Wolf's Fire

By Jenna Marie All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter Eleven

Friday finally comes around but I don't look forward to the weekend. The chance of seeing Cameron is slim. He'll be stuck in that house with his Alpha and I'll be stuck wondering if he's okay. Carissa and I walk to the car, her head in her phone as Louis follows slowly behind. He's been keeping his distance. Probably so my wolf doesn't bite off his head. As we round the corner of the building, where my car is parked I spot Cameron a row over leaning against his truck waiting for me. I hand Carissa the keys.
"I'll be a minute." She looks up and glances at Cameron before pocketing her phone and taking the keys.
"No hurry girly." She says with a a small smile. Cameron pulls me to him the second I'm within arm's length and kisses me softly. I close my eyes, breathing in his scent as he brushes his chin over my nose.
"I don't want you to go home," I say almost a whisper as Louis stalks past to the car.
"Me neither." he answers. While I can't see his face, I know he's watching Louis carefully. "I've been thinking," He says pulling away to see my eyes. "I want to meet her." My wolf. The one that causes me so many problems. She probably won't like him. She likes dominent wolves. He may have the personality but it's been smothered by his Alpha. However...
"I think that would be a good idea." He smiles slightly though it doesn't reach his eyes. "But I have to get permission from my parents and then they have to tell the sentries... how would you get off your property without your Alpha knowing?" He works his jaw. He does that when he's thinking.
"Leave that to me."

"Absolutely not." Dad growls at dinner that night. My mom, who normally only argues with him through the mindlink growls back, surprising him.
"Reginald." She snaps. "He has every right-"
"He has no rights, Shira." Mom looks at me.
"Well then we're at an impass, because I think its a brilliant idea." Dad growls again and I find myself lowering my head to eat the food on my plate. Anyone else would've dropped the subject at his first objection, but Mom's equally in charge. They're equal in every way. I decide to just let them battle it out.
"This is a wolf that I have not met, that does not have permission from his own Alpha, to come onto our property. So NO." My mom purses her lips. She looks at me again.
"What if they meet in mutual territory." I look up at her. My wolf would never do that. "I'll have Louis watch them." He's shaking his head, but no longer arguing.
"There are hunters in the woods." I sigh.
"It's not hunting season Dad. I just want to see him." He raises his eyebrows at my voice. Then cocking his head to the side he speaks again his voice very soft.
"You are our only child." He says. Mom bites the inside of her cheek. They've been trying for years. Mom's still young. She had me at eighteen. There's still a chance she could have another. But I don't think about that. "If something were to happen to you..." He shakes his head. I look at mom again. Then at Dad. For the first time since I'd realized it, I say it out loud.
"This isn't just some rebellious stage in my life where I ignore your orders. I know you wanted me to stay away from him. I tried." His eyes are glinting. I'm on very thin ice. "He's my mate, Dad!"
The ice shatters.

I've always wondered when I'd crack and disregard Eric's orders. I never thought it would be over a girl. I'm going around to the individual houses gathering laundry when she texts me. I know its her because she's the only other person who has my number. It isn't until I'm back in the hot basement, with the stacks of smelly clothes that I dare to check it.
"Can you meet around midnight?" The text says. She sends me lattitude and longitude coordinates. I agree. I'd google map the location later.
I work quietly and quickly throughout the day. The laundry takes hours. I cut the grass, disinfect the kitchen, and clean Eric's mess of a bedroom before I make dinner for the pack and once that's done I go up to my room and do the homework I'd been assigned. Im in bed by ten. I hear Eric turn in at eleven. I wait forty minutes before sneaking out.
Lights are still on in half of the homes. Someone's probably patrolling the woods. Hiding my clothes under a bush near the treeline, I shift, falling on all fours with a thump. Running through the tree line, I sprint, hoping that whoever it is doesn't see me.
I approach the coordinates slowly and silently, making sure I don't step on any fallen twigs or brush any stray leaves. I'm silent as if I'm stalking prey. I notice the gray wolf first, sitting there with his head to the side, watching the female pace back and forth. Her paws are heavy as if she's irritated. I've already been warned about her temper.
She's beautiful. There isn't a stray of color on her fur. It's entirely white and as i step out of my hiding space she spins on me, Kat's blue eyes meeting mine. Louis is on all four immediatly. I don't look at him.
"Be careful." He says only to me. "She's irritated."
"At me or you?" He growls but one look from Kat's wolf has him backing up into the trees. "Hi." I say. She doesn't respond. Only looks me over. She walks over to me, so close I can barely breathe, and starts sniffing me. I let her circle. When she's done her eyes study mine. What is she thinking?
"Hello Cameron." Her voice enters my mind. "I can see why Kat likes you. Your smell..." She shakes her head.
"You're beautiful." The words escape before I have a chance to think. Her eyes shine.
"You're not too bad yourself... despite those." There's no reason to look to what she's speaking of. I'm missing fur on small parts of my lower stomach, as well as the lower part of my hind legs. Reminders of the fire. "It looks...painful."
"I don't even remember it." The truth. She turns away from me, her tail coming up over her head.
"Kat thinks I won't like you." She paces. "Louis had to drag me here. I like my property. The safety of my lands. Dad has others watching further in the forest. In case you hurt me." I growl, low and primordial.
"I would never hurt you."
"I know." She walks past me, her tail flopping in my face. Oh, she's so flirting. Without a second thought, I nip her tail, causing her to jump and turn on me. Teeth bared. Her anger's half-assed though.
"What?" I joke. Her eyes continue to watch me.
"I don't know what to think of you." Honest. "Your personality. Who you are... Who are you, Cameron Alexander?" Her words are carefully chosen. She's silent for a long while, bored yet fascinated. I'm not sure what to say. Or how to act. If she doesn't like my hesitancy she doesn't show it.
"I don't know," I tell her taking a risk and stepping closer to her. She doesn't move. I'm bigger than her and so I have to look down to see her eyes. "My life has been messed up since the beginning. But... maybe you can help me figure it out." Oh so cheesy. She cocks her head to the side, again silent. What is going on in that head? She closes the gap between us... and licks my ear. Taking it as an invitation, I lower my head to her neck and nuzzle her white fur.
"I like you." She says after a few minutes. My heart flutters. "Catch me." She turns, running into the forest. I've never hunted before. Eric never lets me. But I don't even think about that as I bolt after her. She can't see me as weak.

I wake around 9am still in my wolf form next to my house. My wolf purs, content as can be. In flashes, she lets me see how well she behaved with Cameron. How friendly she was. Sitting on the patio, Mom sips her morning coffee, watching me with a smile on her face. I shake out my fur and stretch, before rolling over and standing on all fours, then shifting back in into the blonde haired blue eyed human.
"How was last night?" She asks me, a smile on her face as I near the back door.
"Nice." I say with a smile. "Thanks." It was better than nice. It was amazing. But I'm not going to tell her that. I had not expected my wolf to be kind to him. I expected her to growl and put up a fight but instead... Shaking my head, I head up to my room for a shower, thinking about how Cameron had been able to pin my wolf to the ground. He certainly is a natural. By the time I'm dressed for the day and back downstairs, Mom and Dad are both in the living room, waiting for me. I freeze on the first step.
"What did I do?" I ask quickly.
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