Creepy Candy:Endeavored Youth

By MrHull All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Erotica

Chapter 9: Tones and Shades


Gasping for air in shock after a mild slumber, checking on Hazi in my slumber.. Did he just..? I look to right side of me and take a deep breathe.. The few benefits of being what I am is the powers such as mine. The one ability use usually is being able to spy on others and know what they are really up to.. Or maybe it’s just my wicked senses inside?

I have no clue but I have a feeling something serious went down with him. Why else would I wake up so anxious…?

I don’t mean to run out of the promise I made but what choice do I have? Facing my deranged father and family, or seeing what’s wrong with him? I have been nothing but hard on the guy lately so it’s only right try view him in person, just to make sure he’s okay?

In the guest room it is quite relaxing… enough to meditate for an eternity with the soothing candles and potpourri near the beige colored bed and lsd colored lights.. Emi sure knows her way with Zen. It makes me not want to leave, but my options are very limited. When getting up off the bed, I notice beside me are some clothes set up and a smile: Pale grey hoodie thin hoodie, and some nice dark blue skinny jeans in my size.

I didn’t really need a shirt or underwear.. I already have an extra on both since I stole it from Alabaster. I grab it and attempt to find the bathroom in such a large house: observing the amazing architecture designed on the walls and beautiful statues and pavements.

It makes me feel at peace with all and ready to start a new beginning to the era. Much better compared to the asylum halls I’m use to. Soon I see it, labeled in bronze on the timber wooden door and I open it. Take a quick shower, then start walking; I have GPS so this would be a piece of cake. But when I enter.. I remember now on what exactly I had seen before: pictures of women in a gilded silver frame. There were three: not all of them were the same but quite unusual for a straight women to have. All showed the femininity: one a modeling of mother nature, one with another woman painting a nude one, and the other the song artist Zolita. Now that I think of it, she’s never really had fun relations with a man..

Sure she has had guys flirt with her but she was kind of resisting anything to do with ‘touching’. But that isn’t my business I guess and I should focus more on heading over to Hazi.

Around 25 minutes it takes, letting the warm waters soothe my pours. I hurry up and get dressed and walk out house.. Forgetting how far his is.

Nearly an hour and a half, my limbs are tiring as I try keeping up the walking pace.. Thinking of him and his eyes and remembering the first time we had met. Heh, pretty long black hair covering his eyebrows, a cute lolita pink dress.. Heh, back when he was a girl. Hazel Kagenoshi… damn the memories.. Back when we were kids; back in elementary school where I was an outcast still with nothing but Anthony.. After a few years passed I met Alabaster.. And we could not stand one another haha.. Sunshine? I have no clue what he was like since he always kept his distance, or maybe I didn’t recognize him. Who knows? I met him in freshmen year but before I remember Hazi always hanging around this one girl with pretty dirty blonde hair but she always had it in a nice long ponytail. For a ten year old that kid dressed kinda’ slutty: pink small tanktop, slim short jean skirt and some sandals including makeup. God I can’t believe that girls parents never said anything to her..

Then a car pulls up in front of me, I wonder who it could be. A black ford hundra: and the window rolls down to show the ultimate douche… Sunshine. Great, he’s here to give me shit isn’t he? He speaks with his usually deep stern voice but, compassionately.. As if to care, “ Damien? What the hell are you doing out here?” “ Pff, I can say the same for you-” “ Oh shut up with the smartass remarks.. I don’t have time for that. Look, Hazi’s in the hospital so do you wanna visit him to prove you aren’t such a worthless piece of shit? Because you really don’t have to and I could run you over.”

For someone who is trying to help he seems a little more aggressive than normal: so I cut back my attitude and answer with a nod and he opens the passenger door for with a , “ Hop in, fuckboy”. Climbing my way up I see that he isn’t feeling the greatest by his expression but he appears calm. As he begins driving he looks at me and says something, “ What are you looking at nut breath? Take a picture or somethi-” “ Wow would it kill you to say something kind to me? Like honestly Sunshine…” He rolls his eyes at me and looks forward again. “ Nice hair…” The car goes silent for a moment since I have no clue how to respond to that.. Was he flirting? Before I can he reassures me, “ Don’t turn it gay.”

The mixed feelings of his fascinates me, like where is all this coming from? Maybe he’s just ‘playing nice’ because something is up with his cousin. I don’t fucking know.. But I’m curious on what happened this time so I asked, “ Is he okay?” “ No idiot, we’re just driving to a Woodstock concert. Hazi’s totally doing fine-” “ Was the sarcasm necessary? Seriously, just tell me what’s up and be straightforward.” He sighs and look at me for a second and answers, “ Well since he couldn’t find any razor blades he moved onto another way to self harm himself. And now he’s knocked out cold: clear enough for you?”

Damn…. “ Why didn’t Alabast-” “ Because you’re fucking Hazi and he doesn’t like that.. I thought you were a demon not a brainless fuckhead?” Oh.. he didn’t just go there, “ Heh, where’s Zoe.” He immediately stops the car and smiles at me. “ Damien, I swear to fucking god, ask me that again.. I dare you to see what happens.” And then he pulls a gun out and points it to the top skull where the bandage is.. He chuckles and smiles at me, “ Do it..What are you so scared of?”, He says teasing me as if it’s a game to him. So I reply, “ Oh… that’s why-”, he cuts me off and shoots the roof of the car four times, just inches away from me. Then he looks at me, quite close , deep in my eyes and calmly says,” I should push you out in the freeway but.. Some part of me kind of likes you.”

The man takes a deep breath and starts the car back up and continues driving… I have the weirdest boner right now…

When we arrive at last I have the strangest feeling inside. He steps out of the car and follows, as if to give me the cold shoulder again. So mysterious.. I follow in and we go to the front getting the room after like, three tries. And at the entrance is Zoe lying against the wall on her phone eating a candied blowpop. Sunshine looks at her and what she’s wearing and it’s still the same but in a different style and color: blue scottish patterned skirt with black overalls. A short sleeves white buttoned down shirt and the usual kneesocks. The dude couldn’t help himself and had to talk I mean, who would blame him? Her sex appeal was off the charts. I stand by to eavesdrop on their conversation a little then walk in to see Hazi:

Zoe: “ What do you want Babe?”

Sunshine: “ Zoe, c’mon… this is pathetic. You know I love you and this break his killing me.”

Zoe: “ Oh, what was that? I couldn’t hear you over the bloodshed by you KILLING MY FRIENDS.”

Sunshine: “ Baby I blacked out again, it’s not my fault c’mon-”

Zoe: “ No Sunshine, it is.. You need to start taking responsibilities for your actions.. Like did you see yourself? Yesterday you pulled a gun at the old lady in the carnival-”

Sunshine: “ Oh you know DAMN well they cheat you out in those things right?”

Zoe: “ Sunshine that’s not the fucking point!..*sighs* Look if this is going to work I just want you to be a little more calm.. Okay Sunshine?”

He pauses for a minute and then looks into her eyes and nods

Zoe: “ See, was that so hard? Now come over here to mommy~”

He smirks and walks to her begins sucking her face deeply, lifting her up in the hair… okay..that’s weird.. I’m going to steer my attention to Hazi.

Inside he is lying down in the hospital bed with scrubs, opening his eyes and closing again.. The room is empty and quiet.. Well until he sees me and his eyes fill with wonderment tied into a surprise gasp. “ Hey kid..” He smiles and me and chuckles. I soon begin to crawl on his bed towards him until I am directly above. “ So, why?” He blushes lightly and looks away then back at me confused.. “ What do you mean why.. What’s the question?”.. I say and sit up and stare down at him. “ Why do you keep doing this to yourself?” He goes quiet, trying to avoid the question then responds.. “ I dunno, heh,.. Just felt like it?” Mm, yeah no, I glare at him viciously and disgusted then pull him up to me. “ Don’t ever fucking use that excuse with me Hazi! Don’t you EVER say that.. ‘ Because I felt like it..’ Hah..”, I chuckles and kiss him deeply and stop after a few seconds. “ You’re worth more than that to me…”. He blushes deeply and stares into my eyes, lost in them again. Then grabs the side of my face and begins to kiss me then making his way down my neck until I stop him.

“ No, Hazi stop… I don’t want this from you..” he stops and pauses confused as ever. “ Sorry” “ No..”, I push him back down and close the hospital doors then crawl back to him. “ It’s my turn..”

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