Creepy Candy:Endeavored Youth

By MrHull All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Erotica

Chapter 14: Sock It To Me

[ Cherry..]

Man I have no clue why but Zoe has been such total cunt to me lately. Is it because her boyfriend caught us and cussed her out? Or is she just being a plain bitch like usual? All I know is all day I have been trying to say ‘hi’ she says, “ Shut the fuck up and stop staring at me carpet muncher!”, and just.. Walks away.. Like all that intimacy meant nothing to her! Yet whenever Sunshine’s around she practically gives him an extreme hint of wanting to him. It’s kind of not fair…

At least Al’ is trying to make me feel nice and special.. He’s such a sweetheart even when he’s had so much going on. However I kind of think him and Damien need to talk again. Right now Alabaster needs him and I have done EVERYTHING to make him happy: brought him strip clubs, found him strippers to hook up with. I’ve even convinced Zoe to try things with him.. Well before she went all ‘two-faced’. He NEEDS Damien right now, but he’s too stubborn to see it.

So where am I right now? Let’s just say.. A secret ‘side job’. I’m currently in the backstage area getting ready with one of my besties Ranchi. It’s just how the describe the scenery to be, shocking, dazzling to see the girls express their little inner slut out. I admit.. I do get rather excited and bite my index finger gently. Watching the new ones come in so crazy, I can’t help myself to get a little wet. Tonight I’m going to be going as a topless dancer wearing just a black thong with a thick tight garter belt and heeled gothic boots. My stylist spray paints my hair green and adds some killer graffiti highlights and extensions.. Curling the bottom part. My makeup I do by myself.. I’m leaning towards a sexy toxic look so I pull out my thick tube of eyeliner and mascara and work my way with the eyeshadows plus pattern pallets. Lastly, finishing off my lips I add some nice eye popping LED eyelashes my sister bought me a few days ago to use. Before getting ready to walk across the stage I equip some spray to make my makeup last and my gas mask. My nails shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I look over to see what Ranchi’s going on as. It appears to be some sort of acid girl, her chest exposed with smiley faced pasties and her hair in pigtails while she wore some tacky panties and 60s heels. On her neck were six glow necklaces, both wrists had three on and her ankles both had four. She turns over to me smiling, “ Damn Pink Cobra, You sure outdid yourself this week.” I smile , “ Thanks.. I like the acid girl thing… goes well with your hair dye and stitches but you sure you wanna’ risk recognition?” “ Heh I’ll be fine.”, She puts on a blindfold.

Soon the announcements begin to call down both of our names: Pink Cobra and Aluminum Slut. We both work side by side with the pole dancing but the boss tonight wanted me to choose a lucky individual to give a lap dance to.. Which is going to be hard because most the people who come here are a bunch of sick freaks! Before the music spins off we nod at one another, then it hits playing the song Acid Queen by Lords of Acid.. our favorite band…

Slowly after going grind and twerk moves we make our way up to the poles and there up high.. I see.. A girl, walking in the club… She looked to be in her young 20s. Long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, a bit of a tannish tone and some grade a sexy freckles. She looked around my height and very curvaceous with an amazing rack. All she was wearing was an open winter hoodie with a fishnet tanktop and some nice skinny jeans that were baggy past the knee. Lip and nipple piercings and cute urban choker I’ve never seen before… God I wanted to take her home with me. I wondered what a fine girl like that is doing at a place like this because I doubt she’s wanting a job here.

She begins walking to navigate herself near the both of.. Her eyes directly at me and my body as she gazes mindlessly at my hips. This is it.. This is my chance, working my way down the pole I slowly begin to crawl to her on my hands and knees, seducing her to my disposal. Soon, removing my gas mask as pink fumes fill the air around us.. Then fading so she can see my face at last. We stare into one another’s eyes getting closer to a kiss until someone grabs her by the hair and pulls her to the ground.. It’s my boss.

He’s a sort of heavier italian man with a giant cigar in his mouth so.. Whatever he has to complain about usually is kind of petty. “ WOAH there sweet cheeks, what’s an innocent little girl like you doing here? Don’t you know we men don’t take kindly to this ‘curiosity’ in our own little vibe? No women allowed here.. Unless you’re lookin’ for a job”, the men in the background cheer him on to that… it’s disgusting. She makes an annoyed expression towards him and yells out, “ AS IF I’m going to LOWER my standards as a person to let you SICKFUCKHEADS degrade MY humanity! I came here.. Just to relax! Not get ridiculed by some asshats because of my sexuality!”, and then the whole room goes quiet.. Until everyone begins to laugh and throw their drinks at her and shove and push her around.. Pulling and tugging her clothes and whispering homophobic slurs until she’s out of the building. Then the music starts back up again and everyone continues..

“ Cherry..”, my boss calls for me and I look down at him, “ Can I see you in my office?” I already knew what was going to go down.. I quickly took my heels off and held them in my hands while running out the door .. grabbing my stuff and putting a shirt and pants on in the bathroom and removing each bit of item I had when in that costume.

It’s pouring wet in the night streets but I don’t care.. My makeup and tears begin to flow as get in my car. Lucky for me I was smart enough to have my hood up. Before I get in the car after unlocking it.. I see the girl from earlier. Her standing by the bus stop.. Jacket and pants all torn up. She seemed pretty damn calm from what all just happened. Soon I walk over to her and she sees me, then speak, “ Hello..?”, she looks at me in shock, “ Hm? Oh.. Heh, sorry I didn’t see you there.. Hey wait--”, she looks into my eyes for a minute, “ Didn’t I just-” “ Oh yeah, I’m super sorry for what happened I wanted to say someth-” “ No it’s alright hun”, she smiles at me. “ It isn’t the first time I’ve been humiliated because of that..” “ Oh… uhm, could I by any chance make it up to you by giving you a ride home?”, please cutie.. Say yes..

“ Heh, that would be wonderful, thank you so much.”, YESSSS.. “ No problem”, I smile back. “ Come on.” I bring her to the vehicle and we get in.. Heating up the car to warm up our freezing bodies from the cold rain.

“ Heh, Damn, that’s a nice custom made convertible ya’ got there. Why you working at strip joint if you make that kind of cash doll?”

I ponder myself for a moment and then look back, “ I don’t know, makes me feel… sort of sexy I guess”, and then she chuckles.

“ What? Is it.. That slutty of me?”

“ Heh no, it’s funny how cute you are. You’re already beyond beautiful.”, she smiles at me.

Damn, I’m going to eat you alive blondie.. Keep giving me that flirtation… I start the car up and begin to drive out of the area, “ So, where do you live?”

“ Well uhh, you can just drop me out at a nice and cheap motel”, I then stop the car and turn to her.

“ Hold up, are you homeless?”

“ Mm, I wouldn’t say homeless… I have plenty of money so I can just rent out an apartment, but since I just got kicked out of my house a few hours ago-”

Then.. soon I recognize her… the english accent threw me off…

“ Weren’t you that girl that was on the news for getting caught having-”

“ -Homosexual affairs with another celebrity. Tobi Alexandra Ross, at your service. Currently now the ex of Emilelisa Nixon and the child of rap daddy Basheer or well known as ‘ Greasy Puff’.”

My mind blows itself up as I stare at the resemblance, “ So you’re the boxer.. was?” , she then laughs, “ Hah nah, I’m still boxing.. I just won’t be living in my family’s amazing mansion. Nor with my gorgeous girlfriend and her nice condo. So I just ..”

“ Needed something to relax?”

“ Yes…. like Jesus fuck I’m stressed enough as it is and that shit happens… but there was a sign saying ‘no lesbianism allowed’ so I should’ve heeded the warning. But I didn’t give a fuck”, she laughs.

“ Well I mean, I think it’s because of how many gay clubs they have already so they didn’t want it to take over.”

“ Yea.. but I mean……….”

I turn my head to her once more, “ What?”

She takes a deep breath, “ There isn’t many girls there that aren’t what I want-” and before she finishes her sentence I begin bursting in laughter. “ Hey it’s fucking true.. Plus one of my buddies told me about the place you work at and.. Here I am in the car with you.”

I smirk and say to her, “ Ya’ know what..”, I stop the car and kiss her deeply and she blushes, “ You’re coming home with me tonight… now hold on.. I’m going to get us to my condo near where you live .. Urban Europe.”

“ Honey, you can take me to the damn junkyard for all I care”, she says with a big grin on her as I slowly grab on her thigh and rub in between it gently for a bit and begin driving as we continue to make great conversation as we wait for arriving. Until finally, stripping ourselves bare to the shower and soon onto the bed with such grace in bliss. I hope Alabaster doesn’t take this personal..

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