Creepy Candy:Endeavored Youth

By MrHull All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Erotica

Chapter 16: The Ace of Cards

[ Cherry..]

Falling asleep next to a nicely tanned ass and waking up all snuggled up by a nice set of tits pressed against your back.. Oh god, what a changer on what I’m so use to. Her body’s so warm and soft to the touch. Then the snores; the loud obnoxious snoring… I turn over, facing my body towards her asleep and watch her for a few moments. Soon I get up to look through the window; feeling the sun’s rays lay upon my nakedness, looking down watching the cars pass by from the heights. It sure looks busy but, that’s usual around here. I turn on my phone to see what time it is but then I notice some missed messages and call I’ve gotten from Midnight.

I guess I was too busy getting ate out that I didn’t receive it. As soon as I load it up I can already get a bad vibe; Midnight hasn’t ever sent me any ‘friendly messages’. And imagine that; it’s a clip of them playing truth or dare with Alabaster. She’s such a manipulator at the game of drug abuse: You’re unaware of what you do until it’s too late.

“ Alright Al’, you gotta’ hit the blunt and two shots.”

“ Pfft, easy, give me something more challenging.”

“ Oh.. You want challenging? I dare you to drink this whole flask of heavy liquor in the matter of ten seconds.”

“ Hah, you’re on!”

Please Alabaster… no….

He grabs the bottle and chugs it down to its last drop in eight seconds.

“ Told you bitch! I’ve been playing with booze way too long for failing that shit.”

The party guests cheer him on until Sunshine walks in the room stumbling. Then the clip ends.

I can only imagine what the second clip is of, but I watch anyways. Guarantee Al’ got a hangover and he needs someone to explain what all fucking happened.

They are all sitting together in a group: Sunshine, Alabaster, Midnight, and other unrecognizable people. They appear to be playing spin the bottle I think. The bottle spins on Sunshine’s turn and it lands on Alabaster and he blushes and backs away but Sunshine makes and evil grin and pulls Al’ back towards him, then pinning him down and forcing him to kiss him as he rubs against the poor ginger’s groin while everyone just cheers and pours booze on them. Alabaster tries to push him off and screams for help but he’s so quiet that nobody hears or cares. But Sunshine is bothered by it and puts his hand over his mouth.


He’s crying and so defenseless… then the clip finishes.

Last thing is a video of Sunshine being weird to his brother passed out. It’s only a few seconds long because Sunshine get angry af when he seen Midnight recording and ran after her.

Her message she sent: LOL isn’t it fucked up? I’m never bringing Anonymous to my parties again. I feel kind of guilty for not doing anything but that dude would’ve tried to fucking kill me and I’m way too sexy to die girl. Take care of Al’ and let him know what happened. Bye! <3

I’m unsure how to react to this… but I need to do something about this. It’s slowly getting more and more creepy and disturbing.

“ Mm, Hey babe, what’cha doin’?”, Tobi puts her arms around me and looks over my shoulder to give a quick kiss on my shoulder blade. I sigh and turn to her,” Just drama and bullshit.” I give her a soft kiss on her lips back and put my phone down for a second. “ Sounds complicated, let me massage your stress out-” “ Tobi that’s nice but I have to go, I mean.. You can come with if you like?”, I say as I grab my turtleneck tank top on and some nice leggings. “ Uhh, sure but could we stop at a store so I can buy me some good new clothes? Mine are still pretty soaked.” I chuckle, “ I have some clothes you can use angel..” I hand her my black colored sweater with the cleavage visible. “ Just cut the sleeves off and I have some boxer shorts too.” “ Heh wow thanks, I thought you were all girly and stuff?” “ Oh I am, I just kept this extra stuff just incase I meet a girl like you”, I smile and wink at her. She chuckles in response and gets dressed. “ Hey, do you have a size twelve in pants?” I quickly toss it to her as we finish getting ready and head out in my car.

I wonder how Damien’s doing? I will have to call him sometime. Right now I’m pretty peeved on what Anonymous is getting away with. “ Babe, you look kind of tense, you alright?”, I’m speeding down the highway, pissing off people by cutting in front and you see my face filled with wrath…. “ Tobi, don’t worry about it okay?”, she sighs and slowly slides her hand to my back and rubs on it back and forth.. Relaxing my nerves a little. “ At least tell me what’s going on; when I looked over I seen that red headed kid who made that speech at the carnival.” Taking a deep breaths, in and out. Remaining calm and collected I face her, “ You really want to know what he’s going through?” She looks at me concerned and nods. “ Well okay, he’s my bestfriend.. I’ve known him since middle school. He’s a depressed pothead and junkie who loves to overdose on pills. Sweet, gullible, smart and sensitive: broken through all the rape and abuse and paranoia with heartbreak. He doesn’t know what he is doing, he does but he purposely lets himself fall. Taken advantage of by everyone and at the same time, everyone around him takes all his anger out on him. His ex Damien, his cousin, and now his brother is pushing it to the limits.”

“ Does he have any counseling?”, I shake my head at her, “ No, he says it makes him feel less normal than all the other kids. His godfather offered caring but.. He doesn’t seem to care out listen to his input. He’s anxious to trust him because what every adult has done to him.”

“ Geez, poor kid, he just needs some love I bet.”

“ Yea…… I know Damien feels bad and he wants to make it better however, Alabaster doesn’t feel the same way anymore. He doesn’t trust him-”

“ Well yea duh, if you fuck me over so many times I’m not going to give you endless chances. I kinda get where he is coming from.”

“ Damien doesn’t know any better-”

“ How old is this dude anyways?”

“ Damien or Alabaster?”

“ Uh.. both I guess…”

“ Damien is eighteen and Al’ is nineteen. Next year he will be twenty-”

“ Okay, what the hell? Damien needs to get his fuckboy act together.. He wants freedom? He needs to learn that ‘freedom’ can’t go with commitment. In my shoes I would definitely be turned off. Alabaster, he seems a bit too emotional.. Maybe he just needs someone new.”

“ No, well… Damien doesn’t mean to be a player or anything… he’s just always sort of isolated a little from everyone and people. And he admits to being a little heartless at times. He doesn’t know any better because he wasn’t raised normally. He doesn’t know how to care, to shed a tear. The word sympathy means NOTHING to him unless it’s about himself only. I was his FIRST and only friend for a while…. Everyone in middle school called him freak and smurf skin, faggot.. And other horrible names. .. He was different, and nobody understood his body language or his behavior. They didn’t even give him a chance to speak. But I did… one day on the playground bench where he was sitting there for lunch. I remember the thin smell of the plastic coming from factories miles away. He didn’t play with the other kids, every time he tried he would hurt one from a name calling. Wearing a bothered emotion on his shoulder and some long jacket and shorts. I think it was an octopus sandwich he was eating, but I didn’t care. I sat by him with my long pigtails in my hair, glasses and polo… some loose jeans too.”


As he was taking a bit, I looked at him nervously and smiled with a polite greetings, “ Hi there.” Once he turned at me he was frustrated and confused, “ What the hell do you want ugly shrewd?!?” Don’t get me wrong.. It did bother me a lot with his profanity but I knew he was just anxious. Slowly I moved closer to him, crawling up on his body, looking deep in his eyes and giggle. This irritates Damien of course, “ Ew, get off me you fucking loser!”, he shoved me to the ground and poured his apple juice on me, “ Here, since you’re so thirsty.” He laughed and through the plastic cup at me. Before he walks away.. I then yell at him, “ You’re such an immature wimp!” That grabbed his attention but, not enough to spark his rage. He smiled and told me to kill myself, then walked away.. Thirteen years old.. And already that cruel?

It was stupid of me but.. I didn’t want to give up trying to be his friend.. Even how much he hurt me. But after several months of humiliation and tears I gave up and ignored him. I didn’t think I would have to see him or deal with him again. In eight grade however, Damien came back and apologized, only to later on find out he only did it to get close to my boyfriend Alabaster and take him from me. From there on out it was him being a total asshole to me and Alabaster being manipulated to be with him. Supposedly he made some rumor up about me blowing some kid or hoing around and gullible Alabaster believed that shit and wanted comfort. Two years after meeting him and the changes are not visible.

Then one day.. Sophomore year.. He sees me and looks at me entirely different.. Of course after puberty hits he wants to be friends right? He doesn’t care that him and Alabaster are together… all he has his eyes on is my body. Sure we ended up great friends and whatnot but, he will never get to have a chance with me. I caught him on the sidelines screwing several other people and then assuming that I would be ‘ all over’ him and how ‘lucky’ I am to get a chance of him. Like he’s some kind of prince of darkness. And of course, Al’s cousin Hazel fell right into that web of bullshit. Again I’ve never met the girl but.. She threatened to cut off my hand if I were to even sit next to him. And this is only some of the shit that Damien has created.

Now, I know he’s been through a lot since he has PTSD from all the violence he’s encountered at a young age. One thing he mentioned is vulnerable his lessons were and innocent the eyes he had was. Witnessing his own father going on a murder spree.. Blood spilled everywhere with fire engulfing all surrounds. His whole family joined in.. brothers, sisters, cousins, but he wouldn’t. He was half human and terrified.

He HAD sympathy and care of the people.. He didn’t want to see them die… Damien tried find the families a spot to hide but his brother Anthony told the father. If only Damien knew what he was in for there. Six in a quarter years old… shoved in a jellyfish pit with electric eels off the docks.. Kicking and screaming. Watching him drown, then setting the water ablaze. “ Real men save themselves”, he said.. Then walked away.. Forcing his own son to learn to swim until one day he escapes.. Trapping him from the outside world.

Several years of trying to escape and waking up to solid ice glacier seals ontop of air.. Unable to break free from the chains. And endless slow pattern of him dying and reawakening with cold temperatures on each heart beat. His pasty pale white skin slowly turned itself into a pale, baby blue color.. Blonde hair killed it’s color into a dark black with his lips and eye pigments. Blue eyes turned blood shot red.. Leaving his small little horns to grow.. Seven in a half years later he finally escapes and pulls his way out...having to find his way home after discovering the whole island he went on vacation at.. DESTROYED. It ruined him almost as much as the way home and things he had to do to get back. All his feelings of happiness and compassion? Dead.. just like his black heart.

-flashback end-

“ So.. is he like the anti-christ or something?”

I make a confused expression at Tobi, “ Anti-Christ?”

“ Well the dude resurrects when he dies and he’s a demon.. His father sounds like Satan too so..”

“ Pfft, how would you know?”

“ Uhm, I use to be a christian girl-”

“ It doesn’t matter! … Damien is just incapable of understanding people’s pain since he’s so self centered and washed of his own.”

“ Dude.. your friend Alabaster needs someone new… I could hook him up with some nice thick girls in my dms-”

“ In your dms?”

“ Oh.. am I supposed to all of a sudden be loyal with some stripper I met last night?”

My mouth drops and I swerve the car over to take a few minutes to cuss and throw a fit… I don’t mean to freak it’s just.. Kind of hard to get a sexy ass girl like that who is into other girls..

[ Damien.. ]

So.. I’m having this nice wet dream of the this angel bitch with long blonde her is just bouncing on me up and down.. And I admit to talking cocky in my sleep, “ Mm, well hello there little slut. Wanna’ play with daddy’s __censored___ don’t ya’?”,She just smiles her way up and shoves me in her.. Going up and down on it as I lean my head back and watch… I think like an hour and a half later after I ‘blast off’ she gets up and I just pull the bitch back on me saying, “ Nuh uh baby, Daddy’s not done yet..” Then I notice the moaning outside.. As it rings to me I realize what was going on. I sit up and shove Hazel off me but she pins my arms down. “ WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING-” “ Relax dumbass.. I’m on birth control.”, she smiles at me.. I didn’t know if she was lying or not but god.. My recovery time is fast.. I sit up quickly.. ( yea guys…. I’m stronger than her). “ Ow.. at least be careful.” “ BITCH! You be fucking careful! Why would you fuck me while I was unconscious? I just nutted in you and didn’t even give me a damn condom!” “ Uhm.. I’m on birth control so-” “ Yess bullshit Hazel, my mother used that for me and we can both see the results!” “ I’m sorry okay?” “ Ugh.. fuck I don’t even care anymore.. If I knock you up it’s all on you”, I get up and put on my jacket and headphones.. “ Uhm.. where are you going?”

Don’t respond.. Just walk away from the psycho bitch. I walk outside on their porch to check on my phone the time and maybe to call Al’. Perfect.. It’s the afternoon… time to see what he’s doing and how he’s holding up:

“ Damien, why are you calling me?”

“ I don’t know, can’t I just talk to someone who I’ve known for several years in advance and have extreme feelings for? Come on Al’, give me a fucking bone here. You know I don’t like being desperate-”

“ Dude I’m dealing with some stuff right now..”

“ Is it about how you and Sunshine are now fuck buddies?”

He goes silent…

“ Alabaster, listen to me.. My brother has been taking control of his mind and body when he’s near liquor… He is making Sunshine confused and turning on you as his own personal sextoy. He doesn’t care, buy yourself and Ouija board and I can prove it. And I’m sorry he is messing with your head and how badly I’ve been treating you. I admit it OKAY? I’m a FUCKING piece of shit...But I do love you Alabaster… And I’m willing to give up all my antics for you now. When I was stuck in a nausea I realized something.. In that hospital bed I realized that all that side shit I did? It means NOTHING compared to the way you made me feel. And so help me Alabaster I WILL B___ YOU the next time I fucking see you-”

“ Okay Damien I get it… I love you too. Thank you for apologizing.. That really means a lot. Now come over here… I’ve missed you bugging me all the time.”

I smile and chuckle, “ Ah, I knew I’d break you.. See ya’ later.”

I hang up and tuck the phone in my pocket.. Now where to get a ride?

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