Creepy Candy:Endeavored Youth

By MrHull All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Erotica

Chapter 20: A New Era, A New Day

[ Damien..]

Pressed in warmth and happiness, I slowly feel my body temperature rising as my heart begins pumping heavy in chest. Feeling him hold onto me with a strong firm grip, holding my hand… it makes me want to spend days in this room together, talking all day and just leaning on each other’s painful grips and scars. Since the day we started I know it was a ‘ride or die’ situation. We’ve broken each other’s bone, afterwards stitching one another’s bruises. Each fight and argument makes me feel stronger and more secure about our relationship. I don’t know what about him makes me have such an emotion.. I’m prone to be rather asexual but… he makes my aromantic nature confuse itself. I remember when I seen his fearless sparkling iris eyes look down on me when we first met..

It was as if I could see right through him…. His eyes.. Wonderful eyes of determination and gentleness. I guess you can say I seen a bit of myself through that stare in between, like a telepathic signal. Then I begin to flutter my eyes open and sit up.. What use is daydreaming if you aren’t living the present?

A surprise was awaited; me being left alone with the covers, double checking to make sure it wasn’t my imagination stirring up drama but I guess he did leave. I’m slightly disappointed, however.. I think I’ll get over it. He didn’t completely leave me high and dry..

Standing up to stretch my body out a little I see a small little piece of paper next to Al’s bong. Once I pick it up and begin to read the message startles me a little:

“ Dear Damien,

This issue with Hazel has gotten worse than we thought; Gru woke up this morning to the bad news and he isn’t particularly thrilled about the situation that went down with you and her.

Neither is Sunshine: they are both furious and don’t want you over here for a few days. Please don’t take this personal, I still plan to hang out with a fun person like yourself. I left to calm my nerves down at one of the cafe’s near town.. Hit me up when you can meet me there.


Alabaster Peterson…”

Well, isn’t it WONDERFUL how my own boyfriend doesn’t have my back? I get dressed with my second outfit I set out for myself and put on the hoodie I snagged back from Hazel , then climb my way down the vines outside from the window. Sorry but, seeing Gru angry is the last thing on my schedule. Luckily for me, Al’ lives near the town square and I know what Cafe he’s talking about. It’s just a matter of should I even give a fuck about it right now. Hazel’s committed suicide, which is the unforgiven sin so she’s definitely in Hell right now. Maybe I’ll get my family to watch over her or at least Oni. I’m pretty sure a pretty girl like that to them they’ll do ANYTHING to suck up to. It’s just the matter of if I should go there right now make sure or just have a chill explanation for why he pussied out when helping me…

[ Hazi..]

…….. Well here I am baby, down in the firey pits of down under.. Lying on the heated ground as it melts my fingers into it causing such a blister to extremes. Slowly I tear my hands off of the melted dirt causing a bit of my skin to rip off, holding in all the pain. Next I stand up, unable to feel my lower frozen body of all the blood drained. My feet are in buttoned doll shoes while my dress was in a thin silk but melted. Looking up in the sky I see the putrid details with a musky whiff of live organs fuming the air.. Maybe it was just mine.. I did just cut my whole stomach open to try and remove Damien’s ‘baby juice’ but I wasn’t careful enough I suppose. Freeze your body in a bath of ice I thought.. Watching the chaos spew everywhere as above me violence and torture stir itself up. This isn’t what I wanted to see.. This isn’t beautiful at all..

Severed heads falling down, and some woman just got dismembered. Her blood falling down on face and into my eyes. I gasp as I try to wipe it off.. Then I hear a quick shout- “ HEY OUT OF THE WAY GOTH BITCH!”, and before you know it I get run over by someone’s R.V. . It goes black for a second but it soon goes back to normal.. Feeling excruciating pain in my guts… then I look down to see it cut halfway through my body as I begin to panic. Blood gushing out of my mouth with tears running my makeup off. When I look to the side and call for help.. The civilians just stare and crack a smile to my suffering.

Was this all the vengeance I get for treating Alabaster so poorly? Did I really deserve this? Should anyone? I’m so dehydrated and paralyzed; I try to moisten my mouth but all I taste is my own blood.. Swallowing it.. Salty, iron flavor continuously. I blink and wonder if this is the reason why he became so emotionless or if he even cares for that matter. Nobody did, nobody does. I can’t blame any of them though.Thinking back about how I acted to everyone as I was dying, seeing life lash itself in my face.. He was right, it does make someone rethink. If I ever make it back… or at least be able to contact.. I want to make things right again. I want to apologize to Alabaster and Zoe. I want to show them that I really did care in the end..

All along it wasn’t Damien I was after anymore, I wanted to be in love and forced myself to fall for him. I thought since Alabaster was happy with him I deserved happiness more. But I don’t know to be honest, after hearing a little bit about his issues I may have exaggerated how happy he really was. Just because my life was miserable I wanted to make his life hell. It’s no wonder he probably hates me. I would hate myself too. As soon as I close my eyes I feel someone grab my top and lower body up; two different people.

Both were twins with a ghoulish appeal and long, snake-like tongues: dressed sharply like the men in black spy agency or whatever the fuck. But my body is swayed carefully by the two men into some fancy demonic limousine with high bass boosted. Opening the door I hear a track from Ludacris pounding out in the air… so much so the sound waves pushed them a little backwards as they slowly make their way to gently place me in the vehicle and get in. They look down on me, observing my body.. Opening their enormous mouth letting the tongues sag down near me with drool; giving me wicked grins. Silicone blue skin with patches of skin removed.. Yet slick black hair. Just mindless continuous stares as I whimper gently, trying my hardest not to panic. To the left, I feel his hand feeling through my long black hair, turning my head to see it and the molded nails; to the right, slowly he begins feeling up and down my legs.. With each swoop getting closer to my inner thigh. Before I can scream, a deep voice of a black man interupts them. “ Ralph and Rapheal! LEAVE the poor girl alone.. She’s seen enough disturbing things for the day.” And the remove themselves from tormenting me.. Just like that. “ Here”, he tosses a stapler in the back, “ Fix her up, the girl is soon to be part of the family.”

My facial expression goes confused to startled as I shriek to feel the staples patch me up. Next they tighten it up with ducktape, then a corset; stitching it to my skin so it stays put. “ STOP SQUIRMING BITCH!”, the one to the left yells at me. I can’t help to move a bit and get water-eyed… I can’t help it. “ KEEP CRYING AND WE’LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT-” “ She is ONLY human, she’s NOT use to the ways here… none of them are..” The twins then roll their eyes and finish the rest of the procedure in the vehicle without complaining. “ There you go wench, NOW MOVE YOUR FAT ASS OVER.”, they say as they push me out of the speeding car like a ragdoll. Luckily for me it was in a box of soft pillows on the street.. No broken bones yet.. Rolling into a soft grass field I stopped laying down for a minute but then remembering what occured last time and quickly get up. Feeling my hair and fixing it up a bit as I tie it into a ponytail and look around to see any sign of contacts or transportation to get me the hell out of here. But then I realize something.. I’m in the backyard of Damien’s house..

[ Alabaster..]

Man I feel a little shady for not having Damien’s back on the situation but I knew it wasn’t going to matter.. It’s been a few hours of me just waiting here for him. Maybe I should’ve waited for him to wake up then walk with him here. Wait.. there he is with his horoscope hoodie on.. And he looks pissed.

Stomping towards me until finally slamming my table to grab my attention, “ WHAT THE FUCK ALABASTER-” “ Shh.. dude! Be quiet.. You’re going to get us kicked out.. Babe I’m sorry but can we talk about it later-” “ DON’T TELL ME TO SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!” “ Damien”, before I knew it, everyone was staring at the two of us with a ‘wtf’ expression, “ You’re causing a scene here just sit down and chill out-” “ I AM MOTHERFUCKING CHILL!”, oh god he’s getting on top of the fucking table.. Damien.. Stop.. please don’t do this- “ I’M THE MOTHERFUCKING CHILL LORD OUT THIS BITCH! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH OF AN ASSHOLE YOU ARE TO ME? But no.. it’s ALL ABOUT Mr. OVERSENSITIVE here!” Soon one of the coworkers come by us, “ Excuse me but, we’re going to have to ask to get off the table and calm down-” “ Bitch you calm down.”, Damien then shoves them down to the ground like nothing. Getting us BOTH kicked out.. Even though I didn’t do shit. And I’m the ‘drama-queen’.

“ What the hell Damien..”, he looks to the ground innocently. “ Okay.. I admit I went a little overboard.” “ Damien.. YOU CRACKED THAT DUDE’S SKULL OPEN-” “ Oh shut up! It was an ACCIDENT..” “ Yea.. pushing them as hard as you can to the ground.. Such an accident I never heard of-” “ Fuck you! If you wouldn’t pissed me off so many times then-” “ If you would’ve just talked to me about it sometimes instead of holding it in like what you always do..”, He looks at me and rolls his eyes; walking his way to me until he kisses me. “ So… where do you want to go?” “ I don’t know, since you practically ruined the place where we had our first REAL date.. How about the beach?”, I ask calmly.

But his behaviour begins to change, his pupils increased size as he began to tremble and shake with long hard pantings, “ D-Damien? Are you alright?”, he grabs onto my arm sharply and notice him sweating hard and begin to move frantically.. Whimpering. Was he having…. A seizure? “ DAMIEN?”, I hold him close to me to try and slow his heart rate down back to normal… Then he passes out for a few minutes in my arms and I begin to panic until he wakes up. “ Sorry.. Wh.. what happened? Did you have any suggestions?” “ No Damien, just nevermind… Let’s just go see if Cherry’s up to anything..” Stumbling to his words he says, “ Pff, I don’t want you around her anymore. Me and her aren’t at good terms at the moment.” I bite my lip out of confusion and pondering on where we can go hang out. “ Hey.. want to go to somewhere alone?” He smiles at me, “ Hell yes..”, I lift him up in my arms and bringing him to my Geep and drive off for a bit.. Wondering on what just happened a few minutes ago.

[ Cherry..]

After a night of sentimental tears and conversation, Tobi actually is considering us as a couple. Can you believe that? That’s all it took was getting to know each other from a different aspect? Feeling the pain and issues each other has went through? God.. if only I met you years ago…

SO, What she did when I woke up is wait for me on the side of the bed; all dressed up in a nice little tank top, jeans and hair all slicked back. All with a rose in her hand.. Ready to start spoiling me.

She first took me to the mall, then the nail salon, and now we’re in a cool mexican bar in Urban Europe… I had no idea this place had so much to offer. I’m usually expecting Mini Brazil to have such fine luxuries… being gone from home makes ya’ think back to the good old days.

“ Tobi, where.. Where did you get the money for all this?”, I ask her. “ Uhm.. I box.. “, she smiles at me, “ You’d be surprised the pay rate you get.” “ Mm, I guess you have a point…”, she nods to me. “ So, Tonight is where my career goes on to a whole ’nother pathway.. I’m talking about I got an invite from Sanctum Satan to do a few rounds there doll. It would be my honor if you come there and watch me knock some demon scum out.” “ Woah, WOAH woah.. Sanctum Satan is a big fucking deal Tobi.. I mean it’s not exactly the place to be talking all high and mighty; Know what I mean?” “ Well… not many girls are up for a fight other places anymore. After my news of sexuality made its take on the news? I’m just known as the raging homo that snorts cocaine.. Nobody is willing to work with me..” “ Wait.. what?”, soon the waitress comes over and hands us our plates acting polite.. Then making an arrogant rude glare at us and mutters something. She takes a sip of her beer bottle and gives a deep breath for the intake, “ You didn’t see that part? They were trying to say that I was confused on crack cocaine.. The media aye?” “ Are you serious?” “ Look it up.. I wish it wasn’t.”

“ Oh Tobi.. I’m sorry”, I hold her hand. “ Nah.. it will be fine… just don’t worry about it.” She kisses my hand and begins eating. I wonder how she’s handling the situation so well. Twenty-two years old, her whole life going amazing..just.. gone.

I look at her concerned and take a sip of my margarita cup. There isn’t any other nerves to swallow down what’s going on.. Then I get a phone call..

I ponder if I should answer it or not but.. My curiosity gets the best of me:

“ Hello?”

“Uh, hey Cherry..”

“ Oh hey Al’, what’s up.. I’m just sitting over with my baby mama. Here, let me show you her.”, I facetime my phone so he can view us.

“ Uh that’s cool-WAIT…. BABY MAMA?”

“ Yea..”, I point the camera to Tobi and she waves for a second and keeps eating.

“ Isn’t she that bitch that got caught playing around with Emilelisa? The Boxer? WAIT NO-- Why are you with her anyways? I thought you were just curious and didn’t take it seriously.”

“ Oh.. someone a little jealous?”, I say teasingly to him.

“ Yea.. I’m so jealous right now..”, he rolls his eyes to pretend to not care. “ So.. what are all the ‘things’ she does for you anyways?”

“ Why does it matter to you so much?”

Then Damien’s loud voice says something rather arrogant, “ She eats her pussy Al’! It’s not fucking rocket science!”

“ Oh wow, you have him listening in Alabaster.. Facetime me, now..”

“ No no, he’s just being prick I’m sorry…”


He takes a deep sigh and shows me him in the back of his Geep with Damien in the background, walking around in an outdoor woodland area.

“ Woah, where are you?”

“ That doesn’t matter right now.. I want to ask you something…”

“ Uhm, alright..”

“ Remember what we did… what we went through.. That meant something right?”

“ What? What are you talking?! Are you drugged up AGAIN?!”

He looks away and chuckles, “ Nevermind.. Okay, do you by any chance know anything about Damien that is concern-”

“Uh- OH we’re talking about me!”, Damien walks in the car and crawls his way to Alabaster’s phone. “ Well, keep talking shit-”

“ She wasn’t talking shit dumbass.. Go away for a few minutes we have something personal to talk about.”

“ Psh, yeah ME! The fuck are you so scared of?”

“ Damien, it isn’t about you so.. You can fuck off?”

“ BITCH! You fuck off, this is my boyfriend here so you’re not going to try seducing yourself to him.”

“ UHM EXCUSE ME?! MR.HYPOCRITE OVER HERE! Talking about all that ‘ don’t talk to me again unless you plannin’ to fuck’ OH, BUT I’M THE HO. Boi’ you need to put your meaning to where your mouth is!”

“ Wait..”, Al’ makes a rude glare at Damien and while Damien’s expression is rather shocked and eyeballing. “ ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! THIS IS JUST BECAUSE SHE WON’T FUCK YOU? IS THAT WHY YOU SAID YOU HAD ISSU-”

I clutch the phone in anger,“ Hold the phone, THIS MOTHERFUCKER SAID WE HAD ISSUES? No Al’, THIS MOTHERFUCKER told me not to speak to him, UNLESS he gets SEX FROM ME.”

And of course Damien is speechless with just a shrug and smile. Then after a clean few seconds of Alabaster trying to not flip out he speaks, “ Ya’ know, women tend to exaggerate.. Like A LOT-”

“ Could you excuse us for a second Cherry..?”, I nod and he hangs up.

Damn, men are so odd.. But fun and intreguing… especially the pairing of those two. Like how did a sweet and gullible douchebag hitch a hike with the manipulative demon boy? They’re both equally abusiveof one another and it cancels one another out. Both tend to argue and fight over the dominancy as if they were eachother’s competition.. But I think they are maybe too different and it freaks me out in a way.

“ So, for boys they are quite the pair of pansies.”, Tobi says to me and chuckles.

I giggle as well, “ Heh, quite the pair of pansies.. You’re right..”, my bestfriends.

[ Alabaster..]

I decided to bring dipshit-Damien over around a nice little lake around the tropics to hang out for a bit and try and ask Cherry ‘what the fuck happened earlier’ right? Well now I’m practically in a fist fight with him over cheating on me(the millionth time). GOD, WHY AM I SO GULLIBLE?!

As soon as I hang up I grab him and throw him against the car and he just smiles at me and says, “ Oh, rough sex again?” The second after my insticts punch hard into his head but he moves and looks at me like I’ve lost my damn mind. Glass went through my skin, into my knuckles as blood went rushing out. Panting, I try to hold in whimpering as I listen to him get threatening, “ What the FUCK ?! You COULD’VE fucking broke my nose idiot! You think it was going to be that easy to kick my ass?” My eyebrows indent inwards as I slowly bring my face closer to his and spit on him with disgust. However, his smile now turns into dissapproval as he shoves a glass shard from my Geep into my shoulder blade. My eyes water and I begin to strangle him up, but soon realize that this won’t mean anything and turn me into the lesser being. So I put him down gently, then he claws at my face.

Trying to shove his nails out from under my skin as he attempt to stretch my mouth far apart. Before I give up, I began butting my head into him, bashing his skull while bruising mine and causing his forehead to bleed. Then we stand far from eachother.. Staring… thinking of what twisted thing to do to one another.. He takes off his big hoodie and walks over to me. Biting his lips and eventually apologizing, “ Okay, I’m sorry .. but.. I don’t know I.. can’t control myself-” “ I FUCKING KNEW I COULDN’T TRUST YOU!” “ Alabaster, shut the fuck up right now I’m trying to talk…”, I roll my eyes at him and begin walking away until he grabs my wrist and bends it backwards. “ Now Al’ I’m trying to fucking control my anger so can you stop?”, he commands me in a calm manner as my eyes water up. Looking for an answer, I bounce my head up and down like a bobble head and soon his snaps it back into place; giving me a good oppurtinuty to knock him out. Unfortunately, I end up hitting up his jaw and breaking on of his teeth. His mouth begins gushing in it, coughing for a second and soon punching my gut upwards as if I can feel my organs push up. And there on out it’s just us pounding on another’s body with painful punches and bruises and a few fractures. finally stops with a phone call.

Kicking me against the ground his phone begins to ring out of his pocket. He stands back and answers it.. Ignoring me, crawling up to safety until some other vehicles pull up near us. He then hangs up and helps me stand and bringing me to the Geep. Him feeling sorry and fluttering his eyes at me, watching me all bloodied up. I guess my blood level dropping means nothing to him.

Grabbing my cigarette he smokes it and blows the smoke in my face and in my mouth.. Then burning the butts on my neck as I wrap my hand around his in defense. I guess I lost the fight this round huh? As my breathing slows to an abnormal rate Damien begins crawling on top of me.. He says seductively to me, “ The ambulance will be here in a few minutes.. What do you want to do in meanwhile?”, FEW MINUTES? THE FUCK?! THAT CAN MEAN LIKE IN AN HOUR FOR HIM! “ Can you toss me the first aid kit?” “ Mmm, wouldn’t you rather..”, he says as he begins to lift up my shirt….He wants to FUCK ME before I DIE?! “ Damien .. I’m going to die.. My vision is already blurry and I can start to see flashes-”, he rolls his eyes and picks up my duct tape, “ Woah, I asked for my first aid kit-” “ Shut the fuck up, be happy I’m not trying to kill you.”, I roll my eyes as he tapes up the open cuts he put in me. Once the last piece is on he forces his mouth onto mine as I push him off for a brief moment.

“ No, I don’t want to fuck right now Damien.. Why the fuck are you such an asshole to Cherry anyways?”, he rolls his eyes at me and pretends to not hear me until I repeat myself to him. “ DUDE, I’m a demon, she’s a bad bitch.. Am I supposed to be friendly to pathetic women like her? She SELLS her BODY.. and acts surprised I see her as JUST a sex object. There is NO CLASS to her and what she does. I TRIED being her friend and she just goes around sleeping with everyone BUT ME?”

“ Damien, she’s only fucked me and Zoe, no one else.”, I say to him as I begin to sit up. “ Wait… are you sure?”, he asks in a confused expression. “ Yea Damien, you’re just a dick to her for no fucking reason.” “Ohh.. oops..”, he says in a dissappointed tone. He facepalms himself as an ambulances comes to pick us both up to the hospital. Glad we had that argument over with at least..


Closed up, doors locked down with mirrors to the wall;dark entoxications of sin heading up the trails of emotion and discomfort. Touch me with one last grasp; hold on to me with that final discreet. I want and admire abilities of such romance capability’s while it rushes in my brain like a bursting hornet. My head pounds to the drum of mementos brought forward to me.

Perhaps I should explain why this poetic reading came afoot to someone as ruthless as me. Don’t mind it… I’m just brooding as forced to sit down on the couch, waiting for a confrontation. Impatience isn’t the case though; only discomfort towards the people in the room. Not saying there is something abnormal and unputting about being held captive.. I just wish the levels of disgust weren’t there(along with mild amnesia clearing it’s hoarendous way in).

I’ve never been in Damien’s home dwelling before but I sure can see why he must be miserable here: abusive family, the daily kill counts and the unknowing of whether or not of what lies under reality in grim situations. By the time this will be over, what little sanity left inside and untouched will become withered up like the petals of deathly, veil black rose. Enough about the feelings for once though, emotions are life’s number one guarantee to hold oneself back. I’d rather scowl than take pity.. Sour aren’t I?

All I know is that apparently, Damien cared enough about me to help me out of this.. Whatever… So I’m just.. Sitting in between two of his siblings: One being a long purple haired goth chic and the other, some weirdo. The girl appears to be blind with the fadings of eye tone and the man with the stitched up lips is crying red heaps of blood O type. To the side, they pour eachother a glass of freshly blue dyed bleach. Part of me wants to ask how the guy is able to consume and survive but they don’t look as if they will take a question like that lightly. My cold breath fumes the frozen cold room as the static on the television increases volume. ‘Yay me..’

“ Hey sweetums’, how’s about a Bleached Bloody Mary?”, the woman says as she shoves the glass in my face, “ I’m sure just the taste will have you to die for..”, next thing you know she’s laughing obnoxiously in my ear as I soon feel someone’s hands between my hair. I look back and notice it’s the man. Staring down at me with full black eyes and heavy breathing tone. “ Anonymous, chill. Remember what happend when you tried to manipulate one of Damien’s boyfriend by acting as his brother? You want another trip to the hospital?”, he looks at her and begins to stop as he sits crossing his arms, pouting over it. “ Allow me to introduce myself.. iiExtra baby.. Damn you’re lucky Damien’s fucking you because girl I would be so up on you right now. Long haired goth girl like yourself?”, she licks her lips temptatiously and then whispers to me, “ I’d take you in a heart beat.” Ookay, Damien’s lesbian sister is hitting on me(GROSS). “ Uh, thanks?” “ Mm, not a problem.. Not a problem at all..” Moments of awkward silence wind up until the door to inside is thrown open; as seeing a young blonde child with big blue eyes march in bringing a man of long pink hair and a hoodie along side.

“ Oi, say why the fuck do we always get stuck being in charge of whether the gays here get executed or not? Like just because we’re gay Dad, it doesn’t mean we are any qualified for that-”, the child speaks in an annoying british accent.. Wow. The man with the long pink hair replies to him in a confused manner, “ Gay? Who said I was gay?” Then goes iiExtra, antagonizing him over sexuality, “ Psh, Please Genesis.. Look at your hair.. Look at your personality… Next up it’s Genesis Lande starring in the World of Cock: Now filming by Hellywood’s Columbian Pictures-” “ I’m PANSEXUAL, not gay! See that bitch Damien’s screwing? Yea, I’D HIT THAT!” “ Oh my god, congradufuckinglations! You want a prize now for telling the world you want to pop some random girl’s pussy?”, he squints his eyes at iiExtra to the roast of the century given.

“ Uhm, why do you all antagonize each other?”, I gain the courage to ask but they are way too busy calling one another out that they completely ignore every word said. Soon my phone rings as I feel the vibrations from the side pocket of my dress. I pull my phone out and answer it, causing the room to calm down to it.

“Hello..?”, I whisper to it in a cautious tone. Then the world goes black… I wonder who and what could have occurred.. Where I was. All of it was forgotten for me..Unknown and lost in the world. Then I hear a rumble upwards, and feel breathing down the back of my neck….then BAM!

Snagged by hair and pulled downwards as the neck appears as some delicious fruit to the person. Just teeth sinking elegance... Then I look up.. And see him.. Horns of all Heights and bright red skin…. I was staring into the eyes of the devil and he liked what he seen. Slowly he backs away with an eerie smile and words begin to move from his lips, “ So… you’re the girl of my new grandchild…”.. I remained silent as whimpers crawl through my veins with each anxious pulse. He sighs heat down in my face and lights a candle so I can see easier which relaxes me a little.. But not by much…

“ Mmm, what is the fear about Miss Kagenoshi… you’re about to become the mother of the new anti-hero of the century.. What troubles you now? You didn’t think you were going to get away with self-harm right?”, He lets go of his grip and plops me into a wooden chair. All lights in the room kick in and I see him dressed sharply.. Then it all makes sense.

Businessman, business suit; dark and sadistic offices to frighten all guests who try to enter and stand up to him. Damien had always said his father isn’t the type of man to mess with in anything.. Nevertheless if even illegal. You’re just nothing but a tolerable little whiny ant on whom he looks down on and pities: don’t mistake anymore of it whatsoever. I snarl my throat a bit and drain out any possible spit to fling at him before I answer. “ Why? Does Damien want this?” Once I reply he smirks quietly intended enough for all to hear and makes his way to my seat; patting his hands on my knees as I stare at him in fright while his stern face goes to a grim conjuring. “ Little Hazel, little Hazel.. This isn’t about dipshit Damien and his dimwitted plans to weaken us all in tactics… it’s

About the future and industries little girl. Now, my son Damien… he’s a player.. What can I say he got it from me. Anyways, you’re just the girl for fun to him but… you have so much potential as a mother and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on such wonderment and capabilities.” He then walks over and sits at his desk, glaring at me patiently… waiting for me to respond to him and his voice but I’m too impractical with my anxiety.

“ What’s all this about then? Why go so far as to kidnap me-” ” FOOLISH GIRL!”, he scowls at me, “ This was no accident.. Therefore no more impracticalities… you WILL become a mother of the beast of our family and you will be tainted in our families name.. Forever and ever. No abortions allowed either little girl… All that would do is put you in some more trouble.” I squint my eyes as to defend myself but he shut it out with a stink eye. Letting my eyes fall down with slavery being entangled of new enigma’s.. His words are stern and I’m not going to debate with it. Soon he smiles at me and claps his hands together to grab my attention. A deer in headlights is my capture of the situation. Then it fades away.. Everything begins to fade and get dreary.. Closing my visions to reset the world(well wish on my dreams of it).

“ Hey LOOK! It’s Damien on the news!”, says the girl with the short magenta curls. I look up and remember that it was probably just a hallucination.. Nothing more nothing less.. Peering at the television screen I observe the news of him: Blue emo kid murders cafe employee Johnathon Riis..

Both news anchors looked rather freakish as they both appeared as some sort of goat human creatures(one male and the other female). It’s like a Saturn.. Not much of a surprise to me:

“ Oh there goes our boy Damien again, always up to trouble.”, replied the well-dressed male..

“ I know right? We just can’t keep him out of trouble.. Short tempered fuse.. Let’s rewatch to his ‘freakout’ in our famous comical injuries”.

Murder… is funny? How is this funny? .. What is wrong with him.. What is wrong with them?!

Then it shows the clip of him there; angry, standing on top of the table. Furious at Alabaster; with each word more aggressive then the next.. And then the warning to stop until a drastic shove into the floor.. Breaking the neck of the employee and causing him to bleed to death. How brutal damn..

“ Crazy isn’t it Tuck? I swear the charges for that is not going to be taken lightly.”,the female bearded goat lady responds. “ Yes indeed Kim, but our little tyrant will find his way out.. His whereabouts are currently unknown but let’s talk about the new boxer entering our ring tonight. Tobi Ross..” “ Oh hell to the yes Tuck, reigned from her sexuality and rumors of drug usage she transfers all her sincerity over to our ring tonight as she challenges the ruthless iiExtra Lande!”

“ Fuck yea, that’s me everybody.. I’m about to break Tobi’s entire system of life.. Leaving her in a fucking coma!”, the purple haired blind girl screeches.

Hm.. I wonder who this Tobi girl is.. Or what her deal is… she has some brass balls in trying to challenge one of these freaks here..

“ We interviewed Ms.Ross a little beforehand as we will show now. Let us take a look..”, said Tuck.

In a black velvet room.. There they were sitting by here in elegant pale gray chairs in a calm room.

Tuck: “ Now Tobi.. tell us about your sexuality and what brought you to it first-”

Tobi: “Uhm.. isn’t that a little bit personal?”

Tuck: “ Tobi you’ve sold your soul already… there are no secrets or boundaries to cross..”

She SOLD HER SOUL to them?!

Tobi: sighs, “ I suppose you’re right.. I don’t know.. Just something I always knew would happen in the end.. Know what I’m saying? I mean even when I was younger I’ve already grew fond of adult women… especially the ones in my catholic school.. Miss Maye.. but I rather talk about that some other time.”

Kim: “ Tell us about your girlfriend and the person you’re talking to now..”

Tobi: “ You mean my ex? I rather not because.. If she’s willing enough to stay I’m stalking her but at the same time be so practical to follow me around all the time then.. What’s the fucking point? She was just another mistake in my life and.. She needs to accept that she was wrong. As for the woman I am having relations with is a beauty I met not too long ago. Cherry Tii is her name..”

Tuck: “ Cherry Tii? The daughter of the Drug lord Chun Tii? Pink hair and cat ears?”

Tobi: “ Uhh.. how.. Did you-”

Kim and Tuck: “ Everyone reads from her and watches her life..”

Then the telly goes static again.. As if to end the transmission..

“ Ugh GOD FUCKING DAMNIT I HATE WHEN THEY DO THAT SHIT!”, iiExtra complains and throws the food at it. “ Chill yo, they always do it to us sis’ why are you so surpri-” “SHUT UP GENESIS! YOU’RE ADOPTED AND NOT EVEN APART OF THIS FUCKING FAMILY! Damn.. I just lost my chance on see what I’m competing against.. The only good news is so far she sounds like a little pansy but nothing else.”

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