Tricked Into Another World! Volume One

By arandomwriter All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 22 The D stands for…… Demon?!!!

“Allow me to cut open a path for you”

Before I could talk to the archer woman who appeared, she had leap forward after quickly mumbling a few words to herself.

With a fierce and straight forward fighting style, she quickly made mincemeat out of everything that spawned.

Not only was she good at using projectile weapons, she excelled in close combat as well.

As I watched her continue running forward, I thought to myself. Maybe I’ll ask her to teach me some close combat as well the next time we meet.

“Let us go, before they re-spawn”

Slightly nodding, we begin moving forward. Along the way, I pick up a finger-less gauntlet nearby. There were various other pieces of armor scattered around dropped from the skeleton knights, but most of them looked too damaged to use, or didn’t fit my left hand.

We ran into a few small monsters along the way, but rather than doing all the work, the Trinity Sage opted to watch us fight. Was he analyzing our strength?

I used Project Iris Online as a reference in the fight against the Goblins, and Orcs. It seems to work well, however I’m not sure how far gaming knowledge would get me.

“Som…someone… anyone help!”

As we continued moving, we encountered a large troll blocking our path attacking a helpless woman.



By the time we saw the troll, it was already too late. The troll had made a mess out of her. Her body was splattered all over the streets. Blood, guts, and body parts scattered around the area. All that was left was a red splatter where she screamed.

The realization that I would really die hit me again. From the pit of my stomach, I felt an urge to vomit. It was my first time witnessing a person die in such a horrifying manner. However, right now that was the least of my worries. My body trembled in fear as I watched the towering monster walk towards us.



[Lv. 79]

[HP: ???/???]
[MP: ???/???]

[Classified as a large demi-human monster, has a high regenerative ability.]

Using [Analyze], a different kind of information window appeared in front of me. It was a more organized window, however everything but its level and information displayed as unknown.

“Tetsu! It’s coming!”

Hearing Misha’s voice beside me, I calmed myself.

That’s right. As long as these two are here, I don’t think I’ll die just yet. I’ll survive through this as well.

With resolve burning inside, I took out my Mithril Dagger and charged at it.


The Troll screamed at me. It was probably trying to intimidate me, however there’s nothing to be afraid of. Thinking back, I’ve already fought a menacing monster probably on par with this troll.

Rushing directly under it, it prepared its wooden club and swung horizontally at me. Ducking, I heard the sound of the club whiz past me. Although I had confronted this troll, my body was still slightly shaking. The thought of dyeing from getting smashed into pieces was something that I couldn’t quite stop thinking about. In short, this thing is pretty damn scary regardless if I’m prepared or not!

The troll immediately lifted his wooden club overhead, and swung down. I jumped back as the club shattered the ground below us.


An exploding flame instantly engulfed the body of the troll. However, as the flames dispersed, the troll didn’t seem like it had taken any damage at all. Unfazed by Misha’s spell, it simply walked forward and took another swing at me.

I jumped back again. The wooden club would be troublesome to keep dodging. One hit would definitely kill me. If I can’t disarm its weapon easily like the orcs and goblins, then it’s better to just destroy it.

It swung its club with both arms, so neutralizing one of them to reduce its swinging speed by half would be my first step.

I stood in front of it, waiting for it to attack. My aim was to make a cut along one of his forearms, severing its major nerve, disabling it. Glancing back at Misha, it seemed she was almost ready to cast another spell. Silently nodding to her, I kick off again confronting the Troll.

Instead of attacking me right away, it stomped on the ground with monstrous strength, causing the ground to shake. Taking out a two throwing knives, I immediately threw them at the troll to stop the small escalating tremors.

The daggers whistled through the air, but it was swatted away using its club. With the ground now stable, I cleared the small distance between us while throwing two more daggers. Blocking them with its arm, the daggers seemed to bounce off its skin. However, my objective had been accomplished. I was within striking distance of its arm.

Issuing out another roar, the troll swung its arms at me in rage. The wooden club flew past me as I felt the pressure of the wind it created go by, dodging just by a hairs breadth. As the arm stopped in mid-air, I quickly took out another throwing knife, and threw it at the troll’s eye. Unable to react in time, the knife pierced its eye making a popping sound. At the same time the knife struck its right eye, I jumped up and made a deep cut along its left forearm, and carved in multiple slash marks on the wooden club.

As if she understood what my intention was, Misha cast [Explosion] on the weapon as well. Pulling out the knife from its eye, it frantically swung its weapon around wildly. Jumping back a few steps, I retrieved the two throwing knives that bounced off its skin.

Looking at me with anger, the troll’s eyes were starting to turn red. The eye that had been pierced was quickly recovering, but the arm that I cut would still take a little longer to heal. Throwing another knife at the troll, I rush back in. After blocking the thrown knife with its unusable left arm, it quickly followed up by swinging its damaged wooden club.

However, its swinging speed had noticeable decreased. I could make out the slash marks I made on the burnt weapon.

“[Heavy Blow]!”

Using my fist equipped with the gauntlet I found earlier, I smashed its wooden club into pieces. The troll stumbled backwards in surprise.


I quickly ran towards the troll’s leg, and delivered a deep cut on its calf muscle.

Unable to get up, the troll had been immobilized.

“Incinerate all that lies before me! [Flame Blast]!”

Sensing that Misha was finished casting another spell, I quickly moved out of the way. The moment I moved away, a huge ball of blue fire engulfed the troll.


The troll roared out in rage as its eyes turned red.

This situation looks kind of bad…… Misha’s [Flame Blast] had done a lot of damage, but it wasn’t dead yet. It looked like the cuts I made were recovering even faster. I watched as the fresh wounds I made quickly close up.

“Burn, [Magma Burst]!”

Something that seemed like burning lava erupted from beneath the monster. In an instant, the monster was turned into ashes.

“Let us continue onward”

The Trinity Sage beckoned us onward.

Hey…… to simply one-shot that troll, aren’t you too overpowered?!! Our hard work has gone to waste you know! Although it’s not as if we would have defeated it anyways I suppose…

Ignoring my dejected expression, both Misha and the Trinity Sage continued walking away.

As we walked by the spot where the blood stained floor once had a woman cowering in fear, I prayed that her soul would rest in peace.

The closer we approached towards the pillar of light in the distance, even the smaller monsters became harder to fight. However, as the other pillars of light in the background dispersed, the monsters in turn became much weaker. Because of that, we were able to steadily continue moving forward.

A bit farther ahead, we encountered two skeleton knights. One held a rapier, and the other with a two-handed sword.

Both knights were fully armored. However, while the skeleton equipped with a rapier didn’t have a shield, the one wielding a two-handed sword had a small shield attached to its arm guard. It was something I’d only seen in Project Iris Online. Two-handed sword users would learn a skill called ‘Monkey’s Grip’. The skill enabled them to use any two-handed weapon with only one hand. It was a popular skill among Paladins, as they were able to have the destructive power of two-handed weapons, and wear a shield at the same time. On Berserker classes, they had often dual wielded heavy axes, two-handed spears and swords.


On the two unsuspecting skeleton knights, Misha started off with a surprise attack that blew off the skeleton’s knight’s entire shield arm.

Responding to her spell, I immediately dashed ahead, confronting the knights.

“haa… haa… Please… hold them off for a moment!”

Misha was sweating heavily. Up until now, she had been constantly casting magic. It was reasonable that she would be tired.

When I looked back, the Trinity Sage had been engaged in an almost casual conversation with Misha.

Hey… can’t you help me out a little?! I won’t be able to hold them both off for a long time! Cut me a little slack here!


A skeleton knight was clashing blades with me in close range, as the other jumped behind me.

“Turn to ashes, [Flare Burst]”

Towards the skeleton that had circled behind me, bright blue flames converged and exploded right before it was able to attack me from behind.

All that was left in front of me was the skeleton knight with a rapier.


Parrying its sword, it made a high pitched sound as it scraped against my Mithril Dagger.

“Damn, this thing is tough!”

If the battle continues, I’ll run out of energy before I can beat it!

Taking a glance behind me, I saw that Misha had been watching frantically, and the Trinity Sage person simply watched with a dumbfounded face.

Heeyyyy! If you’ve got some time to watch, can’t you help me out?!!


Pushing away the knight, I cursed under my breath.

“Tetsu, would you like to learn how to use magic?”

“… Could… could you possibly teach me at a better time…? huff…”

Panting for air, I quickly answered the Sage asking a ridiculous question.

Fighting and learning magic is too hard to do at the same time you know! There’s a time and place for joking around!

“There is no better time than now, lest you prefer to be sliced into pieces by that Skeleton Knight!”

With a smile on his face, he spoke loudly with excitement.


As our blades locked again, this time the knight overpowered me and sent me flying a few meters back.

This damn person! Does he actually intent to lecture me about that stuff right now?!!

“then… haa… tell me”

“Vividly imagine it! The magic you want to use, and let it naturally take shape inside your mind. You must take hold of the elements that surround you, as you materialize it!”

With an odd explanation, he quieted down and began watching again.

What’s with that explanation! Isn’t there a more conventional way of using magic?!! And that explanation seems too short!

Calming myself, I took in a few deep breaths as the skeleton knight charged at me.

Imagining a spear of light manifest in my hands, a strange feeling took hold of me. However, no matter how hard I tried to imagine it…


It’s impossible to do it while this thing is attacking me isn’t it!?!

Slightly mistiming my parry, the sword nicked the side of my cheek, leaving a light cut.

I have no interest in becoming some kind of wandering swordsmen with a scar on my face you know! Can’t you swing at a different spot other than my face?!!

That’s right!

A thought came to mind right as I backed away from the aggressive knight.


[Tetsu Tagami]

[Lv 28]
[Race : Human]
[HP : 407/530] (+200 HP)
[MP : 188/250]
[STR : 51]
[AGI : 67] (+10 Agi)
[MA : 49]
[LUK : ???]
[Available Skill Points : 23]

[Sword Mastery : 4/10]
[Dagger Mastery : 10/10] (Additional Agi +10)
[Muscle Mastery : 10/10] (Additional HP +200)
[Dual Wielding : 1/10]
[Aiming : 6/10]
[Weapon Throwing Mastery : 9/10]
[(New!)Magic Control : 1/10]
[(New!) Magic Perception : 1/10]
[Light Magic Mastery : 1/10]

[Heavy Blow : 5/10]
[Magic Edge : 7/10]
[Analyze : 4/10]

[Living Zombie]
[Otherworldly Traveler]
[Slime Slayer]
[Hard Worker]

It was just as I thought! I gained two new skills. But besides that, when the hell did I gain so many levels?!!

We’ve killed a lot of monsters so far, but not enough for me to jump so many levels this quickly! Could it be that shared experience gain exists in this world?

I quickly allotted four skill points into [Light Magic Mastery], [Magic Perception], and [Magic Control] using a total of twelve of the twenty-three points I had available.

I closed my status screen, just as the skeleton knight approached.

Parrying its initial attack, I began to concentrate again, imagining Spears of light in the palm of my hands.


I knocked the sword away from me, hitting the side of the sword as it swung down.

With less concentration than the first time, my left hand began to glow with white light. I could feel something warm in my palms.

Paying attention to my surroundings, I noticed we were near the first exploded skeleton. Stuck in the ground nearby was the two-handed sword. The situation was perfect. It was now or never.

Clashing directly with the skeleton knight, I baited out an overhead strike. Just as it began to swing down, I circled around it and lifted my left hand just as its sword struck the ground.

“Eat this! [Javelins of Light]!”

Two familiar magic circles instantaneously appeared, and two distinct shining javelins of light pierced through the skeleton knight, binding it to the ground.


The skeleton knight began making a chattering sound from its mouth.

However, it was already too late. Quickly putting the Mithril dagger into my bag, I grabbed hold of the two handed sword. The light in my left hand that had yet to fade, enveloped the sword as I lifted it from the floor.


Grunting as I swung the sword with my hips, it cut through its armor like butter, cleanly severing it in half.


A ringing sound of leveling up resounded inside my mind, as if to say that the battle had ended.

“haa… huff… haa”

It was surprising that I was able to use [Javelins of Light]. It was an intermediate spell from Project Iris Online. Its use was mainly for demons, and undead monsters. For fifteen seconds, they would be immobilized, continuously take light damage every second it was active, and it would enchant your weapon with holy attribute magic for thirty seconds.

According to what the Sage had said, all I needed to do was imagine what I wanted to use. If that was the basic criteria for using magic, maybe I could potentially use any magic skill from the game.

Although, I wonder… would that also apply to weapon techniques as well?

“Good work, just a little further and we’ll have arrived at our destination”

With a bright smile, the sage stroked his chin and walked past me.


As I was catching my breath, a loud explosion rung out in the distance. In the next moment, the sky was dyed deep blue by a vortex of energy that gathered in the sky. In just seconds after, particles of blue light began scattering in all directions. It was a calming sight to watch, and the tiredness that I felt in my fight against that skeleton knight immediately vanished as if I had never been tired in the first place.

I quickly picked up and stored the skeleton knight’s gauntlet, and sword. The rapier was relatively light, but slightly too thin to block incoming sword attacks without damaging the weapon. It was made for thrusting attacks, and quick slashes.

I’m not particularly fond of these kinds of swords, but I could probably sell it for a decent amount. Its condition was still in good shape after all.

After running at full speed for a few minutes, we finally arrived at our destination. Standing before was a single demon who had emerged from the pillar of light.

“Tetsu, Misha, I will not assist you in this battle. Show me your capabilities by defeating this demon!”

Hey, you’re kidding right?!! Weren’t you doing that in all the other battles already?!!

Just looking at this creature, I could see a strange aura being released from it. Was it because of [Magic Perception]? Using [Analyze], I tried to see if any kind of information about it would display.


<Mid-Demon ?>

[Lv. ???]

[HP: ???/???]
[MP: ???/???]


What’s with that name! What are you, some kind of mid game boss?!! Will a stronger monster come out if you’re defeated?! Or are you some kind of cameo character from a game?!! At least give me a proper name!

In any case, this thing looks dangerous!


Misha seemed enthusiastic about it.

“I…. I’ll do my best…”

Taking out my Mithril dagger, I stared into the black pupils of this creature that had a gargoyles head atop a human-like body with horns growing from his head, and bat-like wings sprouting from its back.


With a loud screech, the demon took off flying towards us.

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