Tricked Into Another World! Volume One

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Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 5 Is the Instructor a Sadist?!!

“Now come at me!”

“Uhh, ok…”

Swinging my wooden sword at the instructor, I try going in with a feint like what I’ve seen on i-tube and read in light novels and manga. However the instructor easily dodged it, moving like the wind going left and right.


“It seems like you have some skill, but you’re still unrefined. Brace yourself!”

Right after saying so, instructor Reinsfield moved in and delivered a straight punch right into my stomach. Falling down on my back, I roll around clutching my stomach.

“Gah! Please no more for today! I feel like I might die before today’s training ends!”

Let me explain what’s been happening for the past few hours.

Right as I was dragged off, I was made to immediately run laps as fast as I could, around the traning area, until instructor Reinsfield allowed me to rest. Every time I stopped before the given time was over, I was subjected to this torture I’m currently experiencing now. This torture is a mock battle with a former S rank adventurer. Saying things like “You can rest ONLY when you’re better than me”, and “Do you think you’re better than me already?!!” to me as I fall down to my knees puking out my stomach fluids. Of course I definitely don’t think I’m better, therefore there isn’t a reason to say the same things again as I fall over. Running isn’t also the only thing I’ve been made to do. Things like push-ups and sit-ups, and moving heavy objects from one area to another is also what I’ve been doing. As for the slime that’s been following me, for some reason after being subjected to instructor Reinsfield’s battle aura, it scurried away.

Other than being dragged away and forced to train, I did learn a lot of things about this world. This world I’m currently in is exactly like the stuff I’ve read about in mythology. The world was once destroyed by a disaster named “Ragnarok”. Almost every race perished. With the decline of races, demons began to rise to claim this world for themselves. With the gods help fighting off those demons, the world was able to once again repopulate. Several thousand years later, today the demons are still aiming to conquer this world and still stand strong. However the gods have gotten much weaker since then. The gods send out chosen “heroes” in order to fight back. That would explain why I’m here now. However in my case, the words the loli goddess left me with were to become a great warrior, and to aid the next hero? So in sense my primary objective is to learn how to survive in this world, and MAYBE help the hero… Hey! Don’t look at me like that! It’s not like I asked to be thrown into this world you know!

Other than the history of this world which Instructor Reinsfield enlightened me on, I did learn of the adventurer’s hierarchy. The ranking system, just like in games I’ve played restrict you to taking only certain ranked requests. So for example E rank is the lowest, and what everyone starts off as unless you have good connections, can only accept E rank requests. From E rank, it goes F, D, C, B, A S, SS, SSS. However it’s not limited to just accepting requests within your own rank. If you rank up to C class, you can take requests of up to 2 ranks below your own. So as Rank D, you can still take E rank requests, but once you become C rank you’re no longer allowed to take the E rank requests. There’s also another fundamental rule for taking requests higher than your rank. For every party of 3 taking on a request in their own grade, they’re allowed to take 1 person of 1 rank lower. So 3 A rank people in can take 1 B rank along in their A rank request. Incidentally, there has only ever been 8 adventurers to have made it into the SSS ranking. The most surprising part is that out of the 8, 2 were in the same era. One person went by the name Lumin, and the other person went by the name Lester. However since they were both heroes, it is obvious they would have the strength to make it into SSS rank.

“The sun may be setting; however there are still at least another few hours before there’s no more sunlight.”

While saying so, instructor Reinsfield picked up the wooden sword I dropped when I fell on my back, and tossed it over to me as I sat up.

“Practice your swings until its dark, you’re allowed a 1 minute interval of rest after every 1000 swings. I’ll be watching so don’t even think about slacking off!”

“Yes sir…”

This man is evil! Pure evil! Thinking to myself I immediately took a neutral stance and started my practice swings.

“Stand straight! You have bad posture!”

“ah, y-yes”

Timidly answering back, I straightened my back and began swinging once again. After a while, the instructor was nowhere to be seen. Although he was gone from the training area, his words still resounded in my mind, so I didn’t slack off and continued swinging the wooden sword.

After every 1 thousand swings, instructor Reinsfield would magically appeared from behind me and watch me rest for exactly 1 minute. After the given time of rest is over, he would disappear again after I resume practice swinging. This guy is seriously gives me a bad feeling.

After a long time the sun had finally set, and I was allowed to go back to the inn and sleep. Dragging myself back to Summer’s Inn, I paid for an extra 2 days on top of the 5 I payed for earlier this morning. Oh I haven’t mentioned it yet. In this world, weeks are classified into 7 days just like planet earth, months have 36 days, and one year encompasses 10 months.

As I walked into my room, I layed down and immediately fell asleep from exhaustion.

Several hours later.


Looking up I saw instructor Reinsfield looking down on me.

“Hababa, what?”

Still in a daze I uttered some nonsensical words.


Immediately I was dragged off my bed, and back into the training grounds.

Staring up at the sky, the sun had yet to rise. How early is it? Shaking off my sleepiness, Instructor Reinsfield had me start off with 1000 practice swings.

“Alright are you awake now?”

“Ah, yes… very much so now…”

“Alright let’s start off todays training. Put on these weights, we’ll be doing the same thing as yesterday.”

“W-what?!! No, I wouldn’t be able to get through half the day with that much extra weight!”

Looking at the vest, the number 50 was written on it. Simply looking at it, you could assume it was an extra 50 kilos of weight.

Looking back up to Instructor Reinsfield, I sensed a huge amount of bloodlust coming off him. I Needless to say, I braced my still aching muscles and quickly threw on the weighted vest. We then immediately began the training session.

“Alright, make sure you get some good rest tonight, tomorrow will be even harder! HAHAHAHA!”


As the second day ended, I crawled back to my room and instantly fell asleep before I could climb onto my bed.

The following day, the amount of weight was increased to 75. By the 4th day the weight was doubled. This trend continued for the entire week. However on the 6th day, my body adapted from the previous days as I became stronger. And on the 7th day, I no longer felt tired. On the 8th day, I graduated from the rigorous training program.

“Boy, you’ve grown splendidly this past week.”

“Ah, that is all thanks to your training.”

“Go out there and make me proud! And don’t ever neglect your training.”

“Yes, I’ll take that advice to heart”

My arms and legs were no longer scrawny. I had actually built enough muscle to look like a decent adventurer. On this occasion, thinking back to the first day of training, I was actually glad I had attended this training course.

“Although it’s only been a week, I feel that we’ve built a solid long lasting bond. It isn’t much, but this is both a graduation, and a farewell gift.”

As Instructor Reinsfield finished talking, he presented me with an item bag.

“This item bag was one I used during my adventuring days. It’s made from a dragons hide and imbued with space magic. It can hold many things. I’ve also left something for you inside the bag as well. Please use it well.”

“Thank you, I’ll cherish it.”

With a bow, I said my farewells and began walking into the Adventurer’s Guild in order to take on my first request.

Before that, I’ll have to see what his other present is. But…

“What the heck is this?!!”

Peering into the bag, I pulled out a bunch of leather straps. The straps when put on, seem to restrict movement and helps promote the growth of body strength.

Don’t tell me… the instructor is actually a masochist?!!

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