Tricked Into Another World! Volume One

By arandomwriter All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 15 Bloody Mischief

We walked out of the shop, and onto the busy streets of the city. The suns position had changed to late noon. Soon, the sun would begin to slowly set into the evening sky.

I had been quiet and wondering to myself on the method of using magic when Misha who was next to me spoke up.

“Would you like me to teach you how to use magic?”

I stopped walking, and looked at her as she gave me a smile after saying those words.

The thought of having Misha teach me magic had never occurred to me!

“Yes! That would be great!”

Unconsciously, I have given her a hug while exclaiming my excitement at the thought of learning magic.

“A-awawawa wha-what are you doing so suddenly?!!”

Ah? I looked at Misha whose face had turned completely red with steam coming out of her head.

“Oh… uhh… I got a little excited sorry”

I quickly separated myself from her. Sweat dripped down my face as I recalled the incident with the disintegrated bunny.
She’s not mad is she?!!

“To think you were still alive! You damned disgraceful brat!”

At that moment, a man wearing some elegant clothing had ran up to us and spat out insult.

“Sorry, I don’t know who you are, but could you leave us alone?”

I tried to get the man to go away as politely as I could.

“What’s this?!! To think you were able to seduce yourself a dog! Disgusting!”

The man took out a cane like scepter from out of thin air and raised it into the air ready to strike.

Noticing he was aiming at Misha who was shaking with fear looking at the man, I positioned her behind me and kicked the man onto the floor. What a disgusting person, to try and actually hit a girl smaller than himself.

And what was Misha scared for? The man was really weak.

“Guh! You damned mutt! I’ll kill you!

Immediately getting up, he snapped his fingers. Just moments after that, four armored knights appeared and surrounded us.

“Kill them!”

A knight had raised his sword while approaching me, and swung down. However, his movements seemed really weak and slow. I easily stopped him by catching his arm.

There’s no way knights are this weak right? Compared to Reinsfield, these guys are really weak!

“Hey, if you leave now I’ll let you off with your life”

Holding onto the knight’s arm, I glared at him and pushed him back.


He quickly cowered in fear, and the other knights who saw it had also backed off.

“C-cowards! You work for me don’t you?!! I’ll have you fired!”

No matter how much the man yelled at the knights, they simply stood there not moving a muscle.

I suppose they know that their life is more important than mindlessly obeying orders? But even if they attacked again, it’s not as if I’d really kill them. I’m not some kind of heartless monster… I hope…

Turning around, I grabbed Misha’s hand and walked into the crowd that had been quickly forming around us.

After quickly dragging Misha away, we stopped inside an open shop serving food. I quickly ordered a drink for myself and Misha who was lost in thought.

“Thank you for earlier”

After a waitress had brought us drinks and left, Misha spoke up in her usual tone.

“That’s alright, but who was that person?”


Misha became awkwardly silent.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you right now”

“That’s alright, after this let’s go over to the guild and see if there are any escort requests to another city”

Misha retained her cheerful smile and nodded.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Misha, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen.

Inside the Guild Hall

Strange. This place is strange. The Guild Hall we walked into seemed busy, but everyone inside seemed slightly off. When I had turned my attention to Misha, her face was twisted in anger. What was she looking at?

I followed her line of sight, and hidden inside by the many people wandering around was a man with silver hair. Wearing a tacky business suit with a gentleman’s hat, he had actually been staring at the two of us.

Before I had realized it, Misha who was standing right beside me was had disappeared.


I looked around, and the man with the silver hair had also vanished.

What the hell was going on?

The other Adventurers walked past me as if nothing had happened. As if Misha wasn’t with me this entire time.

No matter how much I thought about it, the surrounding Adventurers felt strange. Ignoring them, I calmly walked to where the silver haired man had been. I felt extremely uncomfortable. When I looked around, all of the Adventurers in the Guild Hall were staring at me.

The Guild Masters words from Canute’s Guild Branch rung inside my head.

I understood it now, the feeling of unease that had taken hold of me.

I took out my sword, and quickly slashed at a nearby person. My sword phased past them, and yet they still continued to walk by as if nothing had happened.

Everyone inside this Guild Hall, it was all an illusion. As soon as I had come to that realization, everyone that was inside instantly vanished.

The lively Guild Hall became empty and decrepit. The walls were moldy, and the tables were broken. It was exactly like an abandoned building. But it was strange, if the building was in this terrible shape, why didn’t anyone outside notice it? And where did Misha disappear to?

In the next moment, I heard loud laughter come from above me.


I hurried and looked around for the set of stairs leading up.

He was standing on ahead of me, that vile, disgusting human being. My anger began to well up inside. That man had been watching us this entire time since the moment we stepped into this building.

In the next moment, we instantly appeared somewhere else. What exactly had happened? I had been transported from a room that had been bustling with people beside Tetsu, to a room that was empty and decaying.

“It’s been a long time hasn’t it, Misha Lebard!”

With a voice full of sadistic joy, a slender man with silver hair made his appearance in front of me.

“Just seeing you alive makes me… it makes me… feel like violating every last bit of you! Hahahahahahaha!”

With exaggerated laughter, he stared straight at me.

“Ignite the flames of discord, [Explosion]!”

“Hey, hey, don’t be so eager to shower me with your love! hahahaha!”

Easily, the man with silver hair dodged the explosion that destroyed a portion of the floor inside the large Guild room.

“[Water Bullet]!”

“[Instant Casting] huh? Is that all you’ve got?!! Hahaha!”

“[Ice Bolt]!, [Water Prison]!”

“Hahahaha! You’ve even learned to use multi-casting in these past few months! Wonderful!”

*clap clap clap*

Easily dodging everything that was thrown at him, the man simply applauded my performance.

Casting multiple spells in short intervals was taxing on my body. I was out of breath and already panting loudly for air.

“Well then, this is enough for now Misha. Bind, 1000 needles of darkness [Shadow Stitch]”

On my shadow appeared hundreds of spikes locking me in place.

“I’ll be sure to thoroughly enjoy myself with you after this, so stay put for now. Hahahaha!”

With a sickening distorted expression, the man began licking his lips.

“You over there! Mr. Tetsu Tagami was it?”

Huff… Huff…

What was going on just now?

When I peered into the room, there was a hole burned into the floor, bits of the ground were frozen, and even puddles of water. It was obvious there had been a battle just now.

Misha was on the other side of the room with the silver haired man between the both of us.

“You over there! Mr. Tetsu Tagami was it?”

Saying my name, the man briskly walked over to where I was standing.

“I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to you for taking such good care of the little miss!”

What the hell was this guy talking about?

The presence I felt from him was overwhelming. Immediately I put up my guard.

“Misha are you alright?”

I called out to her, but she stood in place without any response.

“Hey now! You can’t ignore me just like that! If you do I’ll start to feel lonely Teehee~. Just kidding. Oh, that feeling just now was slightly disgusting.”

The man had stopped in front of me just a meter away spouting irrational nonsense.

Hey… what the hell was with that Teehee and then that self-apathy afterwards?!! I can’t tell if this guy is serious or joking, or maybe he has a few screws loose in his head.

“Ahh, well anyways Mr. Tetsu Tagami, as thanks for taking care of Misha until now, you may leave here alive”

Holding onto his hat with one hand, he glanced at me with a simple gesture.

“What do you plan on doing to Misha?”

“I plan to have a little fun with her of course!”

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I could see the lust inside his eyes as he spoke.

“And if I don’t want to leave?”

He instantly vanished from where he stood, and reappeared in front of me.


“Then die…”

He whispered in my ear as he shoved a knife straight into my stomach and twisted it around.

I instinctively shoved him off of me, and swung my sword at him.

“Whoa! Too close, that was a little dangerous~”

He easily dodged my attack.


“You… you lolicon bastard”

I spat out blood with my words.

“Hey now, those are harsh words! Hahaha!”

The man in front of me shrugged it off with a laugh.

This person is really annoying! There was a deep hole in my stomach with blood flowing out. I opened my bag and quickly pulled out a low grade magic healing potion.



“Hey now! Not so fast there! It would be a little troublesome for you to heal so quickly!”

Before I could even bring it to my mouth, I was knocked onto the floor. The potion and sword in my hands had rolled away.


The silver haired man stepped onto my open wound.

“That’s it! That’s what I wanted to hear!”

He continued to stomp on my stomach.


Hysterical laughter was mixed in with his voice as he continued to talk.

“Out of all the summoned heroes, you are the most pathetic one I’ve seen. And yet you think you can save that girl? Hahaha HAHAHAHA!”

The white haired man kneeled down and pulled out a knife.

“Whats wrong? You’ve been quiet for a while now. Maybe this will help. hahaha!”


He stabbed me on my shoulder.





“Hahaha! Don’t fall asleep on me now! How about here?!!! Hahahaha!”


I could feel the pain, but I didn’t even have the energy to scream out in pain anymore.

“Stop… please stop! let him go!”

”Oh ho? You can move already? Is that blood coming from your mouth? So you bit your tongue did you? Well, I can’t have you
moving around just yet~”

“I won’t resist anymore! So just let him go!”

“Hey, you’re mistaking something here girly”

With a wide sadistic grin, the silver haired man had stood up and completely turned around showing me his back.

“The one that’s currently in control here is me!!! If you don’t want him to die, then why don’t you just save him! Hahahaha!”

This was it, this may be my last shot.


Summoning up energy I grabbed my Mithril Dagger from inside my bag and rushed at the man laughing in euphoria.
Pushing my dagger into his unguarded back, I felt some feedback.

“Hey hey, so you can you move after all can’t you?!!”

The resistance I felt, wasn’t the feedback from stabbing into a body. It was of the man catching my dagger with 2 fingers.

Immediately, he sent me flying with a kick.


I landed on the ground nearby.

“Dangerous~ I didn’t expect you to have so much will power left! Now then! What part of your body shall I play with next?! How about an ear? A nose? Maybe a finger? Or how about… AN EYE! HAHAHAHA!!!”

So it was impossible from the start wasn’t it.

My vison began to blur. Was it from the blood loss? Or was it from the intense beating? Am I going to die here? My eyes felt heavy.

“What the hell are you doing closing your eyes already? The enemy is still in front of you”

I heard a familiar voice as soon as my eyes began to close.

“My my my! If it isn’t Roger Reinsfield?!! Did you finally come out to play?!!”

“[Limit Release]”

Immense pressure exploded from Instructor Reinsfield.

“Hahahaha! So you’re going all out right from the start are you?!! Then entertain me!”

“Kid, I’ll be borrowing this dagger”

Ignoring the silver haired man, Instructor Reinsfield picked up my Mithril dagger that was on the ground next to me.

Immediately after, I fell unconscious as the sounds of weapons clashing resounded in the air.

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