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By LDNash All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Meet Viktor Tepes and Joe Stubbe, both centuries-old creatures of the night. Having formed a lifelong bond, Vik and Joe have struggled to survive in the world of humans, where the word "monster" usually means death for their kind. But Vik and Joe have gone beyond mere survival, they've thrived in this mortal realm, they even formed a Private Investigation company whose specialty is hunting the things that go 'bump' in the night. They take the cases nobody believes in; they literally live for the hunt. It helps control their bloodlust. When their newest case involves the new Queen of the Underworld, they must survive the hellacious maze Hades has built solely for them. Can they help overthrow Hell's throne? Will they lose their immortal lives on the job?


Wallachia, Southern Romania 1476 A.D.

Over-excertion vibrating in his muscles, he stood tall and took in the morbid scenery of the smoldering battlefield around him. Remnants of their fresh massacre lay evident everywhere from his blood spattered sword to the mangled bodies spilling their life’s fluid into the rocky soil of the valley.

“We have five live captives, what shall we do with them?” a gruff voice inquired from his left, snapping the warrior from his silent reverie.

Sighing deeply, he bent to wipe his blade on the sleeve of the nearest corpse.

“You know my father’s rules Remus; The Dragon suffers no prisoners,” he snarled and turned to face the lieutenant. Remus nodded curtly before taking his leave.

Viktor Tepes Dracul whistled for his horse, which came instantly from the shelter of a grove of nearby trees. His trusty steed, he smiled and rubbed its muzzle. Of all the things in his life, Bede, named for his most favorite author, was the most reliable. For over five years now, he had fought in his father’s campaign against the invading Turks. He was Viovode Commander to Vlad Dracul’s elite; the best soldiers. The Dragon awarded imagination and dedication.

Viktor watched with an expressionless face as his men skewered the captives with stakes before standing them up alongside the other ones already seen to. The sight of the impaled bodies made his stomach churn with disgust. His father was no less than a monster, and he wanted nothing more than to be far away from him and this God forsaken country. Because that was exactly how he felt about Romania...God had forsaken it. He had also forsaken Viktor when he had taken his mother from him so very long ago. Perhaps if she were still alive, his father wouldn’t be so blood thirsty and cruel.

He swung himself into the saddle, and patiently awaited the regime to regroup and fall into formation. After one last glance at the valley, he reined his horse toward home; turning his back on the scores of bodies littering the tree line, each and every one impaled on an oiled stake of its own.

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