Tricked Into Another World! Volume One

By arandomwriter All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Interlude 1 The Final Battle

“Che… you’ve defeated me, but this isn’t the end for you yet! I OFFER YOU MY LIFE! SO REVIVE INTO THIS WORLD ONCE MORE AND BRING FORTH TRUE DISPAIR!!!”

Stabbing himself with his hand, he pierced his own heart ending his own life instantly. However what happened after was completely out of my own expectations.

Rumble, Rumble

The ground started to shake as countless magic circles appeared in the sky above the Demon Lord who had just taken his own life. The skies darkened, and the surroundings were enveloped in black. In the center of the magic circles, a single entity had emerged. Immediately a wave of energy swept away the magic circles, and brought upon stillness in the air. Floating in the sky, the figure descended.

“This world, it has been a long time…”

Feeling his presence, a chill went down my spine. Unable to move, the figure clad in a dense dark aura gazed at me. The amount of energy pulsating from his being was something far stronger than anything I’ve encountered. It was almost as if he were…

“You are… a god?”


Confirming my suspicion, I immediately took a fighting stance and readied my sword.

“Do you wish to fight against me?”

“If possible no, however I cannot allow you to leave”

“Then die.”

With a wave of his arm, a wave of jet black energy was shot at me.


Slashing my sword down, I enveloped my sword with magic and sliced his energy wave in half.


“You’re stronger than you seem…”


Protruding out of my stomach was a hand.

“Im, Impossible w-when did you?!!”

Using the energy wave as a feint, he appeared behind me, and using only his bare hand he penetrated through my Divine Armor?!!

Frantically slashing behind me, he instantly moved back to his original position.

“But even so, you’re weak”

“Haaa, Haaa…”

I took in deep breaths as blood streamed from both my mouth, and the hole in my stomach. With the unbearable pain, it was hard just standing up. Having also been exhausted from my fight with the Demon Lord, how can I expect to win against something like this? No even if I hadn’t fought with him, I still wouldn’t be able to beat this person. The amount of energy he’s emitting is increasing quickly. This bottomless amount of power, is it possible to even win against? No there is still that option.

Concentrating the last of my energy, I began to chant.

“Is this your last stand? Don’t be naïve I won’t allow something like that!”

Immediately reacting to my chant, the Evil God rushed at me. Embracing myself for his impact, I took up a defensive stance with my shield. However what happened before me was…

[Lightning Strike!]

Crashing down like thunder, the ever reliable magic fighter Lumin appeared from the sky.

“Rina! You don’t have time to sit around and wait, what are you doing?!!”

From his sudden appearance, the pain in my body immediately vanished as I leaked a smile.

“I’m sorry, buy me some time!”

Immediately I began chanting once again, if it’s him, then no matter what he’ll be able to give me the time I need.

“To think another bug has appeared”

“Shine with blinding rage, [Radiant Edge]”

Casting [Radiant Edge], Lumin’s spear glowed white with holy energy. Running forward, Lumin slashed his spear horizontally, evading it by a hairs breath the Evil God retaliated. With a blast of dark energy from up close Lumin was sent flying.

“Squashed so soon?”

Appearing from above, a stream of lightning shot out from the palm of Lumin’s hand.

“[Chain Lightning]!”

“An illusion?!! Moreover instant casting?!! However you’re too slow! Swallow everything [Hellflame Blast]!”

A wave of black fire Immediately flew out towards Lumin, burning away the atmosphere itself.

“That won’t work! [Vorpal Strike]!”

Shining within the black flames, a concentrated energy wave split open the fire bridging a path.

“A Sword skill?!! Impossible!”

“Bind, 1000 needles of darkness [Shadow Stitch]”

Landing beside the evil god, Lumin cast another spell immediately, immobilizing the Evil God.

“Something like this won’t hold me!”

“No, but it’s already over…”

“Radiant light of judgment, blow away the darkness! [Heaven’s Wraith]!”

Blue light shot forward from where Rina stood, bombarding the Evil God continuously for almost a minute. As the blue beam of light faded out, the surroundings dyed in black returned to back to its original color as if purified by the holy light.

Rina, exhausting the last of her energy fell down to her knees.

“Recover, [High Heal]”

“Thank you, Lumin”

Looking up at Lumin as the hole in my stomach closed, my heart skipped a beat. Once again, coming late and saving me as usual…

“To think… to think the two of you would be strong enough deal this much damage to me!!!”

Rising from the earth, the Evil God once again materialized from nothing. And once again darkness began to invade the skies.

“Tha, That can’t be possible!”

Impossible, it survived an attack granted by the gods?!! Are we truly fated to die?!

“Che, I guess it can’t be helped after all… Materialize...”

Watching Lumin, a mass of energy formed in front of him. It was power matching that of the gods themselves.


Thrusting his hand forward into the mass of energy, a Katana materialized.

“This is…”

A pulse of energy swept the area, along with that Lumin’s figure also began to change. His hair turned from a golden brown to flowing black and grew well past his waist. His wide back became smaller and much more feminine. His broad arms became thin, and his heavy armor turned into light clothing.

“Lumin… that sword is…!”

“Sorry Rina…”

Lumin quickly tied her hair into a ponytail, and with a soft voice of a girl, Lumin dashed forward, clashing with the Evil God.

“Guh!!! Fast! This sword is!”

“Burst! [Arrows of Light]!

Instantly, 12 magic circles appeared around the Evil God, and shot out magic arrows made of light, as Lumin leapt back.

“[Infinity Wall]!”

Reacting to the spell, the Evil God set up an absolute barrier.

“Even so!”

Taking a quick draw stance, Lumin infused magical energy into her katana.

“Shatter, [Stasis Blade]!”

Lumin dashing forward again, swung her blade rending both time and space alike, cutting down the absolute barrier together along with the Evil God.

“Guhah! So this is… the power… of a hero?”

“No, it is merely the power of a mortal”

The katana that had materialized shattered at that moment.

“Well done, however you’ve only won for now… no matter how powerful you may be, you cannot withstand the sands of time…”

The Evil God’s power had finally disappeared after the intense battle.


Running up to her friend, Rina stopped just an arms width away.

“Lumin, y-you’ve won?”

“No, the Evil God has only just run away. I could not kill him.”

Lumin answered turning around, looking straight into Rina’s green eyes.

“Lumin… just who are you?”

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