Tricked Into Another World! Volume One

By arandomwriter All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 7 Field Trip II


Seeing the ridiculous amount of slimes coming towards me, I made up my mind to run for my life. Immediately turning around, I started to sprint towards the direction of south gate. Even with that said, the slimes were by no means slow either, they rolled and hopped at about the same pace as me sprinting!


Before I could get far, a slime had attacked me from behind making me cease my movements for a moment.


With the mithril dagger in my hand, I cut apart the nearby slime that had attacked me from behind.

Looking around, I had actually been encircled by other slimes. Along with the incoming horde, the slimes numbered over 100 easily. It was as if all the slimes in this area were targeting me! The way the slimes had surrounded me as well, was almost as if they were being commanded.

Rather than waiting for the horde of slimes to catch up, it was much better to run away was what I had originally thought. But there was actually a considerable amount of slimes everywhere I looked.

“Guess there’s no helping it…”

Talking under my breath, I ready a defensive stance for a prolonged fight with the surrounding slimes and the incoming horde that was quickly approaching.


After killing a dozen more slimes, the horde had finally caught up.

Oddly as the horde stopped in front of me, all the slimes stopped moving. Instead they all stayed still as if revering a king.

The pink slime slowly approached me, and at just a few meters away it stopped. After a slight moment of silence between us, the pink slime started to glow. However it wasn’t just the pink slime, all the slimes around me seemed to also resonate with the slime and started glowing themselves.

Goosebumps began to surface on my arms and legs, as I felt a torrent of energy from the surrounding slimes. Immediately I jumped back and readied my defensive stance.

The surrounding slimes were moving, as if drawn to the pink slime. In a matter of seconds, all the surrounding slimes had gathered around the pink slime.

In that moment, a bright flash swept across my vision forcing me to shut my eyes tight. Opening my eyes, a single slime entered my line of sight. A slime that neither looked like a slime, nor was as small as one. In Project Iris Online, there was a mini boss similar to this monster’s size named the Giant Slime. Strictly speaking, it was only the size of it that was the same. What appeared in front of me was something completely different.

Dripping bits of slime from its body, with giant wings and claws that could rend a human being easily, the appearance of a dragon colored in many shades of pink and red settled before my eyes. Because the dragon was originally a slime, many of the robust features weren’t there.

Staring at its body, it was translucent exactly like that of a slime, and in the chest cavity where there was normally a heart, sat a giant monster core. Even the sounds it made was exactly like that of a dragon.


The dragon slime let out a big roar, as it widely swung one of its legs. Jumping up I barely avoid the arm.



Following up its attack by swinging its tail, it sent me flying across the grassy fields.

Coughing out some blood as I stand up, I see the dragon slime running towards me.

“Damn… I’m gonna die at this rate”

With an exaggerated jump, the dragon slime tries to crush me under its feet. Dodging it I roll to the side, while slashing the mithril dragger at its leg. However, the slash seems to do nothing, as the slashed area immediately recovers as if nothing happened.


The only weapon I had seems to have dealt no damage to this dragon slime thing! Just want kind of monster is this anyways?!!

Immediately reacting to my misfortune, a window opened.

[Available Skill Point: 1]
[Would you like to learn Analyze? < YES / NO >]

Shouting out yes in my mind, an information window immediately opens in my sight.

[Lv. ??? Mimic Slime (Dragon)]
[Impervious to all physical attribute attacks]

As if reacting to my slash, its leg immediately swept at the area I was kneeling at. Avoiding it while jumping back, I ready back into a defensive stance with my adrenaline filled heart.

RIDICULOUS!!! Isn’t this too hard for a beginner?!! Right from the start, it’s as if the difficulty has been set on Hell Mode! Alright, I’ve gotta calm down a little. Caaaaalm dowwwwnnn. There’s no way I’ll die here. It’s absolutely impossible right? I’m near a town afterall, I’m sure there’s people who would notice the presence of this monster right? It’s impossible for anyone not to notice a monster of this size! That’s why I just need to buy time until someone notices.


Jumping to the side avoiding another attack as the Mimic Slime’s leg stomps down, I retreat another few steps back.


With the roar, the Mimic Slime inhaled a huge breath of air, getting ready to spit out a breath attack.

NOPE NOPE NOPE, I don’t think I’ll survive long enough for help to arrive. I think I had better run back to the south gate at the very least.

With sweat profusely pouring down my face, I turned around and started running as fast as I could.

Looking back, the breath attack the Mimic Slime used, it spat out some kind of gooey liquid like substance that immediately melted the surrounding grass it landed on.

“Acid breath?!!”

Yelling out into the open field, I increased my pace at the thought of getting melted by acid.

Moments later it began chasing after me, after I had put in quite a bit of distance between us.

While wheezing and panting, I look back at the Mimic Slime as it approaches me at an astounding rate as I continue to run in one direction.


It can run pretty fast can’t it. It seems there wasn’t any way for me to escape either.

Stopping and turning around, I decide to confront the Mimic Slime that has caught up to me. There was no longer any reason to be afraid, only thoughts of to kill or be killed began to circulate into my brain.

The Mimic Slime, starting off with a tail swing turns its body with force as the tail comes at me overhead. Sidestepping the tail, I dodge by a small margin as the sound of its tail slamming into the ground resonates into the air, sending vibrations everywhere as the ground around its tail collapses.

The outside merely looks like a dragon, but in the end it’s just a giant slime isn’t it? If that’s the case, all I have to do is destroy its core.

Without realizing it, the blades edge gave a faint glow.


Plunging my knife into the tail as I jump onto it, I drag the blade with me as I run on top of the tail that had sunk into the earth.


As if the Mimic Slime was feeling pain for the first time, it let out an ear splitting roar. Quickly moving its body around violently like it was trying to shake off an annoying fly, it continued to screech as the knife blade made its way up the back of its body.

Pulling out my knife, I jump onto its back and plunge my dagger into its back. But even though its core is abnormally big, the knife’s blade isn’t long enough to reach it.

Quickly pulling out the knife, I instinctively jump off its back as the Mimic Slime rolls on the ground.

Looking at the knife I held after landing, I finally noticed the faint glow.

Being momentarily dumbstruck, the Mimic Slime had stood up and readied another breath attack. Only this time it took into the air.

“It can fly?!!”

No, more importantly I have to escape its range!

However just as I had thought those words, it had already released its acid breath.

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