Tricked Into Another World! Volume One

By arandomwriter All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 17 Chaos in the Capital

The once pristine looking Guild Hall had instantly turned into a withered and decrepit building.

But even so, where could I find help?

People that were once busily passing by were now running away while screaming, in the opposite direction of the Guild Hall. Loud noises and powerful magical energy could be felt.

He was bleeding out fast. I could feel his life force fading away. If I couldn’t find any help, he would surely die. I had torn apart some clothing and wrapped his wounds, but the bleeding wouldn’t stop. I continued to search, cursing how powerless I was.

“Don’t die…”

I whispered to myself under my breath, as people continued to run past us screaming.

I didn’t want to lose another person, but I felt it, his breathing was close to stopping. I continued looking.

The nearby shops that had been open were now empty.

“Please… don’t die”

Setting him down, I held onto his body tightly. Tears streamed down my face. There was nothing I could do.

“He looks pretty bad”

Before I knew it, someone had come up from behind me. When I looked for the voice, it was a man with blue hair.

“Please! Help me!“

With tears rolling down my face, I begged the blue haired man for help.

“Have him drink this”

He had taken out a small glass bottle with a slightly viscous liquid that shimmered, and handed it to me.

Holding the bottle with shining blood red liquid in my hands, I could feel it emanating slight amounts of magical energy. My eyes opened wide. Information of what it was flooded into my mind as I unconsciously used [Analyze].

What I held in my hand, was something only spoken of in legends. When I was younger, I read many books. Some of them were about Alchemy. In those books, there was a certain magical potion that eluded alchemists. Because of the numerous failed attempts over many hundreds of years in trying to create it, it was thought to have been the product of fairy tales. However, even if that were the case, were the documents pertaining to its use passed down from the heroes of the past all fake? Because of that argument, there are still alchemists who pursue its creation today. It was deemed as a legendary item lost through the sands of time, that even those who had reached the pinnacle of Alchemy could only dream of recreating, Elixir.

“I’ll leave Tetsu in your care, young lady”


In that moment, from the direction of the Guild Hall, an enormous wave of magic exploded.

When I looked around again, the man with the blue hair had vanished before I could thank him. Who was he? And was he acquainted with Tetsu just like the last person? Before more questions arose, I placed them into the back of my mind. What was important now was the person lying in my arms.

Quickly, as people ran past me screaming, I lifted Tetsu’s upper body. With haste, I pulled off the cork, and tried to pour the elixir into his mouth. The liquid helplessly fell out of his mouth and onto his bloody clothes and then dripped onto the ground.

I had realized it even before attempting to have him drink it, but denied it deep inside my heart. Simply pouring it into his mouth wouldn’t work.

I prepared myself as my heart began beating loudly, and filled my mouth with the rest of the liquid.

I had wished my first time with the one I love would come more naturally.

Gently holding onto him, I pressed our lips together. The liquid flowed down from inside of my mouth, into his.

As our lips parted a string of saliva appeared from where we had, for several seconds, been connected.

Staring down onto his figure, Tetsu’s body was enveloped in a faint light. The horrific wounds miraculously healed, and his deathly pale complexion returned to normal. His breathing steadily stabilized.

I couldn’t help but to smile to myself, knowing that he was going to be ok. Tears of happiness flowed down my cheeks.

But my happiness was short lived.

The clouds looming over the Guild Hall had suddenly parted, and brilliant red light engulfed the Guild Hall together with the surrounding buildings.

An enormous wave of magical energy was radiating from the direction of the Guild Hall.

What was going on?

The earth shook violently, as if the entire capital was seemingly struck by an earthquake. Buildings that stood firm crashed down in waves. Newly built houses crumbled away into nothing. Shops collapsed into piles of broken wood and stone. Tree’s that stood tall toppled over.

Large cracks were quickly forming on the stone paved ground. It was evident that a disaster was about to happen. I quickly rose to my feet, and while tightly holding onto my beloved, I ran.

In the past I had felt fear many times. However what I felt behind me as I ran forward was something extremely sinister. It was as if the world was going to end. The people around us frightfully watched on in despair. But something like that, it wasn’t anything you would simply want to sit around and wait for.

More and more people were turning around and screaming as they ran. Some dropped to the floor and began to pray; others fell down and looked on in fear cowering, as the bright light slowly invaded everything around us.

I continued running as fast as I could. The evil feeling continued to grow stronger.


While running, I had tripped onto the ground. We were far, but he light in the distance was still turning brighter. I hugged onto Tetsu as the bright light quietly devoured everything behind and in front of me.

For several seconds, there wasn’t any kind of explosive sounds. Only the noise of the violently shaking ground.

As the blinding red light faded away, the shaking also began to calm. I turned and looked around in dismay. With Tetsu tightly in my arms, a chilling site stretched out behind me.

Everything past a few meters behind me, in a wide radius extending in a very large area had somehow vanished into thin air. The buildings that had crumbed away from just a few meters down had completely disappeared. In its stead was a vast empty area filled with only dirt and a large chasm that seemed to extend forever. Even the people who had been running behind me had gone missing.

All that was left behind was dirt, and a gaping rift gauged out from the earth.

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