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Seven Blood Realms

By Noreen All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

Chapter 1

The nuclear bombs and the chemical bombs had killed many people all around the world. Many people survived and many people became mutants. There were some that said that the change was a natural change that bombs had just sped up the mutation gene that was in all humans or beings. Other groups called themselves dwellers and another the outsiders. What was left of the human government decided to capture and make as many dwellers and outsiders thier super soldiers and protectors. Others that were not capable of combat would be subjected to many tests and tortures or the beings called them experiments. I was one of those Experiments and survived only because the scientist they gave me to experiment on gave me what he called the blood of the seven realms. And no one knew what it was or what it was made of. What we know is that it changed me. I still look human and i never thought i had a gift or talent like a mutation except that i healed fast and seemed to have no fear of really anything. I have feelings but my body doesn’t show them. The notes of this crazy freaked out doctor or scientist say that the blood of the seven realms is blood from seven magical creatures Vampire were wolf elf fairy magic human beings and dragon. His notes go on to say that he hoped to add all the bloods to a strong mutant and create the ultimate Hybrid. That was me once a normal human overweight house wife turned into a Hybrid. I still look very human except when i am attacked or feel threatened my skin hardens into gem looking scales i stay looking human when this happens but it looks like shiny green purple armour. I have knowledge of combat fighting styles and strategy. Magic i know but don’t know how i know or if i am using it right. Sometimes it just happens. I sometimes breath fire i talk to animals and nature. Once the change into the hybrid happened the government wanted more as to them i was the ultimate super solider. Problem was that my genes DNA and mutant gene were very different then the others but the government kept giving my blood to others killing many. They were getting impatient and wanted to dissect me to make it work but i couldn’t let that happen i had to survive. You see before all of this started i had a husband and kids. But i lost them when the war started and was brought here. At one point in the experiments i fought back and took one the heads hostage the general or major ass hole is what i call he he told me that if i killed him they would kill my family my true love and my souls. He had me. I made him promise that if i did what they wanted they would let my family go and i would get to say good bye to them. He had agreed then he double crossed me when it was decided to dissect me. I lost my shit and went rouge killing most of the beings in that building. The ass hole gave me the information that my family was not at this direct facility but at another they were safe and being rehabilitated into society to start the new world they would basics. Beings with no other purpose but to serve and clean up after everyone else cooks maids servants if you will but i call them basics just as important and needed in this world like everyone else. I only prayed that my family was safe and we would see each other again and soon. I destroyed that facility and went into hiding. I wanted to find my family and be with again but if the ass hole was right then they would not remember me or would think i was dead. From now on i would be hunted by the government and i would always would have to hide. That was no life for anyone let alone a family I made the choice to make sure that they were OK and safe, I wasn’t sure if i would say good bye to them or just let them be i would make that choice when i got to them. I left the facility with survival gear a few weapons of choice like gums cross bow swords and a BO staff. I made sure that i had food water and transportation with gas. I didn’t know if the world relayed on currency any more but i made sure that when i hit the next town i raided thier bank. The first town i came to was a complete ghost town a few zombies and beasties but nothing i couldn’t handle. The store and bank were untouched by anyone else so i helped my self. It was nice that the government faculty provided me with a hummer and everything that i needed this was just in case stuff. My husband Nate believed to always be prepared for anything and for a long haul you never know what could and will happen. The fates have a funny way of fucking with our lives. I agreed with him. My name is Kareara and this is my story. I’m not glamorous nor am a super hero but I do have a message and I do have a purpose. I am not sure if there is a cure for what i have become or if i really want one. I have accepted along time ago that this is who I am and that I love me and will stand by my beliefs and be strong to help those who need help. After I had escaped destroyed the facility i found my self in the Canadian wilderness. I only knew i was in Canada because one of the guards told me so before i killed him. I realized it was the wilderness when i reached the outside. I felt at home and one with everything. I took my time coming down off the mountain side and enjoyed seeing and being apart of all the nature and animals around me. Some beatsies met thier death as they would not back down most stayed away. Zombies died instantly no exceptions. The road was a long windy dirt road that seemed to go on forever but i never minded. Then I came to that first town at the bottom like i mentioned before ghost town. I didn’t even stay the night i moved on quite quickly and found a turn out on the highway with a side road to a near by river. I looked around made a safe camp and realized that i was somewhere in the Canadian Rockies. I knew those mountains anywhere it was where Nate was from well a small town near there. But it could be any where along the Rockies. In all the supplies that i took from the faculty and the town you would think that i would have grabbed a compass but nope i grab money food water camping gear first aid medicine but no fucking compass. Well its not going to help to beat myself up over it, Ill just make a note well list of what i need and don’t need. Good thing i have this journal lol. Wow i really need to find some people. Or a pet anything. I make a bed and sleep for a few hours before the night mares start and i wake myself up screaming. Breathing heavily and needing air i climb out of the hummer gun in hand and make sure i am safe. I can feel my armour of scales fold over my body poised and ready for an attack but there is nothing not even the wind. Just me and the trees. Its not that am not use to being alone. I had friends my husband kids and co workers for a long time but i was always usually alone. People have lives jobs and families to and i never blamed anyone for not always being there i understood. I just was alone a lot as a child and t and even in my adult life but i always had the safety net of knowing that i could out into the world and meet people and make new friends, and now it seemed like it was just me and no net. It was lonely and scary my anxiety and depression were at a peak but i was in total control of my body and mind. I knew that i was ready for battle and ready to protect myself to survive i had to there was a reason the fates kept me alive this long i must have a purpose. The sun has not risen yet and all is calm. I sit on the ground grounding my self and centring myself making it so i was calm and listening for a sign from the fates on what my next move was when i was sure i heard a soft please help. Opening my eyes and standing up i was ready again and the voice got louder please help. I started running in the direction it was coming from and saw him a young unarmed man running from a zombie gang with a couple gruesome beasties on thier heels. The young man looked worn out and tired and would probably slow me down but i knew that i had to help. I made a flying leap and landed in front of him using my sword and took off a zombie head and slicing a few more in half. I spun and pushed what was left of the gang right into the beasties who quickly started to make a feast of the zombies i garbed the young man and checked his pulse it was faint but it was there and he was unconscious. The beasties would soon be done with the zombies and we would be desert. I reached down and effortlessly picked him him up over my shoulder and ran as fast as i could. My vision i could see at least 10 feet ahead of me must be the werewolf or vampire but i was looking for a safe place or quickest way back to hummer. Just as i got sight of the hummer i heard the beasties roar and start running towards us. Beasties are a large dog lion hybrid that stand i would say nine feet tall with sharp jagged teeth and anything and everything that moves is prey to them. They seem to like human flesh and zombie flesh the most. I got the young man in the back of the hummer and jumped in the drivers seat speeding off down the road, just as a beasties burst through the trees. I put petal to ass and passed a sign that pointed me to Vancouver BC. I took the exit and lost the beasties. Slowing down i caught my breath and tried to relax to retract my scales and not freak out the being when it came to. I also had to slow down because of all the scattered cars trucks and vans every where. Not to mention the zombies the bodies the crap. It became less and less as we neared the city most people had fled or were dead i assumed. I drove for hours watching the sun go down and listening to the same CD playing over and over again. The young man had not made a noise or move the whole time i drove. I finally found an abandoned motel along the highway and made us up a room for the night. I made sure we had to beds and he gave him the best medical care i could. If he was still bad in the morning i would go find a hospital for ivs and better medicine.
I made sure to board up all the windows and barricaded us in the room by getting furniture from other rooms and blocking the windows after boarding them up and the door as well. They way i looked at it if he died and became a zombie or something that i had to kill i would but i would do my best to save him. I slept again till the nightmares came and i awoke to someone shaking me awake softly saying hey hey wake up its OK i wont hurt you. Please wake up. I open my eyes and staring into my eyes are the greenest eyes the colour is like will a deep emerald Forrest green. Hey there I’m Chet. I promise i wont hurt you so you can lower your gun relax now if you like. I give my head a shake and really that my scales are out and I’m staring at him down the barrelled of my gun. Sorry i mumble as i lower my gun. My name is Kareara. He smiles at me and says thank you very much for saving me Kareara. Are you travelling alone and to a certain spot? He asks casually. Um well i honestly don’t know where i am going and yes i am alone but as you seen i can handle myself. I did and I believe you he reply’s. Would it bother you if i came with you as I have no where to go and no one to go to. Its just me. I look at him Can i trust him I ask myself? Its better than being alone and I don’t think he will fuck with you at anytime soon. I answer myself. Alright i say do you have any ideas or plans on what we should do next. I ask. He chuckles softly and looks at me. All of i sudden i catch my breath again. Yea i have ideas but no there is no plan. He smiles at me and asks do you have he kinda chuckles again and continues any ideas or plans. Well my plans were to make sure my husband and kids are safe and then decide from there. I made sure i emphasized the word husband. Oh you have a family he says. Not sound like a jackass or anything but are you sure that they are alive. Um that’s why I’m going to find out if they are safe or well u mm not safe. I catch myself choking up about to cry at the thought of them all being well dead. I look at him giving my best evil mommie look that every mother has and he he kinda sat up and backed up a bit. Look I say in my mommie voice to by the way. Look I know what the reality is OK. But right now i need that motivation to keep going to keep myself alive to keep you alive for that matter. I say looking at him again. I’m sure you will survive for awhile but I’m sure you would survive a lot longer with me around. Yea i agree he says so what are you getting at. Well I’m not asking you to believe or hope or do anything i say or believe in. The only thing i want you to do is trust me and be honest with me and i will do the same. I will protect you and fight by your side as long as you need me to and beyond that this is my vow i only ask that you claim the same and bind me to you and you to me so mote it be i reached out and grabbed his hand and with everything he had he said so mote it be. There was a flash of light and where his hand clasped my upper arm i felt a sharp pain like a tattoo needle or maybe a branding iron burning into my flesh i yelp in pain as did Chet but neither of us could let go then the burning stopped as fast as it started and we let go so suddenly of each other that we both fell to the ground just before either of us hit the earth hard beneath us a soft root lifted us up gently to a standing point. I bowed low to the trees and said thank you for your help and pointed looked at Chet who quickly caught on and bowed low to and said thank you. The roots slowly sank back down to the earth and Chet stood amazed then looked at me just as i was shifting back out of my scale back into my Being form. I blushed slightly and he smiled at its fine Kareara i understand that you are a mutant or something and its OK. I was in the military and was dispatched out here to find survivors but our base was over run with zombies and those things Beasties i said. Yea that and i couldn’t save any one so i started to run but they chased me and then you and he just stopped talking. Hey thank you again for saving me. Your welcome i said. Look we should head back to the hummer and the road get into the city see what we can find and see if we can find out about my family and any one you want to find i ask him. He shakes his head nope like i said I’m alone. Um i don’t mean to freak you out but do you have a tattoo on your arm where we touched? O mg i shouted. I had totally forgot about the mark as there was no more pain and i was just distracted. Any way i pulled up my sleeve and there was a fresh dark inked tattoo in the shape of seven inside a blood drop shape the ink on the shape was a deep blood like colour and the seven was in black block lettering but the actual number seven. Chet had the same thing on his right fore arm. But his blood drop was a different colour it was the colour of his eyes and i must have looked surprised cause he said what. I said well you have the same mark as me but your blood drop matches the colour of your eyes that beautiful deep green. I u mm mean and mind and i looked at mine and did a double take as when i had seen it the first time it was a deep blood red but now it was a deep purple with a hint of royal or sapphire blue. Is that the colour of my eyes she asked him. Yes he replied your eyes are a deep purple but the centre of your eye is a deep dark blue and so well u mm he cleared his throat. Your husband is a lucky man to always get to look into beautiful eyes. Thank you look there is the hummer and he laughs again. I know i know we need a better name for this thing i say as we climb in me in the drivers seat and him shot gun. Hmm he says what a bout Bug as in BAH HUM BUG he howls with laughter and i groan to myself great bad puns here we come. It must be a man thing cause i know i sure hate those puns. Um no i say how about the bee cause bees always hmm? I don’t he says but we will come up with it we have about an hour to the city OK. i say. I keep driving he keeps going over names and come up with nothing even as we pull up to the city. All i can smell is sewer and death. We find settler for the night and settle in. Do you want to know anything about me he asks? How about this you can tell me anything that you feel comfortable telling me but be honest. If what you know is important and can help then tell me and i will tell you the plan every time. Do i get an input on the plan yes. I answer. Alright he says. I stare into the fire and i hear him clear his throat. I am 29 years old never married no kids my parents well i was in foster care till i was 18 and then i went to college. I’ve pretty much been on my own ever since. Friends are few and far between I’m not really a people person but i like to be out in the nature and animals seem to like me and have never attacked unless threatened. I just feel at home here and i don’t know just at peace i guess. Can you do like magic. What do you mean well earlier when i was gather wood for the fire i came across a large dry log perfect for wood for fires. But i had no way to cut it and out of my mouth a poem or a rhyme like the one i said that gave us the tattoos and the wood was stacked and floating. I started to walk to look around it and the float wood followed me. So i brought it back here and stacked it before you saw it floating. No not that i have notice i know how to fight and survive. But i don’t know magic. Or maybe you are not open to the idea and need to get in touch with your magic or ground your self like i do with the forest. Here sit with me on the grass crossed legs and just close your eyes and listen and feel with your mind not your body. The earth will speak to you and help you feel recharged and refreshed. Hey your right i feel relaxed. Good what else. Well.. i am hungry. I sigh alright lets get food. Do you have meet besides can meat he asks me. No i reply i am not much of a hunter and have a slight fear i am trying to over come. Oh he says raising an eyebrow whats that he asks. Its kinda dumb and i know its a mind of matter thing especially now, but i take a deep breath and say i have a fear of dead things. And I’m learning to over come as the zombies and i crave fresh meat part of the hybrid i believe. But i really haven’t don’t any hunting in my life and know nothing about tracking or hunting. Chet walks over and gently places his hand under my chin. Hey its OK we all have fears to over come and you will get over yours in your own time there is no rush. I am looking directly into his eyes and i feel that attraction like the sexual tension like hmm it would be fum and new exciting but is it worth it is this raw urge almost craving like feeling worth just that raw sex? He is looking back deep in my eyes and my hand touches his cheek and i feel him shiver from the cold from me? Was it a good shiver a bad shiver and before i can form another thought his lips are on mine. I don’t know what force came over me but i pulled him closer to me and deepened the kiss. I heard him sigh and it was like we melted into one. Just as i was getting into he he broke away from me and pushed me back. Ow he said. My arm its like burning. He rolled up his shirt sleeve and his tattoo glowed red like fire and the farther he backed away from me the lighter the flame like colour faded. I walked toward him and reached to touch him when the colour deepened and flared like flames shooting from his arm. I backed away quickly. I am sorry i didn’t mean to hurt you. Hey its alright it just means that you are very loyal to your husband kids and believe they are alive. Yea i guess i respond i cant help but think that i hurt someone with out knowing it. I felt guilty and it was weighing heavy on me. I knew that with all the experiments and all the mutations that i had gone through i was still an over weight house wife that suffered from depression and anxiety. I give my head a shake and tell myself no time for that shit now shake it off keep going keep looking. Chet’s arm burning after you kissed him was a sign from the fates that they are alive that he is alive. Look I’m sorry and i promise it wont happen again if i can help it but i think that you are right we should just be friends or comrades or what ever. Or you can just go on your way. What ever works for you I’m good either way. Yea it sucked and i mean i would love to well you know but i think that you’re just to loyal and i will be your friend and travel with you but i will never touch you like that again OK. Alright. We fell in to silence for a bit after that collecting fire wood and setting up a small camp. I wasn’t tired i honestly cant remember when i slept last that was a lie i did sleep just never for long and the nightmares were always there. but i felt like i didn’t need it. Ill take first watch i tell Chet and then you. Sure he agrees and climbs into his make shift bed roll close to the fire to keep warm. God i hope that this doesn’t become to awkward now i think to myself. I start making rounds around the campsite keeping the fire and him in my sights just in case. The forest is dark and dense the moon provides some light through the dense tree tops i cant even see stars. Stars have always brought me comfort as does the moon I’m not sure why its just comforting. The wind rustles the trees around me and i spin on my heel ready to strike. My eyes adjust to the dark and i notice that i can see just as clearly as i could during the day. I see and hear nothing, i make my way back to camp, everything is safe and secure. My body slowly shivers and i feel light and strange and as i open my mouth the rhyme comes out PROTECT THIS MAN PROTECT THIS LAND BAND THE DARK AND LET LIGHT LEAVE ITS TRUE MARK SO MOTE IT BE. There is a light breeze and small flash of light, i felt safe and protected. For the first time in awhile i yawned and laid down on the opposite side of the fire my last thought was please no nightmares tonight. I drifted off and again was awoken by Chet shaking me hey hey its OK your safe. I blinked and looked at him. Sorry it just happens. Its OK i get it you have been through some shit. You want to talk about it? No not really honestly i really don’t remember what i see its just there and its bad. I shiver. Hey its OK here i made breakfast he hands me a plate made out of a leaf with eggs and what looks like meat i don’t think just eat. Thank you i say when I’m done. My body is craving coffee, i lived for coffee back in the day especially my Tim Horton. Extra large double double mm mm. Chet smiles at me what are you thinking about? An extra large dd at timmies i say. Hmm not much for timmies or coffee for that matter he replies. I drink a lot of energy drinks though. We ease into a conversation of the good and evil of caffeine energy drinks and what is good for food and not. He goes on about how the government is injecting all of our food with micro chips to implant us to control us. To make them our bitches as he says. I shake my head they ant worried about that now or doing that. Mostly they are making a super solider. Or well they were till it escaped. He blinks and looks at me. How do you know. Didn’t i tell you i destroyed a military faculty where they were testing on people like me and made me a super solider then i escaped. And how can you have conspire theories about the government i thought you were military. I am he sighs doesn’t mean that i don’t believe that the government is trying to control us or theories but i feel the best way to get to the answers is from the inside out that’s why i joined figured i would move up quickly become important and expose everything. But they don’t tell you they send you to the war torn countries to fight to destroy to watch life die. Its awful he says and shakes his head. I gentle squeeze his shoulder hey its all good we have both seen some shit I’m surprised you don’t have nightmares like me. Look we will just keep going and hope that we will find what we are looking for OK. Sure he says. I can feel his mood shift from happy to deep and dark and i cant stand it. Hey lets go see how fast we can make the hummer go. Ill even let you drive. I say smiling at him. This cheers him a bit really lets go. He says jumping up and running to the hummer. Wait we are not coming back here so lets clean up and gather what we can use. Sure he says and starts grabbing stuff throwing it in to the back of the hummer. I sigh i get it i was young once and i really never had patience so i get it but it still bothered my OCD i had to let it go and move on. Shake it off and let it go should be my theme songs lately i chuckle to myself. Chet climbs into the drivers seat and starts the hummer. He revs the engine just a few times as i climb in shot gun and do up my seat belt. I look at him and say hey don’t crash or kill us OK. I wont he says smiling. I smile back the skies are gloomy out but inside this hummer right now is all sunshine and smiles i soak it and remember to say a small prayer of thanks for everything i have in this moment. I feel the depression slowly slip back into the dark corners of my mind and the anxiety melting away well at least i know what to do now. Chet finds a difference CD and puts it in and we drive singing and acting crazy just having fun and being ourselves. We sped the last few miles right into the heart of Vancouver there was nothing no life no breeze no lights no nothing. There was still a smell of sewer and garbage. What are we looking for asks Chet? Supplies medical stuff and medicine i would guess. Weapons what ever we can carry and not over load ourselves. We don’t really have a base and it seems everything around here is abandoned. My suggestion would be for us to make way to higher ground. That way we have a view point vantage then go from there. But your call Dragon lady. Chet says casually. I think that is a great idea and that we should do it. Which building that is not that damage or falling apart would be the best. Lets park the hummer stash some stuff and continue on foot. I suggest. Chet grabs the back packs and fills them with the basics and water. We each take weapons of our choice and camouflager the hummer, we head down into what i would assume was the business distinct with all the tall fancy buildings. There were banks coffee shops and other shops along the way as well. We kept looking up and the sun was starting to hurt my eyes but finally Chet said that one and we headed towards its doors. Someone had chained the doors shut but the glass that was in the frame was broken and shattered all over the ground. We didn’t hear or see anything or anyone but it was dark inside as the windows had dust and dirt on them from the destruction outside on the streets. Chet handed one of two flash lights and started up the stairs first i followed closely behind making sure nothing was sneaking up on us. I was just beginning to think that there was nothing here when Chet stopped suddenly. Whats wrong i whisper to him? I thought i heard something behind this door but it has stopped now. Could be anything but we should check it. My rule is zombie kill on site beasties if it is not attacking us we don’t it. Anything else we ask questions first then shoot after. Agreed i go first then you we cover each other. On the count of three then? I nod reading my hand gun Chet follows suit one two three and i open the door Chet rushes in and i follow ready. At first scan we see nothing but a closet door some garbage and rags on the floor then just like Chet said a small rustling sound coming from the closet. Chet readies himself again and gives a nod i swing open the door and ready my self for anything. Wait! Don’t kill me I’m well i use to be human now I’m not so sure? A soft but loud voice calls out to us. The closet is dark and full of junk we cant see who the voice belongs to but my guess would be a young girl. Chet slowly lowers his gun a girl well teenage girl emerges from behind the clutter. Her eyes glow red and her ears are pointed. She does look like a being but not. Hello she says and i lower my gun as well hello Chet answers my name is Chet this is Kareara and who are you. My family called me crystal but i never felt like a crystal. Alight would you like to come out and tell us what you would like to be called and answer some questions for us. Sure she says happily. She walks out of the closet coming closer to the light of our flashlights. If you could point the lights more to the ground they hurt my eyes she asks politely. We oblige. I always thought that i was a Natalie or a Jane. Crystal always seemed to fancy for me and i have never felt fancy especially now. I think i would like to be called Robin cause its the name of a bird and if i were a bird i would so fly away into the sun and enjoy my life free to fly anywhere. She pauses and looks at us. Sorry some times i ramble and i haven’t really had anyone to talk to in quite some time. Its fine i answer. In my head i think i get it and being dramatic makes you all the more interesting. But say nothing. Not my place and i know for a fact that i can be just as dramatic and i am way older then she is. OK Robin is there any one or anything else that lives in this building we should know about? Um I wouldn’t know. I have never really left this room other then to go down to hunt for food and water. Ever hear anything other than your self in here? Not really i really dont notice i mostly hide in the closet and its pretty crowded in there and hard to hear things. So i dont know. Alright well we are heading to the roof if we can you can come with or stay here its up to you. I dont know. OK well we got to go so we will see you Chet says as we head for the door. So i think i have a better plan to see if anyone is here. Whats that? Asks Chet. Well i think that i can sense things like before we entered that door when you said that you thought that you heard something well in my gut instinct told me that something was there and it was alive. It couldn’t tell me if it was animal or what ever but when we were in the room i could sense a mouse. Chet gave me a look as to say um OK crazy lady. See i thought that i was nuts too but then as we were leaving the room a mouse ran from under a pile of rags to the hole in the wall. So I’m wondering if i concentrate hard enough if i can just sense to see if anything is here bigger than a mouse other than us. We can try if nothing works we just have to keep going up i guess. Chet answers. Alright here i go. I stand in the middle of the hall way close to the stairs and close my eyes. I let my sense take over one by one and let my self connect with the build the ground that it is on. I let my six sense take over my mind body and senses. Feeling like i let out a current wave of sound or mist it spread out from me and shot up and down the building let me feel for other life. A lot of animals like mice rats cockroaches that sort of thing. But nothing came back like us or anything bigger than us. I dont know if i could sense zombies or beasties but i hoped i could. If not well i would deal with it when and if we came across either one. It occurred to me that i was letting the being made of flesh and bone go before me. Me a indestructible dragon like being well i hope I was an indestructible being but i was a lot more durable and probably be the one that got less hurt if i went first and protected the being like i said i was going to. I didn’t sense anything i say looking at Chet. Look i think i will go first and you behind. What! Why?! Chet shouts. Cause i dont easily get hurt or die. I said i would protect you so i will go first you bring up the rear. I look behind him and see Robin or what ever she wants to be called peeking at me. She looks like a elf crossed with a rat or mouse. She has white grey hair and cat like eyes that shine red. She is almost pure white. Well are you staying here or are you going to come with us and be use full? I ask her. Chet swings around to look at her. I dont know if I’m special other then the sun and bright light hurts me. But i think i would rather be with you if you cant die will you protect me too? She asks her eyes going big and giving me her best pleading/begging look. Save the look Elf it wont work on me. But yes you can come and we will explore your abilities after we get secure and make camp for the night OK? Chet and Robin both nod and i start going up the stairs again. Robin is right behind me I can feel her breath on my neck, Can you smell that she whispers softly i sniff the air and give my head a shake. What the fuck am i doing? I ask myself. Wait what was that and i sniff the air again. It smells sickly sweet, but familiar. Can you smell that i ask set with a questioning look. Smell what he answers i smell garbage sewer decay deconstruction. No none of that I answer. Its like sweet like really sweet. Yea chimes in Robin it smells like fruit or candy she says. I sniff again i just cant get it. You to slowly behind me Robin you will need to stay right here dont move OK? She nods. I look at Chet got me covered? He nods look if this goes bad. He just chuckles dont worry babe ill miss you too he laughs softly. Funny i say. Anyways protect her. Alright here i go. I point the flash light ahead of me down the hall the stairs stopped on this floor but there had to be away to the roof. The hall is dark and the light disappears about half way. I take a steady breath and start forward the floor creaks slightly but not loudly. The smell of sweet gets stronger as i head down the hall. Nothing moves nothing makes a sound but the sweet gets so strong that i almost cant stand it. It makes want to throw up and my teeth ache from to much candy. The hall way stops in front of a door i look behind me and i can see Robins eyes glowing and Chet’s flashlight beam right behind her and only a few feet behind me. I sigh. So either one of you know the meaning of staying back and waiting? I dont want you in harms way its much easier if i go first and then you. Well we cant let you have all the fun dragon lady and besides how else are we gonna know what our abilities and skills are if we can test our self’s.? Alright i take a deep breath on the count of three. Robin quickly positions herself behind the door to open it i stand in front of Chet with my gun ready. Chet crouches low behind me gun ready he nods at me. One two three Robin pulls open the door and a giant nevus fly trap looking flower that smelt of honey swings its large vine like arms arms at us trying to grab us. Chet opens fire and i do the same when all of a sound Robin lets out a ear piercing scream and the plant just shakes and explodes sticky sweet honey all over us. I am not sure if i should be disgusted or just laugh but i dont have time to decided as another vine comes charging through the door and grabs my legs. I feel my body go up side down but cant see anything as i closed my eyes the honey runs over them sealing them shut. My ears slowly fill with honey muffling the sounds around me and my heart rate picks up and i start to panic as i realize that i am about to die and there isn’t anything i can do about it. I feel my body being pulled up and swinging back and forth i try to help my body swing hoping the momentum will set me free but nothing happens and i am left swinging. The swinging stops and i feel y body hit the ground i roll to a stop and try to control my breathing. The honey has seeped over my nose and moth my nostrils just barely covered giving enough air to breath. The smell of honey and sweet sweat fills my nostrils and i want to gag but cant. I feel my scales trying to protect me but because of the sticky honey the reflex of that happening doesn’t. But my instinct to survive kicks in an i feel my body start to heat up. The heat started in my feet and slowly worked its way up my body and as the heat rose the temperature also rose melting the honey off of my body and freeing me. As i felt the honey melt away i could slowly move and my scales replaced where the honey once sat. My hearing came and i heard TAKE THAT YOU BASTARD! BACK OFF! YEA YOU LIKE THAT FEEL THAT BURN BABE! Then mad laughter i pull my eyes open and see Chet and Robin using lighted torches to melt the honey and make the plant back up. I am grasping for breath and as i push my self into a sitting position i push the heat i feel flowing through me into the floor toward the Venus fly trap hoping my heat added to theirs will make the plant beasties retreat. As my heat races toward the Venus i hear Chet yell Robin no! I turn my head to see robin grab a gun on the floor and open fire at the open door i know what is about to happen and with all my might inside me i beg my magic to change the heat to wind to slam the door shut before the plant explodes and covers us again. And to my great shock it happens. Chet grabs Robin before she is caught in the door way. I make my wind gust pushover Chet and robin back knocking them into the wall behind them. Shit! I yell and push myself up the rest of the way scrambling to them hoping i dint just kill them by breaking thier necks. I kneel next to them checking for pulses as i touch them Robin groans and slowly moves. I let out the air that i was holding in. Chet slowly rolls over groaning. Wow that was not fun. Sorry i say looking at him sheepishly i guess its not just strength in my body i have to worry about. My magic kinda is... before i can finish my sentence Robin chimes in out of control. Man you need to find some one to teach how to use that shit cause man i so dont want to die. Alright we can all i agree i need to work with my magic but i think that we need to find a way to the roof or is that plan out now? Cause as far as i can see this is the only way up and I dont know if we killed that thing or if its just regrouping. What about another hallway like a back stair case and a front one Chet says. Or maybe a fire escape? Robin asks i turn and look at her Robin i say trying to not lose my temper do you know of a fire escape outside of the building? She smiles and says i said i hunted for food and water how do you think i did it. I also said i never left the room into the building didn’t i?

I sigh and look at Chet I can see that he is about to lose it. He was really good with her before but that was before the near death experience. What! He shouted there is a God Damn Fucking Fire Escape out your window!! He is yelling and going red in the face. I know this rage anywhere its like a dad losing it with his kid pushed to much to far and now boom! ARIGHT SHUT IT! I scream slice follows. I get it your pissed at her Chet understand able but its not going to make it better to freak on her. As much as i wan to too it wont solve the problem. I look at Robin As for you madame you will from now on will speak the fuck up and tell us important stuff even if it doesn’t seem important got it. So you want me to just talk. I can do that. So as i was saying. I hold my hand cutting her off. Yes i want you to take but think of this if you see or know something important like a fire escape to tell us. Well i dont know if it goes up i just go down at night late night when everything else is gone to bed or still sleeping. That way i wont run into things like that plant thing. U mm how would not know if it doesn’t go up? I assume with your mutation that you can see in the dark so look up. Well i hate heights so it takes everything to look down to get down to go get food and water. Coming back up is a breeze so dont you look up to see that the fire escape goes up? U mm i only look for my window and basically run up the escape to get to my closet. I am really scare to die and really scared to run into something. I shake my head. I know that she handled herself fine in the battle with the Venus fly trap beasties but it could be the Adeline rush that many getting when facing danger and survival that made her brave and focused. Show us the fire escape. Right this way. Robin turns and back down toward her room and notice Chet has disappeared. Hey Chet where ya be? I call out no answer. Chet? Slice followed maybe he went to look for another way Robin said. I dont know maybe but i was cut off in mid thought when i heard hey are you guys coming. It was Chet half down the other hallway. I think i found a room to the fire escape. I walked toward robin close behind me. The room he found was completely empty but with a window. The closet door was closed and i stopped robin from opening it. I did not a repeat of the Venus. Looks good from here Chet said as he looked out the window. I walked up behind him and looked. As i stood there and inhaled his scent deep and it stirred something deep inside but as soon as i felt that familiar sexual attraction to Chet my tattoo burned slightly reminding me that i had to control myself. I promised. I took a step back as he raised his gun smashed the window and cleared out all the glass from the frame. Once satisfied he turned to me and said you or me first dragon lady? Me i responded quickly remembering my promise to protect him as well as to control my sexual attraction to him. I climbed out the window as gracefully as i thought i could and started up the fire escape. Reaching the top i looked out toward the sky line and seen it was just breath taking the sun was just getting ready to set and it made the sky look so pink and bright filling my soul with the good. At that moment i remember what my mother told me long ago something along the lines of pink skies sailors delight. I couldn’t quite remember the whole saying but it just reminded me when i asked what it meant and she meant that the gods were blessing us and letting us know that tomorrow always brought new hope. I breathed and smiled to myself taking in the moment and just once again to remember to be grateful for what i had and not what i didn’t have and the hope that my Nate and kids were alive. I looked back to the roof and it seemed untouched nothing moved nor made a sound. I swung my legs over the wall and landed gently i sniffed the air again this time checking for zombies beasties or what every seemed like a threat and nothing but. I turned around and seen Chet helping robin over the wall. So much for you guys waiting for me to tell you it was clear and safe. Figured didn’t here you shoot your gun or scream or anything that it must be safe. Dont lie Chet you stuck your head out the window and seen that she was just standing there and you swore and climbed out to follow and i wasn’t staying by myself so i followed. Its safe lets set up camp and surveillance see what see and what can find. Maybe there are others out there needing us to help them robin said eagerly. Maybe i said but if you want to stay with us and find out then i suggest you help out and set up camp. OK can i go get my stuff and then help. Sure just be quick and dont explore just to your room and back again OK.She nodded her head and qiuckly made her way down the escape. I knew in my gut that it was the wrong. choice to let her go. But at some point i had to trust people again. I turned to look at Chet who was shaking his head. You know he said that she is working for the bad guys and is going to let them know where we are. What makes you think that she is one of them. Oh come on she she dilbratly didnt tell us about the fire escape and doesnt know her way around this place??? lies! He yells at me.. woa! Dude calm down. I know ok but she is a kid that got mixed up with the wrong side. Maybe we can change that. We cant save everybody and you know that we have to move or her friends will be here soon. You know she works for the government and you know once we are back in thier hands its game over for mutties like us. I dont think its the government she works for but some one else. Look i agree with you she is lying about alot of things but she might be useful too. Like a hostage? Chet asks raising his eyebrows at me. Well maybe but we have to get her now and check for a tracker and get the hell out of hear i can hear helicopters flying towards us about 50 km out. We gotta move now. Chet grabbed his bag he never opened and his gun. Ill get her and you get moving we will meet up. No! I shout no time we leave her and save ourselves. Head to the woods. The city is to dangereous. We go forest or underground? Our truck and all of the other stuff? We can get that later lets go. I didnt know how we were going to get down but i knew to avoid being seen we couldnt go the way we came. As i was thinking and looking around Chet came running by and yelled jump with me! He ran stright towards the ledge and launched himself off. OMG! I screamed Chet! I ran toward the ledge and could srr the outline of the helicopters behind me just jump i thought to myself. I am a dragon i thought to myself, Dragons can fly! Please let the dragon instinct kick in and please let me be a dragon with wings. As i launched off the roof i looked down and chet was on a lower roof top making his way to the next roof. I felt myself falling at first but then a felt that fimilar heat in my body and all i could think was i could fly. I was a dragon that could fly. My excitment was shorted lived as the helicopters were fast approaching. I knew i was strong and i hoped i was strong enough to fly and carry chet. We had to make it to the trees. I could feel a calling with in me saying it was safe and i would find help. I swooped behind Chet and yelled reach up and hang on tight. At first he was in shocked just by looking at me and then he reached up and jumped basically into my arms. Wow did you know you could fly? This is amazing. His shock wore off and now excited adriline had kicked in. If you dont quit moving im going to drop you. I had it to the trees and dropped Chet to the ground before landing myself. OW! Hey that hurt chet yelled at me. SHHH! I wanna make sure they didnt see us come here. I crept quietly to the tree line making sure that i used the huge trees as cover. The choppers had landed on the roof but no sign of robin. And they were not looking at the trees or the sky. Bonus points they didnt know i could fly i thought that might give us an advantage. I turned to Chet and said look im sorry that i dropped you three feet from the ground and you got a bump but now we got move deep in the forrest. We must be respectful and thank the trees for helping us. Chet looked at me like i bumped my head or something. Umm did not get enough oxygen while we were up there darling? I stumbled on my words as i was too confussed at were that came from. Yes i have always love nature animals and have always tried to do my part but this was like home and home was where you respected most as it helped raise you into the person you are today. Anyways I shurged at him. Not sure but lets get going. To where dragon lady? The center of the forrest will have knowledge for us. Again i looked at him and shurged. I know it sounds crazy but my instinct is to go to the center of the forest. So come if you like or not but that is where i am going. Alright no camps no fires till we get where we are going. Who ever was after us has probably figured out where we are by now. Dont think so. I think they will start looking under ground first. I said smiling at him. What did you do. Well you never answered me when i asked forest or underground we just ran or flew away and they didnt see me fly but before i grabbed you i mad a few man hole covers ascew and maybe left a trail that lead down there. Chet laughed really you think of every thing. Yea i over think maybe its not such a bad thing. We kept moving in slince after that as the sun had set and we didnt know what would await us in the forest at night. I could sense alot of animals and other creatures but everything was still like someone had told the whole forest to be quiet. Just as we were about to enter a large grove of trees an arrow whized by head stright for chet. I leapt in for chet just in time as i knocked him to the ground the arrown struck the tree in front of us. Sorry mate i said to chet slowly moving off of him and trying to stay low. There was something or some one out there. I had sense them following us for awhile but didnt want to attack first. I wanted to show peace and ask for help. Chet was ready to fight back when i looked at him and shock my head. Do you trust me? I whispered to him. He nodded. I slowly postioned my self into a kneeling postion and raised my arms above my head. We come in peace and seeking help. We do not plan to stay long but ask for help and be granted passage through your forest. I am Kareara and I am looking for my family. This is my companion Chet he is a warrior. We mean no harm just wish to speak to elders or leaders someone? The trees rustle above my head and three men or what looked like men landed sliently on the ground in front of us.

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