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Drama / Adventure




In the year 2035, in the beautiful city of Nottingham, in a street known as Black Horse Road at number 80 was the home of a man called Ian Angel. Ian Angel was a hard working employer form the Zoo in Twycross as a keeper for the herbivores such as Deer, Zebra’s and the Giraffe. He loved his job, it was a very rewarding position, the pay wasn’t great but it was the outdoor’s adventure of the wildlife he loved about this job. He was also a loving husband to his wife Jade and a loving father to his two little girls Kelly and Annie.

He met Jade in the year 2022 on a Africa Safari tour guide Holiday in Kenya. He was signed on a research trip when he was at he University of Nottingham to capture some photo’s of wildlife animals in their natural habitats and then write a review on paper. They were in a tour jeep going around the savannah’s of Africa capturing every beautiful moment, creatures and scenery. Until when a Lion jumped on top of the jeep for the driver had to stop “right hold on everyone while the Lion is on top of the jeep we can’t go no further, it’s okay he should be down soon” explained the driver, until from out of the bushes a pride of lioness came out jumping onto the jeep trying bite every metal part of the jeep they could lay their teeth into, everyone was screaming, even the tour driver was frightened and he was holding a tranquilliser gun, “well shoot them with that” shouted an older woman! “I can’t, they never trained me to shoot these cause they said we wouldn’t need to bother” said the driver sweating in fear.

Then a lioness grabbed Jade by the jacket just missing her skin on the arm “oh my god, oh my god the lion’s got me, Help!” she shouted the people shouted for the driver asking to hand over the gun but he was so scared he held onto the gun like his life dependant on it, everyone tried to tackle him by trying to grab the gun, poor Jade was scared, crying because this animal would not let go, Then Ian Angel started to growl, everyone stopped trying to grab the gun to face Ian and Jade, Jade looked at Ian in a strange way “what the hell are you .....?” Then Ian put his finger on his lips as if to say shush. Then he growled again, the lioness started tightening it’s bite and Jade’s jacket started to rip, Jade was getting scared by the minute. Then Ian took a big breath and then let a big growl using every muscle in his throat to make a lion’s growl, The lioness eventually started to loosen the bite, then Ian made heaving, breathing noise with his nose, then the lioness let go, eventuall all the Lions came of the jeep and then Ian put his camera on to flash mode, then he took one snap shot of the Lions together and then “BANG” the flash from Ian’s camera was so bright the Lion pride ran a mile. The people were shocked by the effort Ian took the courage to stand and make that growling sound, even Jade was surprised at the same time she was shaking, the tourist on the tour jeep started to clap and cheer, as Ian felt kind of embarrassed with a little smile he walked up to the driver passing through the tourist who all thanked him. “bless you, let’s here for the Lion man, whoo hoo” the people shouted, “okay everybody just sit down” Ian said trying to reach the driver. the driver was still in shock holding onto his gun rocking fourth and back ’hey, hey, hey Mr. it’s okay” shouted Ian then the driver came out of it and looked around “what, where, um what about the Lions?” he asked “it’s okay they have gone now, I scared them with a flash of my camera” Ian explained then with joy the driver replied “oh my dear boy bless you” he tried to hug Ian, then Ian stopping him said “it’s okay, here have a drink” as Ian gave the driver some of his water from his metal bottle, then after driver had relaxed after he had a drink he then said “now how about we just move on and head back to the next camp site and i’ll explain what happened with you to the authorities, okay cool” then the driver still shaken said “yes yes, camp site” “good lad let’s go” said Ian patting his shoulders. Then as the driver drove on Ian went to check on Jade. Bless her heart, she was so terrified she was sweating and almost couldn’t breath, then as Ian sat next to her, he patted her shoulder and asked “hey love you okay” she then turned round real quick as if he had made her jump, “hey it’s okay ,their gone, relax here have a drink” she just looked at it as if she didn’t understand “come on now you need your energy to catch with you” explained Ian in a calm voice offering the drink.

she then slowly reached for his metal bottle, she was still shaking with fear and then when she held the drink she drank some water, the water relaxed her, stopped her heart from going over board from having panic attack and then she began to breath slowly “that’s it my sweet ,deep breaths, did that make you feel better” then as she opened her eyes she slowly nodded taking her breath slowly, her heart came down from beating to fast and she than relaxed, she then fell into Ian’s shoulders with her hand over her mouth and replied by crying ” oh my god I nearly got eaten by a ....” she couldn’t even finish that last sentence of the animal that tried to kill her. “hey, hey come on now it’s okay they gone now” she lay in Ian’s arms crying “bedsides I think they wanted your jacket not your skin” with a humous laugh he held up her teeth marked hole in the jacket, she then looked up at her arm with red eyes and tears slowly thinking did this conversation go from serious to a laugh, then she looked up at Ian with his smirk smile on his face, she then laughed. Jade rubbed her eyes and said “um thank you for making those strange nosies I suppose I wouldn’t be alive without you sounded like a animal” then she had a little smirk smile “oh, oh I see what’s happening here” replied Ian laughing his head of. They both looked into each others eyes and even though Jade was a girl in shock and Ian was a man looking after her for medical attention at the camp site they both saw a spark in each other as if to say they saw love at first sight.

Then a boy who was a son of the two parents who were on of the tourist Jeep one seat in front of Ian and Jade was looking at them, other people gathered around, they asked Ian “how did you scared of the Lions with that noise you did?” then Ian looking at everybody in awkwardness “come on tells us said an old man” Then Jade sat up from Ian as if she was interested too, then Ian took his arm from around her and put them together and told the people “well I suppose it’s just something I have been studying about how Lions work and I did have an experience with wild animals when I was younger but I’d rather not go into personal stuff thanks, so yes their you go it’s studying″ then everyone felt awkward as if they got together for that, even Jade felt like what she had just listen to was a awkward chat, Jade saw that Ian was remembering something sad and personal but didn’t know what it was. Then the tour jeep finale got to the camping site “here we go guys, please any tourists seeking treatment please report to medical attention staff” said the driver, then Ian looked at Jade and said “come on let’s go” she held his hand and walked over to the doctor’s.

Ian and the driver explained the situation with the Lions to the authorities, he rang up his management to also explain and the news was good that the driver did not lose his job on the Safari guide. The driver received some more good news from his head office, he got some holiday off for it. “thank you my friend” said the driver shaking Ian’s hand “no worries, I hope you have a lovely Holiday” and then with enthusiasm he replied “oh yes my friend, I’m going to DisneyLand Florida USA” then the driver skipped away singing about his Holiday.

I’m going to Disney Land.

I feel so high and I feel so ground.

This tune is getting a very big sound.

I’m off to Disney Land .

Then Ian looked at the driver with a chuckle on his face feeling very happy for him, he then walk over to see if Jade was alright at the doctor’s, her friends Beth and Chloe that came on Holiday with her who had fell out with her earlier today on a activity differences were talking way to fast “oh my god are u okay, we heard about the lions, did they hurt you” then Jade laughing with the attention “it’s okay guys i’m okay” but they still wouldn’t stop, then the doctor said “right girls time to go I think you should give her some room” as the doctor showed the girls the door, they quickly said “text us when your ok” then as the doctor was about to close the door Ian stepped inn and said “hello doc is the girl who got attacked by the Lions here” The doctor looked confused of why he was inquiring “and you are you?” asked the doctor “i’m the guy who scared the Lions away” as the doctor was about to refuse entry for Ian, Jade shouted “it’s ok doctor, his a friend” then the doctor let Ian in and said “um if you need me I’ll be in the next room” and as the doctor went into the next room Ian walked up to Jade, “hey are u okay” said Ian slowly walking over “I am now thanks” she replied “good, good” said Ian in a positive voice, then feeling kind of blushed and Jade smiling “what’s your name love?” asked Ian “Jade, and yours?” and then for a second Ian almost miss heard her name as he was blown away by the beautiful name he had ever heard “um sorry, Ian” as they both laughed to that awkward pause Ian said “Jade that is a real sweet name, real is” then with a smile of sweetness Jade said “aw thanks and Ian’s a cool name two” and as they both smiled at each other Ian asked “so how long have you got left on your holiday”

and Jade said “oh I go back tomorrow with the girls, back to Birmingham” then with a surprise face Ian said “Birmingham, cool, you studying their?” said Ian “yes I am, I’m at the Birmingham university, studying a degree in photography” then with a interest Ian replied “Photography, super, I love Photography, used to do quite a bit of that before I went to Uni my self” and out of interest Jade asked “oh where to you go” Ian still drifting away at Jade’s beauty eventually replied “oh the University of Nottingham studying a BTEC In Animal Science which is kind of why I came out here to do my homework” then with impressment she said “wow that’s amazing and sounds interesting” “aw thank you” Ian replied. As they spoke about the Universities they went too and their backgrounds, Ian then asked “well I’m back tomorrow as well and suppose if you want, with arrangements we could meet each other at either at yours or my University and hang out” then Jade had a smile with a bit of laughter and Ian then said with a bit of nervous feeling “only if your free and if you like” Jade then said “yes, sure” then Ian felt happy and replied “great, awesome” then Jade quoted “and you can tell me about that story of how you know how to scar a Lion away, then Ian looked at Jade as if he was surprised that she didn’t remember what he said in the jeep. “But Jade I said ....” then Jade put her finger on his mouth “Shush” “hey it’s okay if it’s personal, I wouldn’t tell anyone else but that’s what friends are for, to be their for one and other” and then with open eyes and Jade’s finger slowly moving from his lips and looking so shocked in happiness that if it was he had heard an angel speak, when she said friend he hadn’t heard that for five years he almost cried. “Oh well then” he looked into Jade’s eyes as if he trusted her, she placed her hands on his left face and he said “ok Jade, yes sure, friends.” That night Ian stayed with her in the medical attention centre.

After returning back to England, over next 2 years Jade and Ian hanged out together outside Uni times, going Cinema, restaurants and the odd weekend away to the seaside. In 2026 after they both graduated from their Universities they both met in Nottingham city square next two a water fountain eating some lunch, then Ian offered Jade some sweets, as Jade attempted to pick up a sweet she felt a hard piece of metal and said “what kind of sweet’s are these Ian” Ian smiling with nervous feelings and sweating like a hot ice-cream, she picked up an engagement ring, Jade took one look at it and put her hand over her mouth, she blushed and Ian then whispered “Jade Hannah Hampton, will you marry me” she then grabbed into his ear and with joy and a tear or two she replied “yes” they kissed and Ian placed the ring on her finger.

One year later Ian got a job a twycross zoo for the first time and Jade got a contract to do a fashion magazine photo’s of big brands such NEXT, H&M and River Island, they both got married in the spring of 2027, they got married and started a life together living in Nottingham at number 80 Black Horse Road.

Another year later they had their first child Kelly, Ian was over whelmed that he couldn’t believe that the autistic child he once was is now a father “I can’t believe this, thick man is going to be a father” Ian said holding Jade, Jade holding the baby and wanting to kiss Ian said “shut up” Jade kissed Ian and replied ” I love you.”

As another year went by Ian and Jade had another little girl called Annie, by then Kelly was one year old and Ian, Jade, Kelly and the new baby girl Annie were together in the hospital, Ian quoted “my best wish yet, my own family.”

Six years later Ian had turned 41 in the year 2035, over the years in the pervious times he hanged out with Jade in Uni he told the story of his past of the disability he had, his not so confident persona and his first adventure he ever went on as unexperienced, non-confident autistic lad. Jade convinced Ian to turn this story into a book, Ian began writing in 2030, he named the book The Holiday of Independents. This book was sent to a publisher in London which Jade had a connections with from her work as a photographer, The Publisher was a gentleman called Mr. Shed, Ian was very worried about what the publisher Mr. Shed would think. About three weeks later the publisher Mr. Shed wrote a letter to Ian saying this Book as been accepted to be published, it had the qualities of a good story, mixed genre between drama and adventure and relate’s to real people with disabilities, there faces were over whelmed with joy, the letter also said that they have it published within the new year and starting a marketing trail within the new year. A year went by, The Book known as The Holiday of Independents was big in the United Kingdom from London, Wales, Scotland and even Ireland. The Book attracted a lot of families that had children with disabilities, older folk and a short amount of young youths who felt non-confident.

A year later copies were made in Europe and Asia. By 2033 Ian’s book was almost world wide, it hadn’t made it to the USA but it made too Australia, But their was one country Ian was most desperate for it to be big in, he rang up his publisher agent, he asked his publisher “Good Morning Mr. Shed I’m calling to inquire if my book has made to any other countries, say New Zealand?” the Publisher Mr. Shed checked the chart of countries it made, “Mr Angel” said Mr. Shed in a deep voice “yes” asked Ian nervously “it is the biggest thing in New Zealand since the Lord of the Rings, they want you to attend a signing event for your book” and with relief Ian replied “oh wow, my days, um yes I would be horned” then in gratitude response the publisher Mr. Shed said “fantastic Mr Angel, I will arrange flights for New Zealand for you for the end of this year”

Ian broke the news to his family, they cheered with joy, “oh darling I’m so proud of you” said Jade “thank you my love, the best thing I will be able to give us and the kids is a wonderful life, with the fortune of my book” and then whispering into Jade’s ear with a wink “and maybe fame” Jade replied “maybe will see how it goes” Jade replied. Ian nodded “yh, I suppose your right, it’s early days, bedsides it probably end up in a library some where” Ian said with a smile, Jade laughing, grabbed Ian, kiss him and said ” oh Ian, you doubt yourself to much” then Ian nodded and then as his daughters walked in he said “right girls who’s up for the Harvester” the girls and Jade Shouted with Joy “ME!” Then Ian picked up Annie “cool let’s go” they got into the car then Ian shouted “hold on love, just got to get the car keys” the girls and Jade went outside as Ian walked in the house with the car keys already in his pockets, he took to realise that by the end of the year he would be returning to one place that changed his life and changed him forever, he whispered “i didn’t James, I’m going back again” He then walked out to the car and said “come on girls let’s go.”

In the year 2035 when Ian Angel and his family were leaving a wealthily life in Nottingham, they had a beautiful extension to their home by approval of the law & council, they even had a summer home in New Zealand which they would attend every two years , Ian who was still working as part time zoo keeper at Twycross was also attending book signings for the last three years for fans who had been inspired by his book.

One day Ian had a visit from a gentlemen going by the name of Peter Johnson, he was a agent representing Pinewood Studio’s, “hello, Mr Angel I Presume” Ian holding the door seemed confused “yes can I help you” he replied “yes, I have a proposition for you about your book” he said with a smile holding a copy of Ian’s book “oh yes please come in” insisted Ian “thank you” said Mr Johnson, as Ian welcomed the agent into his home, he asked “may I get a drink?”

“oh please just a tea would be lovely” “no worries” replied Ian, they went through into the kitchen “sugar?” asked Ian “oh no thank you” replied the agent. The agent asked “is your wife at home sir” as Ian was getting the mugs out and turning the kettle on“um no she’s at work, she’s a photographer In London” explained Ian “oh i see that’s very good” said Mr. Johnson in interest “it is indeed” replied Ian. Ian than handed the agents tea “thank you” said the Mr. Johnson, Then Ian asked “so Mr., sorry i didn’t catch your name” then as the agent drank some of his tea he put the cup down and replied “oh I do apologises my name is Peter Johnson, I am an agent that represents Pinewood Studio’s” then with shock on Ian’s face “oh wow” “yes and as you know your novel is the biggest selling book since J.K Rowlings Harry Potter and we would like to make arrangements for you to be part of the creation of making a film based on your book” explained Peter.

“Wow oh my days” said Ian with over whelmed feelings sitting back in his chair, “I know it’s a big process to take in” said Peter, “well I’d be more than horned for you to take this project underway” explained Ian with Peter getting out his paper work and notes, however Ian immediately said “I suppose I will be part of the process of the creation of the film” as Ian insisted, then immediately Peter replied “yes of course, what I am here for is to do some research aswell as have read the books myself to my cousins, wonderful may I say” Peter said as a fan, Ian nodded in gratitude “the studio would find it more interesting if they found out anything you left out of the books that you would add in, and we will use these recording on my phone for the Studio to here them for themselves” explained Peter getting his phone on the recording settings. Then Ian slowly processing what Peter was saying even though he did feel a bit un comfortable about having to tell the whole background story as it did prefer to some of it being private.

However Ian wanted to know more about the production. Peter asked ’if you have question fire away” and then he pressed the red recording button his phone “well may I ask which film production will be carrying out my book?” asked Ian, Then Peter sniffed his nose and had a long thought to remember what meetings the productions already had “At the moment were looking at either Metro Goldwyn Mayer or Warner Bros, not to sure cause we want to find which one will take the offer and make the film revolutionary”

As Ian heard the corporations that were in the process he agreed with Metro Goldwyn Mayer taking the story as he loved their films, Warner Bros was ok with in some way cause they were more for big Hollywood films as he was not bothered about if the film made to america as his book’s never did. “very well that sound reasonable” said Ian “we are hoping this will make big america so that people their will give your books a go” said Peter, then as Ian grabbed his tea with a look like butter wouldn’t melt he replied politely as much as he could put it “yes well I’m mainly hoping my story will to be turned into a film,I hope it’s big here, in Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia and Africa cause they loved my book,

It went to America but no one understood cause they said it was too posh British, so if the film does well, fair play but all things consider i’m not bothered about being big in USA” qouted Ian with a professional and opened minded voice.

Peter with that confusion felt very awkward and said “ok well anyway moving on, so Ian we’d like .....” then from outside the Garden Ian’s girls came storming in “daddy, daddy look I found, a flower” said Kelly “that’s lovely sweet heart, go in there later and I will have a look ....” then before he finished Annie said “daddy who’s this man” then the man felt very awkward even though this was on recording.

“This man’s here to talk about my book sweetie” then with a sweet smile and the cutest voice she said “oh your wonderful adventures, they I the best stories in whole world, my favourite” Ian had never heard that from his daughters before, his heart melted like butter. With a smile on his face he cuddle his girls and said “you made me the happiest daddy alive” they both kissed him “now go upstairs I’ll come and see you in a minute” Kelly and Annie ran upstairs. Then with a little tear in his eye he said to Peter “I’m sorry about them”

Peter then held his hands out “no, no please you have such wonderful daughters” “Thank you” said Ian “they sold your book to a tea” Peter raised his tea to a cheers, Ian raised his tea, “now are you ready to go back to your younger days of your adventures, then with remembrance of his girls and the people of good he once knew and all he been through he said “yes, I am” Peter had a positive smile “smashing” said Peter “now where to be begin” then Ian replied “well where do I begin, you better strap yourself lad, the adventure is about to begin”.

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