again. Can’t wait to get out of this place. I’m eating some ramen I bought from downstairs as I peer and watch him sleep so peacefully. It’s kind of cute.. Creepy.. But cute. I turn to the outside and freeze as I see part of some part of a dark aura aris and take a few steps back and close the curtains. Hearing the sound of heels clack.. It’s her isn’t it?

Standing before me, arose from the graveyard and dressed in a dark shriveled dead queen’s dress. Her crown was like the lunar Isis goddess and I didn’t know how to respond. She smiled at me deviously and cornered me into a deep kiss and the floated backwards a bit.

“ Oh Alabaster, you’re so sweet to be worrying over me.. It’s almost a little feminine-”

“ What are you doing here? Well I mean .. like this..”

“ Damien has his family take care of me and keep me alive… Isn’t it wonderful?”, she says as she shows me her arm and cuts it off with a knife.

“ HEY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU-” and the, it grows back before my eyes… what in all god’s name did his family do to her?

“ Isn’t it cool?”, she smiles with joy in her eyes. “ No excuse me, I’m going to go grab him now~”

I should just let her do it and not interfere.. But in my mind I know there is something a little screwy in this scenario.. I grab her arm and she glares at me with rage in her as as she says to me in a demonic tone, “ DAMIEN IS THE NEW BOUND ROYAL KING OF THE UNDERWORLD AND I AM PERMITTED TO BE HIS WIFE!”

I KNEW there was something fucked up going on..


“ Heh”, she smirks at me.. “ Try and stop me then… you don’t have .. the balls”, she says as she flicks some glitter essence at me. I was hot and ready to give her a piece of my mind but.. When I opened my mouth my emotions shifted and told me to just let her do it. I couldn’t stop her.. I watched her pull the curtains and pick Damien up and leave.

I drove back home feeling like total shit and none of the booze I had could stop me from crying. Never in my life have I ever been so emotional before… I wonder what it is.. When I got home I couldn’t even speak to Sunshine or Zoe like I normally do.. I was too much in pain to even get high.. I wish Gru were here because this would be the first time I vented to them. Cherry wasn’t available so I kind of just cried myself asleep… hoping it would all go away.

Good Evening Gru~

Late night on the heavy work hours I tell ya’, I was supposed to be home around 7 but if the boss makes you stay a little after then ya’ kind of have to right? It’s just so bothersome because you always have to deal with drunk teenagers at this hour. I have my music station on to relax me so I hope it is just a bit longer… but since I’m out so late again I could use the opportunity to check if Alabaster is partying over at his usual pub he goes to this late Accent Dracula it’s called.

Usually him and Damien like to roam around and mess with some of the vamps here or interview some. Walking in I hear the dark wave music blasting but I can’t see a thing. It takes me nearly an hour to look for him but he isn’t here.. I guess he’s home and safe with Sunshine and Zoe.

I wonder if I should show Alabaster that both of them were kidnapped and nonrelative… oh well..

As I’m on my way to walk out this drunk girl bumps into me, “ Woah.. are you okay?” She looks up at me with her radiant blue eyes and responds inaudibly. I look closer and see a liquor bottle in her hand.. Oh no, we’re bringing you home now fast before you get kidnapped or something.. She looks to be in her early 20s.. A woman like her doesn’t need to be roaming around the street at night for fun, especially drunk. “ Ma’am, do you need a place to say?”, she shoves me aside, “ Oh no, I KNOW what you are sir.. mr.TRYING to FUCK me while I’m drunk.. You’re naSTY...HE’S A PERVERT EVERYONE!”, she says pointing to me…. Everyone looks at her and laughs.

“ LADY SHUT UP! That’s not even a man!”, they tell her and let her know that I’m know threat to her and eventually she believe me and heads in the car…

The first few minutes are alright until she begins vomiting and I have to clean up the car. The whole process takes me another half hour so I end up arriving home at 3:03 am. I open the door, ready to relax and carry the girl inside the house and to my surprise I hear Sunshine question me, “ Gru did you just bring a girl over…”, I deeply sigh and drop her for a second and look in the living room to find him and Zoe lying naked on the couch. Tons of junk food is trashed around so I gotta’ clean it again. I look at him and say calmly, “ Sunshine, how many times have I told you… NO SEX ON THE COUCH!”

“ Hey I wasn’t expecting you to show up tonight to be honest and uh.. You know.. Baby mama wanted to try some new spots if you get what I’m sayin’.”, I roll my eyes at him and cross my arms. “ Can you at least show me who the bitch was you brought-” “ SUNSHINE!” “ Oh, I’m sorry Gru, the ‘girl’ you brought over.. Can I see her tits since she’s passed out?” “ WHAT?! NOO!!” Then his girlfriend begins to beg, “ NO I WANT TO SEE THEM TOO!” “ See Gru? Even Zoe wants a look at those bitch tits she has.. She’s knocked out anyways so..-” “ This WOMAN is drunk and I brought her over to stay the night to keep her safe from sickfucks like the BOTH of you!”, I let out a deep breath and carry her upstairs.. They both mutter something and begin to have ‘sex games’ with one another downstairs.. GOD HOW DID I RAISE SUCH LEWD CHILDREN!

I gently lay her on my bed and pull out some of my long sweaters I have from back when I was… well female… back when things were a bit more normal for me. I slowly begin to strip her down and put the sweater on her. I try my hardest not to blush but I can’t help myself. She has such a gracious body.. It reminds me of my curves I had…

I guess I will go comfort my son Alabaster for the night.. I know he’s been crying and in pain so hopefully I can ask him what’s wrong.

I walk over his room and open his door to here him whimper a little in his sleep. I go up and nudge him gently as he backs away fast. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing..

He looked as if he seen something horrified with the web of sadness tied around him. “ Alabaster dear? Are you alright?”, he shakes his head and nods hugging onto me crying. I smile at him and stand for a minute. “ Hey I’m going to put some pajamas on.. Do you want me to come back?”, he nods and wipes his tears off. “ Yes, please come back Gru..”. I smile again and return once I have put my baby blue robe on and a kitten tshirt.

“ Hey Gru… could you smoke with me.. I kind of need to relax but I never do it by myself..”, he looks down ashamed of asking. I gasp in such an offer, “ Really Alabaster? Oh why, I would be honored.. It has been quite a while since I’ve gotten stoned. Pass me the bong.” He hands me the bong and I pull out a lighter from the robe pocket and inhale the smoke in nice and deep and hand the bong to him with the lighter. “ Alright Al’, now take your hit.. Then tell me what’s been troubling you.”

He inhales his in just as well as I did mine and begins to tell me everything on what he just witnessed. Before he even finishes though, we both end up falling asleep.. Him cuddling on me…

[ Damien..]


Opening my eyes up to Hazel’s pyscho-face? NOT ON MY FUCKING AGENDA!

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