The First Survivor

By Korkle_Hatchet All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Other

Chapter 8

“MASON?!” “Kira?!” Mason said, shocked.

“You’re still alive?”

“Do I look alive to you?”

“You look pale.”

“I do?”

Mason helped me up and put the knife in his pocket. “So…” He said. “Have any food?” “You don’t have any?” I asked. Usually food and water were the main things to keep alive with. I was shocked that Mason didn’t have any. I pulled out two chocolate muffins from my bag and we sat down to eat, and Mason wouldn’t stop. He ate that muffin like it was the only thing he had eaten in 5 years.

“Wow.” I said, shocked. “How long have you gone without food?” “Like, two days.” Mason replied. “Ran out of water yesterday, too.” I pulled out a water bottle and handed it to him. “Drink up, then. We can’t stay here forever.” “Right.”

Mason took a few gulps and stood up. “Come on, we need to see if other people still live around here.” I nodded and stood up, packing back up as I did so. Mason ran downstairs and ducked at the sight of the window. He crawled up to it and peeked out. There were less zombies than before, but still too many. He got up and ran over to the back door. I had just gotten downstairs and followed him. We looked out the back door window. There was a nice, small backyard. The only thing out there besides grass was a barbecue.

No zombies.

Mason slowly opened the door and we tip toed out. There was a tall white wooden fence surrounding the backyard, so the zombies wouldn’t see us if we crouched.

There was a gate at the other side of the backyard and Mason gestured towards it. We tip toed over there and I opened the gate slightly. We looked at this other house on the other side and tip toed in.

As I raided the fridge and pantry, Mason checked outside at the front door. He ran back. “There’s a house just across the street that we have to go to. It’s nice and safe. Plus, the zombies can’t corner us there.” I got up and looked out the window, with Mason following. I looked out. Blank streets, but I could tell they wouldn’t be black for long.

“OK, but we have to be fast, if we can’t get in and if there’s no other exit… we need the time to run back here.” “OK.” Mason responded. We quickly packed up and ran across the street. On the way there, I saw a blue piece of paper. It looked like a blueprint. Of the school. I picked it up and brought it along. The door was unlocked. We ran inside and started looking for exits. Mason found one upstairs that lead to the roof. “FOUND ONE!” He yelled. I had also found one that lead to a backyard. “Me too!” I yelled back.

I looked out the door. We had left the other door open. That really bugged me for some reason, and I risked my safety to run back across the street, close and lock the door, run back over to the new house, ran inside, then locked and closed the door behind me. Then I went around and pulled all of the blinds in the house down.

“Nice run.” Mason said. “And just in time.” We looked out one of the front door windows. The zombies had started to pile in. Realizing we were safe, Mason and I explored the house, stole the contents of the fridge, and had water, lettuce, and ham sandwiches for dinner.

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