Tricked Into Another World! Volume One

By arandomwriter All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 19 Breakthrough! Monsters in the Capital

“Tetsu, do you wish to take Misha as your lovely bride?”

In a white wedding dress, Misha stood in front of me holding a bouquet of flowers. I can’t remember the last time we stared at each other so intently. Looking into her heartwarming eyes, I gently held onto her shoulder with one hand, and her waist with my other.

“I do”

I smiled as we both deeply gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Misha, do you wish to take Tetsu as your… well husband I suppose…?”


Misha took a small step forward with her face flushed red.

“Then I pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride, you lucky bastard”

I leaned in and kissed Misha passionately as she tossed her bouquet of flowers into the audience.

However, as we continued kissing, from the corner of my eyes Misha took out a knife and stabbed me right in the stomach!

“You finally noticed me~ hehehe! AHH HAHAHAHA!”

Right as the knife plunged into my stomach, Misha’s face and figure turned into the same appearance as the man I met at the broken down Guild Hall.


I woke up screaming from possibly the worst nightmare I’ve ever had.

Quickly looking around, I found myself in the middle of the city streets far from the Guild Hall. Misha was right next to me.

What the hell kind of dream was that?! Absolutely terrible! I became a lolicon and married Misha?!! The creepiest part was the transformation, although the stabbing part was pretty awful as well! It’s not so bad after having experienced it for real already… probably…

“Are you alright?!”

Misha who was beside me, had her arms wrapped around my body.

“Ah…? Where are we? And sorry, just a bad dream…”

When I looked around, it seemed as if we were in a different place entirely! Behind Misha, it was a completely barren wasteland. It was like the city had been hit by a nuclear bomb.

“Before that, are you ok? Does your body hurt at all?”

Misha continually asked in a worried voice.

Besides a tingling sensation that lingered on my lips, I wasn’t in pain, and moreover, I felt great! But there was something else on my mind.

That is… why am I forcefully being hugged so tightly by Misha?!!

“Misha… if you don’t mind, you can stop hugging me so tightly… and while you’re at it, what happened to the city?”

“Moments ago, the city was hit by a catastrophical attack. It’s good that you are both safe”

Appearing in front of us and answering my question, was the guy in an expensive looking robe that we had seen from the spirit seers shop. Along with him was a beaten up instructor Reinsfield. He had light cuts and bruises all over his body, and a deep gash on his chest area. The fight must have been intense judging from his battle wounds.

“Looks like you survived. A job well done, here, this belongs to you”

Instructor Reinsfield tossed my Mithril dagger towards me with a smirk on his face.

“So, what are you doing with the spirit seer, instructor Reinsfield?”

“Hey… this guy isn’t just some random jackass in town, he holds the position of the strongest magician on this side of the world”

In a shocked expression, Instructor Reinsfield looked at me and answered in disbelief.

“Do you run that shop as a hobby?”

Misha blurted out a question as she loosened herself from me.

“I see where the confusion comes from; however, I suppose I do partly take the blame for not properly introducing myself when we first met inside my acquaintance’s shop when we first met by chance. My name is Kain Wright, and currently the most well-known title I hold is the ‘Trinity Sage’ among other titles”

While stroking his chin, the man named Kain introduced himself with a slightly long winded introduction.

“Hey, did you use ‘that’ on him, Kain?”

Instructor Reinsfield who caught onto the conversation, was slightly bewildered when he was met with the explanation.

“Yes, I’ve seen everything”

Kain nodded in unison with the words he spoke.

Before I could ask what “that” was, I felt the air around us become stagnant. Eight pillars of intense yellow light rose up from a distance, and instantly the skies above us were overtaken by a large magic formation. The gigantic magic circle gave off a feint blue light, and continued to shine brighter as it finished taking shape.

No matter how I looked at it, it gave off an eerie feeling.

Just moments after its completion, we had become aware of an alarming crisis unfolding.

In the skies, giant bats began to appear. It wasn’t limited only to bats, various other flying creatures began swooping down, and attacking the civilians standing at a distance. Some were carried into the vast open sky while screaming by birdlike creatures, some people were pounced on or eaten alive by the giant bats, and others were torn to shreds by some kind of creature I couldn’t quite describe with words.

On the ground, goblins and orcs appeared. We ourselves had been encircled by a small group of goblins. In the far distance, the orcs, other goblins, trolls, ogres, and various other monsters that were familiar to me seemingly ‘spawned’ as if it were a game.

For the first time in a while, I used [Analyze], and my vison became filled with unknown information of the monsters I could see.

Orc lvl ???

Goblin lvl 12

Troll lvl ???

Ogre lvl ???

Giant Bat lvl ???

Skeleton Knight lvl ???

I had only able to see the levels of the goblins around me. They were all at random level ranges, but had an average level of 12. The other monsters showed as only question marks.

A thought suddenly hit me after I finished viewing the monster’s information windows.

If I could check out monsters, items, and titles with [Analyze], then why not people? After all, this world has entirely different laws than my own.

I realized that while my physical body had adjusted to this world, my own mindset hadn’t. In the truest sense, this world was game-like. If a full dive VRMMO was ever made, it would probably be similar to what this world is like. Every time I meet someone new, this world’s logic becomes further and further away from the laws I followed back in my world.

So does that mean I should treat this world in a more game-like manner?

The answer of course is no. After all, I won’t revive if I die.

While thinking about these things, for the first time since I’ve come here, I finally used analyze on the people around me.

[Roger Reinsfield]

[Lv 129]
[Race: Human]
[HP: 661/3500]
[MP: 5/760]
[STR : 232]
[AGI : 364]
[MA : 120]
[LUK : 41]

[Dual Wielding : 8/10]
[3-D Movement : 9/10]
[Soundless Steps : 5/5]
[Advanced Weapon Throwing Mastery : 5/5]
[Sniping : 5/5]
[Advanced Dagger Mastery : 5/5]
[Advanced Gauntlet Mastery : 5/5]
[Muscle Mastery : 10/10]
[Increased HP Recovery : 5/5]
[Chakra Control : 10/10]
[Stamina Boost : 5/5]
[Mind Guard : 10/10]
[Poison Guard : 9/10]
[Advanced Dark Magic Mastery : 10/10]
[Magic Control : 5/10]

[Counter : 6/10]
[Energy blast : 6/10]
[Flame Strike : 3/10]
[Disarm : 10/10]
[Back-stab : 10/10]
[Heavy Strike : 4/5]
[Twin Edge : 3/5]
[Whirlwind Blade : 2/5]
[Disembowel : 5/5]
[Enchant Shadow : 10/10]
[Shadow Guard : 10/10]
[Shadow Spike : 10/10]
[Shadow Merge 5/5]
[Shadow Stitch : 5/5]
[Shadow Assault 5/5]
[Vanishing Wave : 5/5]
[Stealth : 5/5]
[Soul Collect : 10/10]
[Soul Strike : 10/10]
[Soul Release : 5/5]
[Iron Will : 1/1]
[Limit Release : 1/1]

[Silent Killer]
[Nameless Assassin]
[Shadow Weaver]
[Night Stalker]
[Twilight Death]
[Martial Artist]
[Expert of the Fist]
[Magic Fighter]
[Combat Maniac]
[Dragon Slayer]
[Killer of Unique Monsters]
[Training Instructor]
[Loyal Guardian]
[Retired Adventurer]

[Misha (Lebard)]

[Lv 18]
[Race: Human]
[HP: 190/190]
[MP: 520/520]
[STR : 4]
[AGI : 6]
[MA : 42]
[LUK : 1]

[Magic Control : 10/10]
[Parallel Chanting : 4/10]
[Magic Theory : 6/10]
[Water Magic Mastery : 7/10]
[Fire Magic Mastery : 9/10]
[Lightning Magic Mastery : 7/10]
[Muscle Mastery : 3/10]

[Analyze : 6/10]
[Explosion : 9/10]
[Fire Rain : 7/10]
[Fire Ball : 6/10]
[Flame Blast : 2/10]
[Water Bullet : 9/10]
[Water Prison : 9/10]
[Refresh : 10/10]
[Lightning bolt : 10/10]
[Shockwave : 9/10]
[Ice Bolt : 3/5]
[Shockwave Blast : 2/5]
[Frost Wave : 1/5]
[Fire Bolt : 1/5]

[Sheltered Girl]
[Magic Genius]
[Fallen Noble]
[Blessing of Water]
[Blessing of Fire]
[Blessing of Lightning]

[Kain Wright]

[Lv ???]
[Race: ???]
[HP: ???]
[MP: ???]
[STR : ???]
[AGI : ???]
[MA : ???]
[LUK : ???]


[All Seeing Eyes : 1/1]

[The Strongest Magician]
[Trinity Sage]

Quickly glancing over the status screens, it seemed unbelievable! Instructor Reinsfield’s skill set was exactly like an assassin’s! What’s more, isn’t that guy too overpowered?!! Not only did he had a lot of skills with scary names, his titles clearly showed how scary he could potentially be!

I had originally thought Misha was powerful, but after looking over her status, I confirmed just how strong she was. It was frightening to say the least! Most of her skills were almost at max. A young girl that was nearing the peak of 3 different types of magic. In the future she would definitely become an important figure.

I wasn’t able to see anything about the Trinity Sage, but if what Instructor Reinsfield said was true, then he was probably the strongest person here.

While I was stuck in my thoughts, a nearby goblin had lunged forward at me. Right before it could take a bite out of me, I slightly shifted my body avoiding it, and stabbed it in the back.


[Level Up!]

Although I wanted to check my stats, now was probably a bad time as more monsters began to take notice of us, and gathered around.

Instructor Reinsfield, and the Kain had been busy killing monsters left and right as they continually spawned endlessly.

“Reinsfield, the source of power is coming from the pillars of light. I’ll take these 2 here with me to the nearest one. Go on ahead and eliminate as many as you can.”

“Then, I’ll leave them in your care”

Reinsfield departed from us running in a straight line towards one of the pillars of light.

“Now then, let’s get going. The nearest one is this way”

Just as Kain finished speaking, a horde of trolls, orcs, and even skeleton knights spawned in front of us, blocking our path.

“This is quite the view, is it not?”

From behind, a mysterious woman in a set of light weight blue armor appeared, and took a quick glance at me after talking.

The armor had covered only her upper body, along with a short plated skirt that revealed her arms and legs. An elegant helmet adorned with white wings on both sides of the helmet sat atop her head. The open helmet exposed her beautifully gentle, yet fiercely looking face. Behind, her glimmering long white hair fluttered in the air with every step she took, and sitting on her waist was a slender sword that gave off a faint aura.

It was the archer woman I met last night.

“Allow me to cut open a path for you”

Before I could respond to her, she had unsheathed a beautiful silver sword that was dyed in a strong blue aura. Moving faster than what my eyes could perceive, she left behind a trail of blue light as she dashed through the group of monsters.

In a single moment, the monsters which had appeared were instantly destroyed.

It was almost as if a goddess of war had descended onto the battlefield.

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