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Hidden in Darkness

By Kitty_Fermengs All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


Adonia use to be a peaceful world before the gates closed; before Lanaia. She threw the world in chaos, forcing the heavens gates to close. A once happy and peaceful world became riddled with monsters and cursed beings alike, creating a post-apocalyptic society many fought to avoid. The war against Lanaia waged on like an uphill battle; Lanaia having the upper hand. Adonia lacked a savior to turn the tides. It was not until the heavens themselves appointed a savior that Adonia ever stood a chance. Her name was Nagisa. She has lived a tortured life. Despite that, she fought her tormenters every step of the way. One day, an opportunity arose for her to change her fate. Nagisa soon found herself in the presence of a curse known as the Night Howlers. With one of the Night Howlers known as Aidan and a Nightmare called Leir, Nagisa sets forth to undo the chaos that was created by Lanaia. However, Nagisa doubted her ability to do that. The trio discovers Nagisa's true destiny, but she still doubted. How could a nightmare, a Night Howler, and a savior stop a force as constant as light is relevant to day?

Pain versus Suffering

In the far reaches of the known universe reside terrible fears. Tormented and alone, they wait for the day when they will one day become hope; a light in the ever-present darkness. When that day will come, no one knows. For now, these terrible fears reside in the shadows and ill winds; using them to sing their sad song hoping someone will hear them and understand. Their song is the feeling of hopelessness, loss, and defeat. It speaks of hatred and war, lovers lost and yet to lose. Since the dawn of time, these terrible fears have crept in the shadows. They await the calling of the one who would sing with them; freeing them from their life in the darkness. If only one organism in all of creation answered the song and knew what it was like to be feared, then hope would arise from the shadows.

Adonia, a planet with only one content and two oceans. The Heavens themselves chose this beautiful planet as the resting place for the gate between worlds. One day the gate closed, sealing away any hope of reconnecting with The Heavens. It was necessary; to separate evil from good. Evil roamed Adonia in the form of a woman all knew and none loved. It was her existence the caused the gates to close. The Heavens had envisioned a savior to one day change the fate of Adonia and open the gates once again. The heavens looked down upon the face of the world and silently prayed for the savior to be born onto the soil of Adonia. Every being wished the savior, whoever they would be, would bring the hope in the ever-present darkness that befell the world they looked down upon.

Every night Nagisa dreamt of them; those wishful being in the heavens. She felt as though the sun had kissed her; she was full of joy! The dreams seemed so real to her; almost as if she had lived them in another life. All too soon the memories of the dreams vanished. It left her feeling empty and thinking that her happiness also vanished like to memories of the dreams; without a trace. Before this point, Nagisa lived with her uncle and had a relatively happy life. She would sing whatever she pleased and learned much of the world around her. Soon after her tenth birthday, however, her uncle simply vanished. Nagisa wept tears of incredible sorrow. Not only did she weep for the loss of someone she loved deeply, but, also for fear of her new protectors’ rage. Her much older cousins Rolland and Elias, the sons of her uncle, despised Nagisa. When she came into their lives for the first time, she stole the heart of the only man they ever admired. Being childless themselves, they could not comprehend the extent of a father’s love.

So, when the day finally arrived, they set forth a plan into motion that made Nagisa feel as alone as they did. Stealing her away from the sight of the world, Rolland and Elias beat her frequently to remind Nagisa, that no one would love her ever again. They bound her wrists as she performed unthinkable acts to abolish all sense of freedom in her broken heart. Nagisa wanted nothing more than to sing to the heavens and be free of her captors. Only one of those things was possible. However, it would never give her the joy she once held so long ago. She tried to break free several times. As an ever-constant reminder, the whip that burdened her cracked in its ever-painful reality, that leaving was an impossibility.

It was not long before the girl so despised for the love she acquired became a woman. Her light brown hair grew long and curled making her a sight of beauty. Her eyes deepened to the same deep blue color the sea became when someone lost themselves in it. Her skin remained a pale complexion without the constant contact with direct sunlight. Nagisa was below average in height; always looking up to the people around her. Despite all this, she saw herself as a victim of circumstance. She tried to change her fortune, but it would seem fate was not on her side. Nagisa’s life was filled with whorish intensions due to her immense beauty and it came to, that she grew accustomed to living this way. It became a nightmare that never ended. It was not until nightfall that relief would come. That was when her hopes become ever present in her dreams. The weight of reality hit her after a day of hopeless daydreams and unlucky circumstances. Soon she fell into the deep slumber of unconsciousness and dreamed of her lover rescuing her from the pits of despair.

Her dream started out like any other, shapes and colors meshed together as if a kaleidoscope gave birth. Then the shapes started to take on the forms of animals and trees. Colors turning into their own distinct shade as if life was all but upon us. Two people intersected the shapes and colors. The pair found themselves running, from what though, was unclear. In an instant, they were alone; the mood set so that no one could escape the clutches of pure romance. A thick fog came up from the ground and the sun shone as if twilight where upon it. Time seemed to stand still as the pair of lovers stared into the eyes of one another. Then in all passion, the kiss that withstood time became a reality in a theoretical sense. “If your voice were the wind, I would whisper sweet love into it. If you were the rain, I would dance for you are my joy. If you were the clouds I would forever be the sun kissing you ever so slightly. I am yours now, and forever more,” said her lover. A lovers’ passion filled romance would have to be continued another time. Daylight was steadily, reaching them and dreams cease in the morning. She awoke in a hot sweat. Nagisa cried out to the voice, but there was no reply. It was only a dream. It felt so real to her as if he were lying right beside her. She quickly returned to sleep. Maybe he would still be there, once upon a dream.

The following morning Nagisa’s cousins came to her. They came to force their perversions upon her as they always had done but this time, they seemed different. Rolland and Elias came wobbling into her room singing the drunken ballads of whorish women. As she got up to face the day ahead of her, the two men forced her back down. They took turns caressing her body until there was no other option but to succumb to their sexual advances. She fought them every inch of the way, but to no avail. Her beauty betrayed her once more as each of the cousins, took turns violating the innocence of Nagisa, blaming it on drunkenness. Violence overtook her, and she gave into the evil that invaded her perfect world. She was a tool and nothing more. A small voice spoke out against the violence, demanding action to be taken. Even though she knew it meant impending doom and worlds of pain, she still thought to try. Nagisa ran with all her might but she only got as far as the garden gates. She ran as though her feet had wings, but in no time at all, her freedom was once again extinguished. Elias caught up with her and bashed her on the head knocking her unconscious. When she finally awoke from her deep, dreamless slumber, both Rolland and Elias were waiting for her. Rolland slapped her and in return, she attempted to bite his fingers off.

“Why did you try to run from us? We have fed you, clothed you, allowed you to live with us for almost a decade and this is how you repay us?” Elias asked angrily! A long, uncomfortable silence flooded the small, poorly lit room. Another hand graced her beautiful face.

“Answer us! Your secrets will not stay unearthed for long. We have persuasive… methods of extracting information,” said Rolland. Nagisa knew all too well what those methods were.

“Why did you run from us,” asked Elias?

“Answer us,” said both brothers! Nagisa spit into Rolland’s face. Elias and Rolland looked at one another. Elias said,

“It comes to that then. Rolland, strap her to the Hunchponoralis.”

The Hunchponoralis was a favorite of Elias’. It resembled a bed of nails, but had all the working parts of a body stretcher. With every turn of the wheel the nails scratched Nagisa’s skin. The cry of a tortured soul roamed the halls. Every ear heard the sound and every soul whispered a silent prayer for the unimaginable pain that treaded the essence of the poor soul, but none dare save her. It was not until twilight threatened the darkness of night that the pain stopped and the screaming ceased. It was then that Nagisa realized her fate, and decided that death was better than the pain that resided inside.

“I am a human being. It is in my nature to pursue freedom,” declared Nagisa. She gave her captors a look of ferocity. “I will be free, and when I am you will regret what you have done to me; every, last, bit of it.”

“Those are strong words, for someone so weak,” cooed Elias as he graced the back of his hand across her silky-smooth cheek. A single tear fell from her cheek. She knew she was weak. Her words were just empty threats in their eyes. She was used and abused. She allowed these things to occur because fighting them was too much. She valued her life more than they did. She cried and pleaded for them to stop but, her cries were in vain.

Neither brother could contain their sexual urges any longer. Elias pealed her off the Hunchponoralis and restrained her with shackles on her feet and hands attached to the floor. She then was shoved to the floor as a dog would be kicked for a lesson. As if being mutilated was not enough for them, Elias and Rolland continued to violate Nagisa with the desolation of her body once more. She wept waterfalls of tears as her body was being violated in the worst ways. She apologized for speaking wrongly to them. Life once again dealt the cards sealing her fate. When the brothers finished, they left her there to contemplate why she was tormented; laughing as they exited the room.

“When you are ready to be more appreciative, let us know,” said Rolland said laughingly.

With the door closed firmly behind them Nagisa wept. She felt as if her life were forfeit before she even lived it. She was alone in her misery with nothing more than the memories that haunted her. The only thing that remained were the scars of torture and torment left on her once beautiful body; each scar telling its own story of its birth or resurrection. Abandoned and alone, the fear that she had kept locked up inside for so long emerged. The reality of life barked its angry, menacing head reminding her that to live was to die.

That night was a dreamless night; no passion hidden in the night. Bit by bit the scales formed over her heart, locking her innocence inside. It was as if her life was a dream; a nightmare holding on until morning. Nothing seemed real. The only joy she had was in song, and even that was saddened by bitter defeat. Death taunted her with the release of her painful life as well as her suffering, but death was not her answer. Dying would only serve to project her problems onto another. Then, like a voice in the night, hope arose in the form of words. Nagisa remembered something her uncle said to her on the day he vanished.

“Fear not, for joy comes in the morning. The dawn signifies a new day. The light of day kills all traces of the night. All that is left are memories of what the night is like. Nothing is ever as scary or hard in hindsight. Remember what you feel, but do not let it take you back to the night.”

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