Tricked Into Another World! Volume One

By arandomwriter All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 13 Delusions, Bathrooms, and Partners

“Take me with you!”

I froze in place. Did I hear that correctly?

“You are an adventurer aren’t you? If so, then take me with you! Magicians are indispensable! I’m sure I can be useful to you!”

What she said was exactly right. In many different online games I played, there was always a need for magic users. Moreover I’ve already seen a glimpse of her ability with magic. To say the least, I was impressed with her great timing.

But, even if I avoid her now I could still find another magic user right? But, would other magic users be OK with someone as weak as I am?

Putting that into consideration, doesn’t that mean finding another magic user would be troublesome?!!

“How about it?”

The girl had boldly approached me and grabbed onto my hands with her pupils sparkling brightly.

Although I felt it before, her hands were soft. It seemed almost fragile. Just moments ago, she was nervous and shy. Right now, she looked up towards me eagerly waiting for my reply. Her cheeks had a slight tinge of pink. I couldn’t help but to think it was cute.

She’s cute so why not…. is what you would normally say right? No, it may be true that she is indeed cute, but underneath that cute exterior of hers, is the soul of a yandere! Absolutely not! I’ll die for sure!

Staring at this young girl, a cold chill ran down my back.

But at the same time, am I really fine traveling alone? What if I run into some trouble like with the Mimic Slime? What about bandits? Oh that’s right, bandits. I completely forgot about them. They most likely exist in this world as well. To be shaken down by a thief on the road, and having everything taken from you. The worst case would be dying to the hands of the robbers.

When it comes to traveling, having someone with you is a lot better than being alone…

Would you rather die to a group of thieves, or get eaten by monsters. Which would you choose? They are both almost equally bad…but those are currently my only choices if I were to travel alone…

“……yes… you can join me I suppose”

The girl’s eyes lit up instantly. She jumped up and clung onto my neck with her arms and held onto me tightly.

“Thank you…”

In my ear, she quietly whispered her thanks.

Dangerous… this girl…, I can also feel them however small they are, it was a soft feeling rubbing against my chest. If I were a lolicon, I would have probably done something regrettable to this girl by now. Doesn’t this girl have common sense?!! Or maybe people here in this world are over friendly when it comes to strangers?

At a loss of what to do, I gently pat her back.

“Ok ok, let’s get going”

“Where are we going to?”

“Capital City, Serafall”

At my words, the girl fell silent. Her expression changed to a slightly bitter one. Could it be that she doesn’t like it there?

“Ahh, we probably won’t be there for long. I want to see a Spirit Seer, and then we’ll move on more than likely…”

Her expression changed again. This time she had a slight smile on her face. Maybe she had bad memories of that place? It would be insensitive to ask. After all, we still don’t quite know each other.

Inside the inn, the inn lady sitting at the front desk greeted me.

“Oh, how was your midnight rendezvous? I’m you two had lots of fun last night. Fu fu fu~”

This inn lady! No, since this is the last time I’ll see her, maybe I should poke some fun at her as well? Glaring right at her, I took a firm stance and spoke up.

“Although there were some muffled heavy breathing noises coming from a nearby window, it was wonderful. Was it possible, that you were watching us in pleasure?”

As if she were stunned from my comment, the inn lady was speechless. But she wasn’t the only one who was. Next to me, Misha had covered her face with both of her hands. She must have been really embarrassed, because her ears were bright red...

There no need for you to be so embarrassed! We were just joking! In the first place, we didn’t do anything like what had been implied!

“Fu fu fu. Well then, after such an exciting night, the two of you should bathe before going right?”

Covering her mouth as she laughed away her surprised expression, she quickly dragged Misha away.

“Then I’ll be taking the young lady. Oh, be sure to wash yourself as well. Oh, I’ll also be charging extra for taking care of this young lady. Fu fu fu~”

The inn lady stole Misha with a devilish smile as if I had been played.

……did I fall into her trap?

With the feeling of defeat looming over my head, I went over to the males bathing area. It was a good chance to finally wash off any leftover slime that hasn’t come off yet after all. That inn lady! I’ll get her back one of these days for sure!

I walked into the bathing area that was sectioned off next to the female bathing area. After taking off my equipment, I sat down in the empty bathing area and scrubbed my body down, washing away the dirt.

After quickly scrubbing myself down, and washing away the soap bubbles, I sunk into the hot-spring like pool and contemplated to myself.

“Kyaaaa! J-just where are you t-touching?!!”

“Don’t be so modest and enjoy yourself. Fu fu fu!”

Too loud! What exactly are they doing over there?!!

“Kyaaa! N-no please… not there!”

Thinking about the clothes I have, I definitely need to get more. Currently, I only had the clothes I came to this world with, and some leather clothing I purchased for becoming an adventurer. I’ll need to upgrade my armor as well. After the last fight, the leather clothing became tattered. But it was just basic leather clothing so that much is to be expected… probably…

“Oh my~ they’re really soft fu fu fu!”

In any case, since I have a little bit of money, I should get some leather armor at the least, and definitely a sword as well.

“Hya! I-I’m really sensitive there”

“Fu fu fu! What about this?”

“mmm… haa~ ahn! Y-yes. T-that feels really good, mm ah!”

What in the world am I listening to?!! Do they know I can hear them?!! No, rather than that. In the first place, what are they even doing?!!

“Next is this~ are you ready? Fu fu fu~”

“I-it looks a little big and rough…”

“Fu fu fu~ try not to squirm too much~”

“Kyaaa~ ahn! Please… haa~ ahn! No more! Ahn!”

This is a bathing area! Stop making all those weird sounds! What if someone else comes in and hears you!

“Mmm… ah! Hah..hah…hah…”

I……I’ve got to get out of this place!

After quickly soaking in the empty morning bath area, I put on my normal clothes and stored away my equipment as fast as possible. After I sat down and waited in the lobby for Misha to finish, while being slightly flustered.

The analog clock displayed it was still morning. After about an hour had passed, the inn lady had finally come out. But where was Misha?

“Is Misha still changing?”

I looked at the inn lady, and the beautiful golden haired girl that stood next to her in a white summer dress.

“Fu fu fu, isn’t she standing right here?”

“You can’t fool me so easily, Misha is definitely a cute girl, but she definitely doesn’t compare to that amazingly beautiful girl next to you, you know”

If my memory served me right, her hair wasn’t as luscious as the girl who stood next to the inn lady. Although they’re both blond, Misha’s was much duller in comparison. Her skin was a lovely snow white with tinges of pink. And I won’t even bother mentioning the clothes. What she’s wearing is completely different from the robe she wore.

“I… I’m really beautiful…?”

Her voice leaked out.

Her voice was exactly like Misha’s. There was no mistaking that kind sweet and gentle voice that seems to tremble with the passing wind.

Briskly walking over to where I stood in the lobby, she stopped in front of me and gazed at me as I stared back dumbfounded.
Having a closer look, she resembled her in height, and appearance.

I… I was mistaken?!! Thinking logically, it’s completely possible that she hadn’t cleaned herself in a while and had a slightly different skin tone from the dirt that rubbed into it. Her outfit earlier had traces of dirt stains as well so it’s reasonable to assume they would be carrying an extra change of clothes for these kinds of situations. But her hair, there no way that could change so significantly! It went from a wavy dull blond, to a shiny golden blonde with straight hair.

But besides that, what kind of girl would only have a single robe to wear! Why didn’t I realize it sooner?!!

“Yes, much more than you were before”

With a bitter smile, I looked back at the inn lady. The inn lady had an eager look on her face.

“Now then, that will be 5 large copper coins”

Expensive!!! Just what did you do to turn this girl into this beautifully shining mass of brightness?!!

“Take it”

Pulling out a silver coin, I tossed it to her. However, there wasn’t any change returned to me.

“Are you forgetting something?”

I asked the inn lady with a tired expression.

“The dress isn’t free. fu fu fu~”

That dress isn’t hers?!! This damn lady… should I be thankful or angry?

“Hah...then see you around…”

Letting out a sigh, I headed for the door with Misha happily walking by my side.

Instead of heading to the capital right away, I had already decided to buy some new equipment. The current leather clothes I had, had really taken a beating. I also wasn’t very fond of using just a single dagger as my weapon.

So we headed for the equipment shop first. And it was just as I had suspected. While walking towards the shop, almost everyone that we passed by, turned their heads to look at the beautiful girl beside me.

Reyna, Mimi, I may have found your long lost younger sister…

Inside the shop, I had Misha change out of her summer dress and into a new set of light blue magician robes. I bought myself some light leather armor which I equipped as well. I bought myself an iron one-handed sword, and an extra dagger as well as some smaller throwing daggers. It’s good to have a variety of weapons after all. I don’t feel quite as safe without them…

I won’t use the throwing daggers immediately though, I’ll have to practice with them later.

With Misha out of her summer dress, we received less stares outside the shop, but there were still plenty of people doing double takes.

Immediately after, we went to a clothing shop to buy some extra clothes. I’m sure Misha would like to have a variety of choices when it comes to clothing.

The last thing to do was to buy supplies in case we were attacked. After quickly buying a few low grade magic potions for 1 large copper each, as well as some provisions a thought came to my mind. I should register Misha in my party!

Although Misha was slightly reluctant to go, we quickly rushed over to the guild one last time before departing.

Inside the guild, it was unusually empty for late morning. Normally this was the time the guild became active.

In place of Angela was a tall brown haired man that seemed to be in his late 30’s.

“Welcome, how may I help you today?”

“Angela isn’t here?”

“She, along with the other receptionists have been transferred to another branch”

So that was the reason why it was so empty. Angela and the other receptionists did keep this place lively.

“Oh... then I’d like to form a party with Misha here”

“Very well, please present me your Adventurers card”

Turning my head over to Misha with my hand out, she gave me an odd look.

“Misha, are you an adventurer?”

To my question, she lightly shook her head.


“Miss, if you’d like to, please sign these documents. You’ll be registered in our database right after”

“Is it OK for me to join?

“Yes, there shouldn’t be any discrimination towards anyone who would like to be an Adventurer”

Misha timidly signed a few documents, and was quickly issued her own Adventurer’s card.

After talking with the tall man, I had him sign on off my party. Misha was also able to become an adventurer without any problems. But, for someone who seemed well versed in magic like Misha, why wasn’t she already an adventurer?

The guild to my knowledge was an entity that was not tied to politics nor religion. Since that was the case, it would benefit the guild to accept anyone and everyone willing to join. They would be able more easily gain the trust of civilians, as well as maintain the guilds fighting force.

After connecting a few dots from Misha’s behavior, to the fact that she had never registered herself with the guild before, and what the Guild Master said about other guilds around the Kingdom, a chilling thought came to mind.

Was there someone pulling strings around the Kingdom, manipulating the guild? But for someone to be able to do that, wouldn’t they need enough influence inside the Kingdom to tackle that kind of job without getting caught? Because the Guild was a separate entity, that would make them just as powerful as a Kingdom wouldn’t it? Then to take control of the guild, you would need to at the least, be on an equal footing. Or have a Kingdom or two already in your control.

No matter how much I thought about it, it was impossible. Something like that would be absurd.

I quickly brushed away my delusional thoughts, and then walked out of the Guild Hall side by side with Misha.

With everything said and done we left for the south gate leading to the capital.

As we walked over to the guards, I could feel a murderous intent being directed at us. I’m not exactly sure why, but I wonder if it has anything to do with Misha?

Were they actually jealous of such a cute little girl next to me?!! Then were these guards seriously lolicons?!!

Misha had clung to my arm as I conversed with the guards that glared at us.

“Are you two heading out?”

“Yea, we’re leaving for the capital”

“Be careful of horned rabbits. They’ve been slightly aggressive lately”

The guards saw us off with a warning as they continued to painfully glare at us.

It’s not good for gate guards to be into little girls you know! The image of lolicon gatekeepers isn’t good for your reputation!

Path to Serafall

On the road the the capital, we’ve encountered a few slimes which died quickly, but still no signs of horned rabbits. Maybe they were away from the main road?

“♪~ ♪~ ♪~”

In any case, Misha has been happily humming since we departed. I wonder what the song is. I felt like I heard it from somewhere, but I couldn’t quite grasp where.

“Misha, I’ve been wondering, what’s the song you’re humming?”

I asked Misha that was humming while happily swaying left and right beside me.

“Ah! It’s a song my mother used to sing to me, would you like to hear the lyrics?”

Misha turned her head gazing towards me with a smile.

“Hmm, it’ll have to wait for now, up ahead are a few horned rabbits”

As soon as I had finished talking, 3 horned rabbits that were just ahead of us noticed our presence and began hopping towards up.

As the name implied, there was a horn on its head, roughly about 12 inches long.

While signaling Misha behind me, some thoughts came to mind.

If the horns were sharp enough, I could probably make a spear. Ah, and since it’s an actual animal rather than a pile of translucent pudding, I could probably skin it for its pelt and sell it later.

I’ve also wondered how rabbit meat tastes. I’ve eaten many different types of game meat, but I’ve never had the chance to try rabbit.

While thinking deeply about the textures of the different meats I’ve eaten in the past, I nonchalantly side-stepped the first rabbit’s tackle, and using my sword I cut a second approaching one in half.


With my mind getting sidetracked with my thoughts, I accidentally ruined the pelt cutting it in half didn’t I?

“Drown helplessly in a sea of madness, [Water Prison]!”

Behind me, Misha quickly cast a water spell, encasing the first horned rabbit in a ball of water.
The third horned rabbit had stopped in its track, probably shocked that its brethren were easily put down.

Sheathing my sword, I quickly dashed towards the last rabbit pulling out the new dagger I had bought earlier.


In a matter of seconds, before the horned rabbit could react to my speed, I had already cut off its head as it immediately plopped on the ground lifelessly.

The horned rabbit that Misha had encased in her magic was still drowning to death while Misha with a creepy smile watched it slowly drown.

“Misha, there’s no need to slowly torture them…”

I called out to Misha as I picked up the beheaded rabbit carcass and wondered if I could store it whole inside my bag.


Misha casted another magic spell shortly after responding to me.

“Shave away forcefully and accelerate, [Shockwave Blast]!”

Lifting her hand at the rabbit trapped inside a sphere of water, a complex magic formation appeared. Particles of light began to gather. After converging, it turned into purple plasma that immediately swept away everything in front of Misha, disintegrating the fluffy creature that was struggling for air.

“How was that?”

Misha looked over at me with a smiling face full of triumph.

Overkill! No matter how you think about it, that was just simply overkill! There was no need for that much excessive force you know! And how strong is this girl anyways?!! Did I recruit some kind of legendary main character’s heroine?!!

“Misha… I’m glad that you’re excited to show what you can do, but try not to be excessive…”

As if she wasn’t listening, Misha simply cheerfully smiled and walked towards me.

Staring at the pile of charred dust that was once a white fluffy horned rabbit, a chill ran down my back, as I vowed myself to never offend Misha.

Holding onto the rabbit, and its separated head, I quickly tried storing both inside my bag. Just like any other item I’ve stored, surprisingly it had no problem sucking up the bunny’s dead carcass. Afterwards, I broke off the horn and stored that as well. As for the hornless head, I threw it to the side. I’m not a head collector you know!

I’ve never skinned anything before, so for now I simply just stored the dead animal bodies…

We continued on our way, and after a few more encounters with cute bunnies, we had finally arrived at Capital City, Serafall just before nightfall.

[Tetsu Tagami]

[Lv 6(+1)]
[Race : Human]
[HP : 137/150(+10)]
[MP : 175/175(+5)]
[STR : 16(+2)]
[AGI : 12(+2)]
[MA : 15]
[LUK : ???]
Available Skill Points : 4(+1)]

[Sword Mastery : 3/10(+2)]
[Dagger Mastery 5/10(+1)]
[Muscle Mastery 8/10(+1)]
[(NEW!) Dual Wielding 1/10]
[Light Magic Mastery 1/10]

[(NEW!) Heavy Strike : 1/10]
[Magic Edge 2/10]
[Analyze : 1/10]

[Living Zombie]
[Otherworldly Traveller]
[Slime Slayer]
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