Tricked Into Another World! Volume One

By arandomwriter All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 21 A Goddess Descends

For as long as I can remember, I have lived for battle. How fun it is to cross blades against masters of martial arts, only few can fathom.


However, those days have long since passed. The once long forgotten past of testing my strength against those whom I would consider as kin, no longer exist.

Long winded are my days of these endless battles against the vile creatures known as demons. They who seek only to instill fear, ruin, corruption, and damnation are my enemy.


My blade cries out neither for blood nor vengeance, but for challenge! These selfless creatures whom possess no free will of their own, they are merely garbage that has piled up.

“Come! I shall end all of you damned creatures!”

The monsters swarmed around me. However, such monsters are no match for my strength even while I roam this world inside of this artificial vessel.

“Perish in the wake of my power thy foolish creatures. [Wind Walk]!”


As I began running, wind wrapped itself around my body, increasing my speed. The light feeling of weightlessness quickly enveloped my body.

The Skeleton Knights that I passed by were instantly torn to pieces, as they came in contact me.

With each swing of my blade, the bags of flesh that opposed me were cut in half.

In a matter of seconds, I demolished every single enemy before me.

My blood soaked blade mourns over wasting such effort against that which contains no soul.

The Orcs, Trolls, Goblins, Giant Bats, and Skeleton Knight were diced into pieces.

“May your tormented souls find peace in thy afterlife”

Sheathing my sword after wiping off the blood that dirtied it, I hastily walked away from the now empty streets.

In the end, I need not worry about such low level cretins. They are unable to harm me in any way.

That infernal magic formation floating in the sky is responsible for the beasts that now roam this city. It would seem that the eight pillars of light surrounding this city in the far distance are supplying it with energy.

It would be good to get rid of them as soon as possible. However, those pillars of light do not concern me in the slightest at the moment. Though it is bad that these forsaken monsters hunt down the humans that live in this city, watching over that person takes priority over anything else. It is quite shameful that I cannot do more while presiding inside this container.

After quickly moving around, I came across whom I had been searching for.

He was a young man with short black hair. Compared to when I first saw him with Fortuna, his figure had drastically changed. His skin complexion had gained a healthy color. He grew muscles, and hiding under his once ghoulish face, was a man with many handsome features. Perhaps this is what she saw in him when she first summoned him. As they say, you can never judge a book by its cover.

“Now then, let’s get going. The nearest one is this way”

The man with considerable mana spoke to Tetsu, and the young girl. Were they heading towards one of the pillars?
Not a moment after he had finished speaking, a horde of monsters appeared.

If they were going to leave this area, it would take them quite a while with all of these monsters, would it not? Besides that, I had been anxious to see how Fortuna’s warrior fought. Although he seemed weak, the density of his Mana has been steadily growing since he’s arrived in this world.

When I first saw him, I had wondered if the stories surrounding that individual were false. I cannot see him being able to single-handedly take out hundreds upon hundreds of high level demons. With his current strength, that is completely impossible.

However, it was still a fact that she had used up the rest of her energy to transfer him. Perhaps her power was only able to summon his physical form, while she was unable to materialize his strength.

Striding up to the young man, I quickly glance at him as I walk by.

“This is quite the view, is it not? Allow me to cut open a path for you…”

Truly, if they wanted to go through these monsters it would take them too long.

I unsheathed my sword once again, preparing for battle against these annoying monsters.

Injecting magic power into my sword, it began to faintly glow blue. It’s quite a shame, were I able to exert my full power, my sword would give off a much brighter, dazzling blue aura.

Holding my sword in front of my face, I shut my eyes and quietly chant a few magic spells, boosting my combat abilities.

“[Blessing], [Wind Walk]”

The enemy this time is almost thrice as many as the first I had encountered not too long ago. I will quickly clear this area.

I kick off at an incredible speed! The wind gracefully pushes me forward, as I seemingly glide through the air. Each swing of my sword easily cuts through these monsters as if I’m swinging at thin air.

In a matter of seconds I finish cleaning the area, and take off towards a pillar in the far distance.

I can feel powerful presences each heading for a different pillar. With lightning speed, I depart for a pillar containing a powerfully evil presence.

Along the way I encountered numerous monsters, each one stronger than the last. It seems that the closer I come into contact with one of the pillars, the stronger the creatures become.


“Can’t you heal him faster?!! At this rate, he’ll die!”

“I-I’m sorry! It’s not working!”

As I approach closely, I see a group of people injured and heavily breathing. A priest, two magicians, and two warriors make up this party. It seems that one of the warriors is heavily injured as the priest continually tries to heal his wounds. Next to them is a magician doing his best to keep his barrier up.

It’s quite unfortunate, but it seems he won’t live to see tomorrow. That kind of wound will not heal no matter what you do. The dying warrior is inflicted with a curse that even high ranking priests cannot remove.

“Damn! What is this thing!”

“Humans, the density of your mana is quite high. You shall make the perfect offering for my lord”

Up ahead, the remaining warrior and magician were holding off the demonic entity with great difficulty.

A demon with a human like form seemed to be playing around with the party in front of me. Blue spiky hair, short pointed ears, demon wings, and multiple magic tattoos lined his body. This demon wore an open shirt accompanied with torn trousers. Just as his nature implied, his taste in fashion was also disgusting.

“An Arch Demon, you seem to be quite the monster”

Speaking out loud, the party quickly turns their heads towards me, noticing my presence.

“Are you our back up?”

“It’s not just a Greater Demon, but an Arch Demon?!!”

“Please help us!”

“Who are you?!”

The party greeted me with mixed reactions. However, that matters not to me.

“To be able to hide your presence right in front of me, you are definitely someone strong”

The Arch Demon was able to keep his calm. He may be stronger than he seems.

Arch Demons have power that can rival Demon Lords. They are much stronger than a Greater Demon, yet weaker than a Demon Lord. I cannot fathom what such a high level demon is doing here.

“A human? No, I feel something more. Nevertheless if you want to live, then leave immediately. I’ll spare you’re life if you leave now”

Was this demon is slightly shaken by my unknown strength? Or was he perhaps taking me lightly.

“Foolish, those words mean nothing to me demon”

With my words, the Arch Demon unleashed a wave of energy, pushing back both the swordsman, and magician who were in front of me.

“Then become a sacrifice to my Ruler of Darkness!”

Three orbs of darkness formed behind him as he finished talking.

The energy the three orbs were emitting felt dangerous. Perhaps it would be favorable to destroy them first.

“Entangled thoughts concealed within darkness, rise up and pierce! [Shadow Spike]!”

From within the shadows of pebbles and rocks surrounding me, several black colored spikes sprung up towards me.

“Child's play”

However, such a low level spell will not be able hit me.

Slashing my sword once, diagonally in front of me, the incoming spikes were cut apart and shattered into black mana particles.

Taking just a few steps forward I easily avoid the spikes behind me, as well as the ones on my left and right sides.

“Is that all? Then here I co—”

“[Eruption]! [Wave of Darkness]!”

Immediately cutting off my speech, he threw out two spells simultaneously.

Around, and directly underneath me, a stream of fire gushed out completely sealing my movement. And in front of me, a pitch black energy wave shot flew towards me.


Unable to dodge the stream of fire that came from underneath, I clenched my teeth and focused on minimizing damage by putting up a basic Magic Barrier. I quickly equipped my shield for the incoming energy wave as well. Putting the shield in front of me, I knelt down compressing my center of gravity, awaiting the incoming impact.

The energy wave slammed into my shield, completely destroying it, while leaving a horrendous black scar on my slender arm.

My left arm had become unusable, and my lovely armor had become burnt. Though there was no blood, it seems his attacks contained powerful curses in addition to being high ranked magic attacks. The darkness slowly encroached up my arm. Although I pride myself in battles, I too easily let down my guard. How careless of me.

“Chase away the binding darkness, [Purify]”

I quickly chanted [Purify] in hopes that the debilitating curse would vanish. However, it only slowed the darkness that continued to spread, into crawl.

“Hue hue hue, that curse of mine will continue to erode away your body. Your death is already inevitable”

The demon talked haughtily as he stared at me with a large gaping smile spread across his face.

“So be it, one arm is more than enough for the likes of thou!”

The pain in my arm continued to grow as I forced myself up on both of my feet.

“You think you can win against me like that? It seems that the foolish one isn’t me, but you”

The demon had spoken the truth. Had I not limited my power to only a fraction inside this artificial vessel, an Arch Demon would be nothing in the face of my strength. If only I hadn’t limit mysel—… No, such thoughts are merely an excuse. I could have won long ago in my current state if I hadn’t underestimated him.



I turned my head slightly and saw the priest that had cast healing magic not too far behind me.

“Thank you, such kindness will suffice”

I smiled, returning back to her some kindness while regaining my composure.

My left arm had been rendered completely useless. Since that was the case, it would be in my best interest to end this battle quickly.

“Demon, be on your guard, not that it would matter”

My voice was coarse. It had been mixed with bitterness.

I wasn’t particularly angry at this demon, but at myself for becoming complacent with the weak monsters that spawned.

If I were to battle against this high level demon with only one arm, no doubt I would lose in my current state.

As I slowly considered my options, the three orbs behind the demon transformed into rings that started to rotate around him.

The rings quickly expanded and retracted multiple times. This is…

“Humans, do you have any last words?”

As the demon talked, a dense amount of energy was being compressed as the rings continued rotating.

I had encountered this type of magic before.

“This power…”

“W-w-w-we’ll defeat you… for sure!”

Rushing out in front of me, the warrior and wizard who were thrown back earlier quivered in fear at the overwhelming presence in front of us.

“We… we’ll make it through this! Everyone push forward!”


“I won’t die here!”

Behind me, the warrior afflicted with cursed wounds stood being supported by their priest, along with the wizard who refused to give up hope.

How unbecoming of me, humans weaker than I, came to my aid. These adventurers would surely continue to grow stronger.

“Corrode and swallow everything in blight! [Dark Exceed]!”

The revolving rings all dissipated, and in its place, an ominous Sphere of dark purple mana appeared.

It was just as I had thought. It was one of the most powerful attacks that only high ranking demons of the demon race could learn, with the ultimate spell [Dark Void] being only a rank higher. In all rights, it was a terrifying power.

The sphere was quickly thrown at us.

“[Icicle Wall]!”


“[Gaia’s Embrace]!”

The two magicians and priest shouted out perhaps their most powerful defensive spells.

A wall of ice spread out in front of us, as a bright visible barrier surrounded us, and right in front of us, two human like hands formed from the earth, blocking the path in front of us. The hands were connected to the figure of a woman who rose up from behind us.

Upon closer inspection, the woman who cradled us looked very much like Freya.

“ “[Steel Wall]!” ”

The two warriors quickly huddled in close and put up their shields. They had probably planned to absorb as much of the blow as possible as meat shields. Commendable. Their noble actions are indeed praiseworthy.

The dark sphere quickly drew in close without losing any momentum, as it demolished the Ice wall in front of us.

Flying past the walls of ice, it struck the earthen Freya who quickly disintegrated with a smile wrapped on her face, as the sphere itself exploded on the barrier, swallowing us in the aftermath.

“Hue hue hue, foolishness, the lot of you!”

The Demon snickered to himself as the explosion engulfed everything that surrounded us.

However, as the dust cleared, we emerged unhurt. It seems Freya had blessed them with a small amount of her divine energy.

“We… we survived?!!”

The curse inflicted warrior who seemed to be the leader exclaimed out loudly with wide round eyes in disbelief as the others stood shaking in fear, unable to speak.

“To think you were able to stop my strongest attack is simply astounding! But will you be able survive another?”

The demon began chanting his powerful spell again.

As I watched the expression of the warriors beside me, they again showed despair, but inside of them an unwavering will lit up.

“I admire thy courage and resolve shown today brave warriors. Rejoice, thou shall all see the light of tomorrow”

As I spoke to the group, they all looked at me with eyes filled, full of hope.

I invoked a portion of my energy and mana I hadn’t yet used surrounded me, dyeing my tattered beloved armor and my surroundings in deep blue.

“It feels so refreshing…”

“My wounds, they’re healing!”

“I can feel my depleted mana returning to me”

“This feeling is very calming”

“This holy power, it’s almost as if…”

The group spoke among themselves, as my heavenly energy purified everything around us.

“Whatever it is you’re planning, it’s already too late! [Dark Exceed]!”

“Precious Golden Shield, stand firm and solid! [Aegis]!”

Four shields adorned with golden ornaments materialized around the six of us just as the demons second [Dark Exceed] reached where we stood.

However, this time there was no explosion. Simply an impact that made no sound, and then it quickly dissolved into particles of light.

“ What?!! My attack had no effect?!!”

With a dreaded look, the demon looked on with a trace of fear hidden inside his eyes.

“[Blessing], [Wind Walk], [Enchant Holy], [Wings of Avarice]…”

Wings of light emerged from my back while I finished stacking my magic enhancements. The pure and gentle light quickly enveloped my body as the curse on my left arm vanished from my divinity.

In an instant, I flew towards the demon and arrived at his back.

“Human, are you… a warrior sent by god?”

The demon’s expression turned rigid as he glanced at my sword enveloped in a deep blue divine aura.

“I have no obligation to answer your question, wretched demon. Thou may simply perish. [Cross Cut]”

My voice contained no emotion as I prepared my attack. In response, he quickly put up a magic barrier, however it’s too weak. It cannot defend against my blade.

My sword infused with divine energy cut through his flimsy barrier and a single diagonal slash sliced through this body. I immediately followed up with a second diagonal slash, flawlessly cutting him into four.

My divine energy instantly purified the demon’s remains, turning him into ash as it dissolved into the wind.

After the battle, I released my magic which summoned my shields. My four shields began spinning around me as they rose higher and higher. After floating into the sky, my shields burst into particles of divine energy, purifying everything they touched.

“Those shields… and that divine power. Are you a holy knight of the highest faith sent by the church?”

The others hastily ran towards me right when the battle ended, and the one to speak was the priest who looked at me in admiration.

“Nay, I am merely an individual who decided to fight for this city. Continue to grow brave warriors, you too will certainly become strong”

The group simply stared at me in wonder, as I made my exit under the divine light which spread across the city skies.

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