Tricked Into Another World! Volume One

By arandomwriter All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 8 Field Trip III


Immediately following those words, right above me appeared a wide ball of fire which imploded before expanding outwards.

Swallowing the falling acid breath in a gulf of fire, the Mimic Slime was also blown back slightly. The explosion had occurred so close to me that my ears began ringing from the aftermath. But I’ll take ringing eardrums any day than being melted into slime paste.

Turning around to the voice I heard, I saw a very cute petite blond haired girl with an extremely creepy grin on her face. Her smile reaching from ear to ear seemed to be mumbling something.


Her speech became increasingly audible as she continued to crazily chant one word.

It can’t be… It’s the girl from earlier… I, I was saved by a pyromaniac?!!

“hEy, aRe yoU AlrIgHt?”

The girl greeted me as she reached my position.

“Eh, ah yes, thank you…”

“YoUr wElcOme, BUUUT HeRE iT CoMeS, heRE IT coMES, HerE IT COmeS!”

The girl’s anxiety skyrocketed as the Mimic Slime quickly recovered and began to creep forward carefully.

“yOu, gO DiSTraCt it WHilE I’m cAsTinG”

Creeping me out with her way of talking, I immediately ran forward to be used as a distraction.

This girl really creeps me out. Her personality seems extremely twisted. Fighting with the Mimic Slime seems to be much safer than standing next to her in my honest opinion.

Running up to the Mimic Slime disguised as a dragon, I dodge its mouth trying to take a bite out of me and slash at its eye. Although, with the faint glowing phenomenon no longer displayed on my weapon, the slash seems to be ineffective.

I wonder to myself how I did it last time as I dodge a claw attack. Just as it misses, it begins a follow up attack with a tail sweep.



However, just before it could swing its tail, an explosion catches it off guard taking out one of its wings. As it falls forward slightly, I take a step back, avoiding the fall.

The wing that had been blown off splattered into a puddle of rainbow colored slime as it hit the floor.


The girl begins laughing with an uproar.


Panting loudly, she starts chanting again putting in a little more distance from the Mimic Slime.

“Isn’t she… a little too excited?”

Talking to myself, I slightly began to feel sorry for the Mimic Slime. After this, I really, reaallly need to keep my distance away from her.

Thinking back, the information window from the mimic slime did say it was immune to physical attacks. Does that mean I channeled magic into my dagger? Thinking so, I called out “Open Status” inside my mind. And just like that, my status window appeared again.

<Tetsu Tagami>

[Lv. 1]
[Race: Human]
[HP: 67/100]
[MP: 132/150]
[Str: 8]
[Agi: 6]
[MA: 9]
[Luk: ???]

<Passive Skills>
[Sword Mastery: 1/10]
[Dagger Mastery: 2/10]
[Muscle Mastery: 6/10]

<Active Skills>
[(NEW!) Analyze: 1/10]
[(NEW!) Magic Edge: 1/10]

[Living Zombie]
[Otherworldly Traveler]

Other than the suspicious question marks I see in my status window, I do see [Magic Edge] listed in my skills. And also, why am I still level 1?! I’ve killed over twenty slimes already! In normal RPG’s, you wouldn’t need to kill more than 10 slimes for the first level right?!! However, this isn’t quite a game either when I think about it. So in a sense I suppose it’s perfectly clear as to why slimes offer so little xp. They do die in one hit afterall. Or maybe it’s this mithril dagger doing all the work? Normal daggers aren’t as good maybe?

“[Analyze] Mithril Dagger”

Mumbling to myself, another information window opens up.

[Mithril Dagger]
[Dagger made entirely of Mithril. Allows magic to easily be imbued into the blade]

Hmm, that description is one thing, but how does one normally use magic in the first place? With my thoughts wandering, the girl speaks up.

“hEy yoU, thIs thiNG is GEttiNg bAcK Up, hUrRY anD aTtaCk iT!”

Coming back to my senses from the words of the girl, I charge back into battle with the still stumbling dragon mimic.
Thinking back, I did feel my resolve of not wanting to die. At that time…

“[Fire Rain!]”

Gathering the feeling I had moments ago, I steadily approach the Slime Mimic. With the same willpower in my confrontation earlier, I slashed at the slime mimic’s arm just as magic began to bombard its head.

Slicing through the flesh with a clean cut, the arm fell straight down and turned into a puddle of jelly as it hit the floor with a “Thud!”.

“This will work!”

I happily exclaimed to myself.

The Mimic Slime cried out in pain with a screech, and stumbled back a few steps on its hind legs. As it staggered, I immediately ran towards it and slashed my dagger at its where the thickness seemed to be the least towards its ankle.


With a painful howl, the Mimic Slime fell on its side without the support of its hind leg.

However, the slime wasn’t the only thing that had fallen. Looking back, the girl that had been continuously casting magic had fallen down.

As shameful as it may be, I don’t have the luxury of checking on her condition. What’s important right now is taking down this slime before it gets up again.

Readying myself for the final attack, I make a jump towards the chest of the Slime Mimic. Landing on the fallen slime, I slash frivolously trying to open up a gap big enough to attack the core. As the flesh tears apart with bits of its slime like flesh flying everywhere, the core finally shows itself. It was a slightly translucent black crystal like core. Plunging my dagger into it, a crack appears. But, I’m once again blinded by a bright flash. Quickly covering my eyes, I jump off the body as it glows white.

Covering my eyes from the bright light, questions began to surface in my mind. Was this the end? Is it dead? Is it over?

However, what appeared next completely killed my expectations.

Standing before me was a human shaped figure standing roughly 3 meters tall. It had transformed once again. However the size of the core didn’t change and the crack on the core itself still remained.

Looking at it, it was as if it were beckoning for me to come at it.

My body felt incredibly exhausted. The adrenaline keeping me from falling over had vanished. I could feel the piled up fatigue weighing me down. Glancing at the slime, it wasn’t moving either. Most likely this was the last stand for the both of us.

Steadying my breathing, I took a firm stance and charged forward with my faintly glowing dagger. Just as I approached closer, clasping both of its hands together it tried to hammer down on me as I appeared just below it.


Crushing the floor below me, I lose my balance from the aftershock of the attack that nearly smashed me into the ground. Gripping the dagger tightly, I attempt to slash at its arm next to me.
As my dagger cuts into its left forearm,


I suddenly receive a kick that crushes my arm sending me back a few meters.

Taking deep breaths to calm my trembling body, I check the state of my arm that received the brunt of the attack.

Needless to say, it’s really bad. I can’t move my right arm. It’s most likely broken. It was good that I didn’t drop the dagger.

When it was still in dragon form, dodging simple attacks were easy since it was big and slow. However now that it’s in a human shape form, its attacks were much faster and harder to predict. But, it’s not like the slime came out unscathed as well. Sending my eyesight towards the Slime Mimic, the arm I had attacked was almost falling off its body. It seems like cuts made from magic prevents it from recovering, as it made no attempt to reattach its still hanging arm. We both had traded an arm for an arm. But I don’t plan to give it anything else. I’ll be more careful to avoid any follow-up attacks.

Holding the mithril knife in my left hand, I once again run towards it. However unexpectedly, it tears off its arm that was hanging, and throws it at me. Narrowly dodging the arm that turned into slime pudding on the floor, I feint a slash expecting an attack.

Just as expected, it threw out a punch. Twirling my body, I spin to its backside as it’s punch catches the afternoon breeze. I slash diagonally in both directions making an “X” on its back as it cries in pain. Ducking low, I avoid its turning punch, and then jump back avoiding its kick as it retaliates. As the side kick flows out from the punch, the momentum from the force of the kick allows it to follow up with a round house kick using its other leg.


Exclaiming out of surprise as I dodge by ducking again, even the slime stops moving as if it’s questioning me with an odd expression.

Hey, this isn’t the time for jokes, but this slime can sure do martial arts better than me! Thinking back, in my childhood days when I took one of those martial arts classes, I fell on my back attempting those cool looking kicks you know.

As I recover from my surprise, I drive my knife into its leg, separating it from its main body. The slime with one less leg immediately falls over from the shifting weight. Pouncing on its body, I stab at its core again, successfully plunging in my dagger for a second time.

Silence immediately engulfs the Slime Mimic, as the core cracks and splits in two. Its slime body immediately glows and then begins dissipating. After dissolving in the white glow, it left behind a single core split in two pieces.

My body hitting well over its limit falls over. Relieved of the long fight, I roll over to my back and spread open my legs and arms in relaxation from overcoming this ordeal…

In a place not too far away, two figures talk hidden from plain view.

“That battle was well done, don’t you think?”

“For a while I was beginning to think he would lose”

“But, for a beginner like that, and to take down a Mimic Slime no less, that’s an achievement well worth the respect”

“Without the help from that magic caster, he would have lost though”

“True enough, but if that girl didn’t show up you would have had to save him yourself. And besides that, we got to see him being pushed to his extremes. It really looks like you trained him well, Reinsfield.”

“I’m not worthy of such praise, Guild Master”

“In any case, with this he passes with flying colors”

“What do you have planned for the boy?”

“Nothing in particular, but before he journeys outside our eyes, I want him to become stronger. Besides that, her wish will also be fulfilled. He is a summoned being afterall.”

“I see...”

Reinsfield pauses for a moment as he begins talking again.

“The nobles are scheming something. I don’t have enough information to conclude what exactly they have planned”

“Ho~, to think even the mighty Reinsfield isn’t able to find anything. Then all we can do is wait…”

As the talk concludes, the two figures vanish with the sounds of insects buzzing about in the clear afternoon skies.

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