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Her Dead Mate

By truelies13 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Werewolves are shape shifters, they turn into the largest and strongest wolves ever seen. They are powerful and mighty, which means they should have nothing to fear, right? Except for the Shadow Wolves. The Shadow Wolves are the same as werewolves, but with one special skill due to a curse, they shift for a full night every night of the year. They lurk in the shadows of the dark forest, their souls dead, making them deadly to others. They are impossible to see and hard to find, but they can find you easily and kill you even easier. What happens when the common werewolf Evelyn meets her mate, Alpha of the shadow wolves?

Her Dead Mate :: 1

“I ran, not even bothering to look back since my eyes were incapable of seeing them,” One of the pack elders (who happens to claim she is a seer) tells to the group of kids my age that are gathered around her in a circle. I was walking by when I heard her start out the story the same way she always does, saying how she heard the shadow wolves and ran. I have never heard the full story because my mom says the old woman is just crazy, saying the elder didn’t actually ever encounter the shadow wolves — otherwise she would be dead instead of sitting here at the age of 90 something telling us it.

I stop and listen as she gets to the next part, “I could hear their growls every few seconds as they chased after me, taunting me, hunting me. Their growls made me run faster and faster.” The old woman tells the kids. Before she could continue one of the kids spoke up and asked, “Why didn’t you hide from them?”

The old woman leaned down close and replied with her old raspy voice, “Because they would have found me and killed me in an instant. I had to keep running for hours until I no longer heard them, and just when I thought they were gone there one appeared in the moonlight. He looked like what he is called, a shadow. All there was to him was the dark outline of a wolf,” she pauses. I feel my heart pounding as my head rambled with the question: then what happened?

The old woman turns her head and looks at me as I now realize I am sitting on the ground instead of standing. I stand up, feeling uncomfortable as her old grey eyes widen at me, staring me down. She looks back at the other kids, “That’s enough of the story for now.”

The kids all groan and run off while she struggles to stand up from the stump she was perched on. I turn to walk away but right when I do I feel a hand grab my shoulder and I turn around to face the old woman. She doesn’t say anything for awhile and I start to feel uneasy with the way she looked at me.

“You—” She finally says.


“You are the one he spoke of!” She growls with her old voice. She then pushed me down to the ground and got down on top of me, her old wrinkly hands wrapped around my neck as she squeezed tightly. I push at her to get her off, but it didn’t take long since a male pack member hurried over and pulled her off of me. The old woman growled and tried to get out of his arms as I breathed in deeply to get air back to my lungs. Another pack member hurried over and helped me up to my feet as they asked me if I was alright. I nodded my head yes as I felt dizzy from being brought to my feet so fast.

The old woman kept on so the pack member that helped me up grabbed my hand and lead me into the large pack house.

What just happened?

My mom was right next to the entryway so she immediately hurried over to me and grabbed my face, “Evelyn what happened! Are you okay?”

“I, uh, was attacked by that old woman that always tells that story about the shadow wolves—” My mom cuts me off, “Ida! I’ll kill her if she touches you again!” My mom growls. “I told you to stay away from her with her stories!”

“S-sorry, I didn’t mean to, I just wanted to hear the next few parts of it.” I tell my mom before she cuts me off again, “I don’t care if you wanted to hear the next few parts of it, those aren’t stories that any 10 year old should hear!” As those words exited my mom’s mouth the back door was slammed shut and soon our Alpha, Cain, storms into the house. He hurried over to my mom and I, but instead of asking if I was okay he just bent down and looked at my neck before standing straight and asking, “Where’s Ida?”

The pack member that brought me in answers Alpha Cain, “Outside still. She is being restrained at the moment.” Alpha Cain then opened the front door, and I peak out to see that the old woman, who I guess is named Ida, is now calmer than she was instead of kicking her feet and waving her arms around. Alpha Cain walks out and the door shuts.

My mom grabbed my hand and pulled me towards our room on the second floor of the pack house. “You want to tell me what exactly happened?” My mom asked me as we walked up the stairs. I ignore her question as I ask my own, “Mom, what’s going to happen to the old woman?” My mom sighs, “Probably nothing since she is the alpha’s grandmother. She’ll just get talked too and that’s it.”

That night before I got in bed I sat in front of the mirror and examined the bruises that were on my neck from being choked. I then stood and walked over to the window to look out, maybe I could possibly see a shadow wolf. But that was very doubtful since you can’t really see them. But what I could see was the old woman that attacked me earlier, she was walking towards the woods — which is crazy because everyone knows not to enter the woods at night.

Once she was in there was a deadly scream and soon pack members were running outside, but none entered the woods like the old woman, because we all knew, she was already dead.

* 7 years later (Evelyn is 17) *

I laugh at my best friend, Fleur, as she goes on and on about what color her wolf will be while we walk in the woods.

“Maybe I’ll be dark grey like my dad! But that might scare away my mate if he is a lower ranking than me cause it’ll remind him of my dad.” She says frowning.

“Fleur, I doubt your wolf fur will scare away your mate.” I reassure her as I jump up onto a fallen tree that got caught in the branches of a different tree, causing it to stay slightly up so I can climb on it. “Well, my wolf color might not but my dad probably will. I hate the fact that he’s the Alpha.” She frowns a bit more before she tries to jump on the tree as well, but when she does she loses her balance and falls back off.

I smile at her and how she doesn’t have the stamina of a wolf yet, well not until tonight anyways. Fleur is turning 16 tonight which means she is going to shift for the first time, only problem is, she was born around 1 am so she won’t be able to enjoy her first run in wolf form until there is daylight due to the Shadow wolves.

“Yea, being the alpha’s daughter does change things a bit for you.” I tell her as I look down at her. She stays sitting on her butt, from when she fell off the tree, and looks up at me. “Being the alpha’s daughter sucks ass.” She huffs out before she stands up. Right when she stood up the border guards let out a warning howl, telling anyone who is in the woods that it is time to come back to the pack house because the Shadow wolves will come out to play in the woods in about half an hour.

Whenever that howl is let out I get the shivers, it reminds me that there is something out there that is stronger, faster, and scarier than even an alpha.

“Stupid Shadow wolves.” Fleur says, trying to act like she isn’t afraid of them, but I can sense the uneasiness in her. I bend down and jump off of the tree, landing on my feet. Fleur turns to face me and smiles, “I can’t wait until I can do that without getting hurt or falling on my butt.”

“You’ll be able to do it by dawn tomorrow.” I smile at her before I start taking my clothes off so I can shift without destroying them into shreds. Once I am naked I hand throw my clothes to Fleur and I bend down to the ground, letting my wolf emerge from within me. Within seconds I am in the form of my light brown wolf. I look over at Fleur when she says, “And I definitely can’t wait until I can do that!”

Fleur then jumps onto my back and I run us home as fast as I can, not wanting to stay in the woods any longer.

Once we were back at the safety of our pack house Fleur got off of me and I ran over to a tree to shift back to human form. I then stuck my hand out from behind the tree and Fleur threw my clothes to my hand before I pulled it back behind the tree to get dressed. As I pulled my shirt over my head I thought of the darkness and the Shadow wolves. It made me turn my head to look behind me at the woods as it got darker and darker out. The Shadow wolves could be out already and they could be watching me, and that terrifies the crap out of me.

Once completely dressed I hurry away from the edge of the woods and start making my way to the pack house. Not long after I walked away from the trees Alpha Cain did the same. He jogged over to me and once he was by my side he walked at the same pace as I did, except he had a more powerful sense to his walk than I did.

Why do alpha’s seem so powerful when they just do the same thing as any other wolf? Literally he is just walking.

Alpha Cain then spoke to me, “Is Fleur in the house?”
“Yes Alpha.” I answer. He then stops and grabs my arm to make me stop walking as well. “Evelyn, I want you to keep an eye on her tonight. She will have to be locked up in the basement so her wolf doesn’t take off for the woods, and instead of me being in there with her I think it’s best if you are. Besides, it’s my turn to keep watch with the guards tonight.”

Every wolf that shifts for the first time wants to run for the woods to get in touch with nature, but for wolves that shift at night we have to lock them up to keep them save from going into the woods when the Shadow wolves are out. One person, who has already shifted, always stays with the newly shifter during that time that they are locked up, because they need to help keep the newly shifter calm from trying to break out.

Normally a parent or mate stays with them, but Alpha Cain has watch tonight with the border guards since the beta had watch last night. They always switch back an fourth to protect the pack ever since Alpha Cain’s grandmother died, and the Luna has a 3 month old baby that she has to take care of, so I guess I am the only one that can take care of Fleur tonight.

“Okay, I can do that.” I tell him. Alpha Cain nods at me and he starts walking again. I stay standing still for a moment as I look back at the woods. “Don’t call to Fleur too bad tonight.” I whisper.

Of course the woods can’t hear me but I can still hope. I then turned around, but before I started walking I heard a whisper back. I couldn’t make out what it said so I stood there for a moment, looking around before my eyes landed on the woods. I watched closely and intently. I then saw a Shadow move quickly past the trees on the tree line. I didn’t think twice as I turned around and ran into the pack house.

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