Creepy Candy:Endeavored Youth

By MrHull All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Erotica

Chapter 21: Hell If I Know


So here I am again.. Back in the fucking hospital over some stupid shit because someone has to give sympathy or somewhat pity to some whore that sells herself to the street..

Lights flickering.. Monotone aroma… waiting for him to wake the fuck up so we can leave. I’ve never liked being in a hospital… mental or not the system of it drives me crazy. It’s like a place to go poison yourself with whatever is prescribed. Bad enough I feel like a fucking prick for spraining Al’s ankle but now their trying to force feed me my medication? Hell no… I don’t got time for this shit. Every time they’ve given me pills it ALWAYS fries my brain. It ‘changes’ me.. The only thing it helps is bring out my inner serial killer inside.. I don’t want that again.. Never again.

Funny thing is Al’ continues to think I don’t give a shit about him; what a joke huh? I perceive to put myself in several bad positions just so I can be with him and comfort him… that should at least mean something to him right? I’ve already been forced to take 30 pills here and I really don’t want to continue; just a few more minutes until it hits and I have to fucking hide myself from the world again. No one wants to be near me when I lose it…

Sitting in a chair beside Alabaster as he’s passed out asleep with bruises everywhere on his body and burn marks.. It’s no wonder he passed out.. I was selfish to let him bleed out more than he usually does and now the doc is just waiting for someone to donate blood type O for him. For now I kind of have to wait and watch; hoping he’s going to be okay.

He then slowly begins to mumble and move his eyebrows a little as if to give a sign of awaking himself. My attention steers to him as I watch his eyelids open lazily as he breathes heavy on the surgical mask. He starts to breathe heavy but it shifts to normal with around a half minute. I crawl my way to try to comfort but he seems pretty agitated as he shifts his eyes to the right to see me. With a slow blink he grabs my wrist in a tight motive. I quickly fling him off as he’s too weak to defend his ground. He groans while he continues to struggle with mouth movement. My impatience in waiting for him to speak has me to a boredom; so I decide to personally be the starter of the conversation.

“ Morning sleeping fugly, also relax I’m kidding so don’t let me stress ya’ out right now.” He grunts his teeth and finally moves his lips, “ Go fuck yourself Damien.”, he mutters in a gravelly tone. I chuckle and climb on top of him and look down into his questional eyes as he tries to gain my body’s motive. “ Get the fuck off me… now please..”. I roll my eyes at him. “ Wow… I just thought I would wake you up to smoke a bow-”, before I even finish my sentence he widens his pupils and sits up fast. “ What? No fucking way.. You’re lying..” “ Uhm.. no..?”, I pull out a nice nug of TNT Bomb and a glass ambrosia elephant designed bowl and smirk at him.

“ WHAT?! How the fuck were you able to even bring that-” “ Yea well I’m a fucking hierarchy demon so.. I know a few ways. I already locked the door and barricaded it.. We should be fine.” I expected him to be all ‘happy cool’ about this type of shit because it was done just for him, but instead..

“ WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Do you WANT to give us jail time? I’m not going back to that.. Sadistic shit hole jail they have here…”. No problem though, I give him the whole ‘vice-versa’ opposing, “ Aww, is someone too much of a fucking pussy to get jail time?” “ HEY… you SHUT the fuck up. I’ve.. seen things there and had a shitty experience with it. It’s why I don’t dick around all day and go rob people and other illegal shit like that anymore.. It’s a miracle I still even sell weed-” about the time he finishes I’ve already started hitting it and am about shoving it in his face. “ Do you want a fucking hit or not? Like I did all this stupid shit for you.. You can at least take one hit off this bitch?”, I then tilt my head to the side waiting for his response. He slowly takes a deep breath, “ You’re so goddamn stupid; fine.. But I can’t move my body right now because it’s too weak so you will have to light it for me.” I nod at him and bring the bowl to his mouth and light it.. Trying my hardest not to get ‘excited’ watching him from this angle.

He inhales deeply and hits it off a few more times until we give it a rest for a second. I go over to the sink and pour him a glass of water. But then the memories kick in…. The pills do to.. As my mind scrambles and reality isn’t a thing anymore( only listening to his voice as an audible background):

“ Thanks.. Hey I know I can be a little spazz at times and.. I’m not always rational nor do I make the best choices but just know that the little things you do.. Like this? It.. shows me that there is a reason that I grew affection for you. That’s the thing that made me have feelings for you Damien… you’re fearless.. And you won’t stop at nothing to impress the person at the verge of leaving. Yea you’ve got spikes but mine are maybe worse than yours… D.. Damien?”

As he says this I slowly begin to foam through my mouth and crawl on the floor trying to make sense of it. My heart begins to pound and pound in a faster rate by each time. Then my breathing and vision start blurring… and now it’s darkness.. Blackout time..

[ Cherry..]

As the night near us falls and temperature in Sanctum Satan increases.. Tobi’s anxiety goes through the roof. On our way in, several people stopped us to harass her about our relationship and hers with her mother. I had no idea being an LGBT member in any sport or as a celebrity they would get so many claims. After that it was just a series of sadness and hatred but I guess it’s what ya’ kind of have to deal with in a world like this…

Her bodyguard tries to remove me from being her practice little area for her to get ready for the show but she was pretty confident that I wouldn’t be a burden so she’s kind of just stretching and hitting the foam man dummy with her cherry red boxer gloves.

“ So, what got ya’ into boxing anyways babe?”, I ask. She stops for a minute and removes her helmet and gloves to talk to me. “ Hmm.. I would have to say it was a hobby inspired by an excuse to see sexy fit women’s body ‘if I had to be honest’.” “ PFF- No way… why didn’t you just do wrestli-” “ Got kicked out off it because I got caught muff diving one of the girls in my class.. Back when I was a wee child~”

I chuckle a little, “ You know Tobi.. you’re kind of a weirdo. Don’t get offended either, I like weirdos.” She looks at me and smile, “ Heh, what’s that supposed me mean?” I shrug a smile at her, “ Well I like you don’t I?” She smirks at me and takes a seat near the bench to drink some water. “ Ya’ know.. Do you ever have any regrets in life Cherry?”

For a minute I think and look back, “ Hmm, not really I don’t think..” “ Heh, you’re hella’ a lot braver than I am. I bet I sound like a spoiled momma’s girl to you..” “No.. not at all…”, I say and smile at her. “ We’re all raised differently than the next.. If you were spoiled I wouldn’t even be around you.” She smiles in reassurance but it doesn’t last long with the bang at the door. Tobi walks over to answer it and sure enough it’s one of the demon guards telling Tobi it’s her time to shine. I come with to get front seats as I watch the show.. Anticipating on what’s going to happen. Then I notice something; to the far right Top in the theatre booths I see a girl dressed in a festive dark dress and long color dyed hair sitting in a royal chair. She is surrounded by demons looking awfully familiar to what I have seen of Damien’s family.

She looks to be rather uncomfortable and worthless feeling; I hope she is okay.. I can’t put my finger on it but I know her from somewhere.. I don’t know. Maybe it’s for the better to look away and ignore.

[ Hazi..]

What hav I gotten myself into? What did I do wrong? What even happend to me in all God’s name and holiness? I’ve been anointed and tainted with oils; reborn into this person of their choosing and now I have to live my days as them. Dear god will I ever go back to Earth again?

They told me their getting my body and being ready for Damien as he sees the new Red Queen prosper in glory.. She is what I am and this path I’m not longer interested in. Siting here… at this sadistic arena to watch them miracusly rip this young blonde woman to SHREDS. And it’s all amusement: I look around and see chaos around me as the bugs inside the person crawl everywhere through and out. I hear the audience suffering but it’s just a phase they said.. It will be normal soon enough. The devil turns his Head to me and whispers to me, “ Isn’t it beautiful? The bloodshed?”, he says as he wraps his hand around my neck and slurps up red rum and throws is chalice into the crowd as everyone slaughters eachother out of boredom. She chuckles at me as I whimper gently. “ You know Hazel, see this? This is what family gets to witness, this is what it’s all about. Rising above in a destructive way, it brings such delight in me eye.. Knowing I’m the one responsible for all of this. Oh my.. Look at that young cat girl Damien likes..”, he points his way down to the pink haired cat eared girl.. Cherry I think her name was.

“ That’s Cherry Tii, I had so much fun with her father and getting him to commit the sins and watch her suffer. And here she is, about to watch her little lesbian friend get murdered before her eyes…”, as soon as he says that the bell sets off and the announcements for the Boxing ring goes off:

GOOD EVENING HELL! Now I’m sure you’re all ready to see the bloodshed of an INNOCENT virgin woman. By the name of Tobi Alexandra Ross this freak was rejected when her OWN MOTHER caught the celebrity Emilelisa riding on her face.. WOW that HAS to be HUMILIATING to here-”, the crowd the begins to boo while some succubi root for her.

The devil points long hard at Cherry as she gets up out of her seat with anger. “ Hah, you see.. She can’t handle how much of a loser this creature is. She’s going to try to stop our sponsors from announcing what we can… it would be a shame if, something were to happen to her.” I pause for a moment to think.. And then wonder if I really should, after all.. Damien is supposed to be my husband but, something reminds me of it being all evil. Taking seconds to think the devil becomes impatient with me, “ OH C’MON, Look at her, look at how she dresses! That woman has no class, she should be ran over like the worthless vixen she is. Constantly bouncing on Alabaster and various women in a sinful manner. You should have someone play around with her drinks, that will teach her a lesson. What do you say?”, he says slowly as he begins to stand up straight.

I look down and then the announcements finally call the woman out in high and glory as she seems pretty confident: spiked red boxer gloves and spiked boots, almost as if she can prepared. Then comes Cherry trying to walk in and stop her but the referee throws her to the ground and blows his whistle into her left eardrum, causing her ear to bleed. Poor little cat girl..

The girl looks at Cherry concerned but her thoughts are interrupted as the competitor is announced on the loudspeaker:

“HERE’S IT UP-- Here she comes… at the weight of 117, you can usuallly see her on a murder spree~ Give it up for Satan’s oldest daughter IIEXTRA LANDE!”, the crowd goes wild for her as spotlights and purple smoke cloud the area as she walks out from the firey show. The satellite on top makes it way to sponsor her as she comes in, ripped as ever in her back and royal purple uniform. As she walks she stares at one of the succubus and when she reached for a kiss, iiExtra swallowed her tongue whole and spit it out like nothing. As she wipes it off and reaches the platform she glares at Tobi in a manipulated way. This shouldn’t get too vulgar.. iiExtra said she was going to take a dive and collect all the winning bribes. For now we just watch..

[ Damien]

I open my eyes spontaneously to the reaction of squeezed body parts across my chest and thighs. Thinking this is the strangest feeling I have felt as I then notice my body is strapped down as my arms are in a straight jacket. Soon I feel the muzzle around my face and look around to see the world and notice the two doctors staring at me: one is the snow leopard from before and the other is a nurse in charge of the psychiatrics and medications. She was a woman with a goat head stitched on her and long, dying gray hair. Her long curly black horns came out from where her eyes should be as she begins to talk in an eerie voice but her lips don’t move?

“ Damien, you have been stabilized again.. You may now be able to view us.” My eyes flutter in fear to wonder what the fuck I tried to do this time? I told them not to do that. “ Damien.. Do you know why you’re all strapped up again? How many times are we going to keep telling you not to keep doing this.”, the snow leopard man says to me. I whimper a little in confusion. Soon they both move a little ways apart, showing a 10 inch flat screen television. Oh my god… PLEASE NO.. PLEASE NOT AGAIN! I DON’T WANT TO … PLEASE!

The female walks closer to me and rips open my shirt, “ He’s resisting.. I’ll need another dosage to give him.. Then he will be normal again.” WHAT DO YOU MEAN NORMAL? I begin wiggling myself out but around where I have loosened the chain she jabs the needle into my right shoulder and try to shout but nobody hears my pain.

Then the television show of the same demonism and horror tales go on. I don’t want the nightmares.. I don’t want the imagery again. You’d think of all the death I’ve witnessed I’d be used to it but I can’t take it…

[ Alabaster]

“ IS DAMIEN GOING TO BE OKAY?”, I frantically panic as I stand outside the room watching him seizure and foam through his mouth. Watching the doctors try and stabilize him back to normal as he’s lying on the hospital bed numb. What happened earlier? What happened to him when I was passed out? Just twenty minutes ago he was smiling and now this…

As the doctors try and shove needles in him to knock him out, each dosage leads to some other occurrence. With an electrical shot he begins to bleed from his eyes and coughs out blood.. As if to sustain reality again. I try to turn my attention to the television in my room. Holding in every emotional fragment to myself.

It looks like some boxing going on, by that I mean some bloodshed which I don’t got time for. I lay my head back and wonder if it would be the right time to ask Cherry about the information I wanted to know. Turning it back on I peer closely at it and then notice someone who I haven’t seen for in a while. No.. not them..

I rewind it a little bit and see a girl that looks similarly to Hazel sitting in the Royal Underworld Queen’s chair. Then pausing it to a jaw drop on the resemblance. What in the actual fuck…

I spare no second to dial up Cherry:

“ Hello? Al? It’s kind of a murder spree here-”

“ Yea I know I can see it on the television but hey uhm, is that HAZEL?

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