Dead Leaves

By RosalynYoung All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


In which a girl who no longer speaks and a guy afraid of girls meet at a care center and try to help each other get over their fears. (Extended summary below)

Extended Summary

Liv Marshall used to love socializing. She had a naturally loud voice and laugh, and she always felt awkward when she was with someone and there was silence. However, all this changes after the suicide of her ex-best friend, Vera Ahn. Ever since then, she stopped laughing, stopped smiling, stopped speaking. Her parents did their best to sympathize, but the sympathy turned to concern after a razor and pills were found in Liv’s hands, and they decided to send her to Auxilius, the best care center in New York.

It’s been three months since Connor Walsh was raped, and two months since his parents sent him to Auxilius so no one found out what had happened. The fact that he developed a fear of people, more specifically, a fear of high school females, doesn’t help his case, either.

Liv went to Auxilius not knowing what to expect. Connor went to Auxilius, expecting to die in there. Neither of them expected to find the one person who might free each other from the prison they’re in, both physically and mentally.

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