The First Survivor

By Korkle_Hatchet All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Other

Chapter 1

As I walked in the door, something strange began to happen. Mom started to make me pack some clothes for me, James, and Ellie. Dad was grabbing some food from the fridge, and Elizabeth was making sandwiches. “Whats going on?” I asked. I hoped we were going to our main vacation spot in Panacka, Nevada. The others said nothing. Mom was lecturing James and Ellie. “Now you guys are going to go down into the cellar through the trap door. Don’t cry, don’t play, don’t make any loud noises. OK?” From the way I took that, there was either a present or a surprise for us… or there was a zombie apocalypse. Very unlikely. I thought. Zombies aren’t thing right now… those stupid clowns on Facebook are. Are murderous clowns coming?

Mom opened a little square trap door in the kitchen and hustled James and Ellie inside. They didn’t hesitate one bit. Probably thought there was a surprise, too.

Elizabeth was now handing a small insulator bag to me with a few water bottles. Then she started packing in some food like sandwiches, left-over waffles, apples, etc. The strange silence was broken with a huge bang on the front door, followed by a few more. I had jumped, but went to answer it anyway. “NO!” Dad cried out as he locked the door. “Whats up, dad?” I asked. My friend, Emma, came over from time to time to hang out with me, so I couldn’t understand why dad would lock the door like that. Dad told me to never answer the door. Confused, I walked around the house. Not much change, but the fridge was empty. I walked up to a window. The backyard was nice, with a few scattered toys, as usual. I leaned closer. Suddenly this figure popped up out of nowhere and started to punch the window. I jumped back, trying to figure out two things:

One: What is that thing?

Two: How did It jump-scare me when I was practically un-jump-scare-able thanks to FNaF?

Suddenly, mom shot her warm green eyes at me. “Get in the room, NOW!” That was it... this was either a huge prank... or a zombie apocalypse. “NOW!!” Mom yelled, pointing to the trap door. I looked at her, her short-short blonde and pink-at-the-tip hair was a mess. I hesitated, then climbed in with James and Ellie. Elizabeth locked the trap door behind us. “Arn’t you coming?” I asked worriedly. “No. Rememberer, I had a race today. My body odor is so strong right now that it would give you three away. I’m staying out to fight with mom and dad.” “WHAT?!” I yelled. There was plenty of perfume and stuff around… couldn’t she just spritz herself and join us?

Banging was heard on the door. I felt the tears forming in my eyes, was it really going to be this way? “Stay down there with James and Ellie. Take care of them for me, OK?” The comforting tone in her voice helped the tears. “OK.” The tears had made it hard for me to talk clearly. Just the thought of losing Elizabeth was too much for me to bear.

Dad came over and unlocked the door. “Last hug?” Usually when dad came up to hug us, he would squeeze so hard our organs would bust out. I gave him the biggest hug in the world, and a kiss. Mom came over and I did the same. “Now you keep quiet and don’t come out, OK?” “OK, mom.” I invited Ellie and James up while I hugged Elizabeth. “Love you.” “Love you, too.” The sound of shattering glass broke the love and mom shoved us back down. “You two obey Kira, OK?” Mom ordered James and Ellie. “Yes mommy.” They were about to cry, I could tell because I was about to, too.

We climbed down and Elizabeth locked the door once again. I pushed Ellie, James and I down the small ladder and sat them in a corner. I took a black piece of paper and put it under the trap door, so no one would be able to see inside. I snuggled with my two siblings and sat still while overhead grunting, banging, and yelling boomed death in our ears.

Ellie soon started to cry. I was about to stop her, but then James also started crying. There crying was low and silent, but still real and full of terror. I hugged them closer to me and I choked up a bit as well. We new we had to be quiet, but we had to cry. As the noises of death rang in our ears, we slowly drifted to sleep.

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