The First Survivor

By Korkle_Hatchet All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Other

Chapter 17

“Well,” Mason said. Let’s just say we’re surrounded by zombies.” I jerked up. “WHAT?” I shouted. “Shh!” Enoch hissed. “We’re inside the school!” I looked around. “In… the theater?” “Yep. This was the most secure place.” Enoch said. “AND it was zombie free when we got here!” Mason pointed out. “You guys never said anything about moving to the school.” “Well, you didn’t let us finish.” Mason said. I rolled my eyes.

“After we revived you,” He started. “We realized that the house wasn’t safe anymore, so we moved.” “And it wasn’t a walk in the park either.” Enoch added. “It started snowing after a few hours and all of the zombies started to move to the school, like they were looking for shelter. The school doors opened, and they let all of the zombies inside, besides one.” Enoch finished.

They paused, then continued. I asked Enoch to write it all down here so that I didn’t have too. Here;

One zombie got stuck in the door. According to Kira’s blueprints, they all had to close at the same time. While the zombie tried to get in one door, we snuck in another door. We were lucky Kira was asleep, because we camped out in the boys bathroom by the front doors. “Look,” Mason said. “The zombies are coming out of the theater.” I nodded. “I’ll go check.” I stood up, and snuck out of the bathroom. I looked inside the theater door. It was empty. I motioned Mason to come, and he picked up Kira and brought her over. I opened the door and we walked inside. Once inside, Mason put Kira on the stage and I slowly closed the door. “Quick!” Mason said. “Block all the doors in case they try to come in!” I nodded, and we blocked all of the doors. Then, eventually, Kira woke up.

I thanked Enoch for writing all of that down, my hand was killing me. I finally mustered the strength to sit up smoothly and without Enoch or Mason fussing. “We’re in here now.” I said. “Let’s explore.” “Are you insane?” Enoch shouted. “SHHHH!” Mason hissed. “Dude! Why would you want to go out there?” Enoch continued, but more quietly. “Well, we’re in here, aren’t we? We need to get to the bottom of this.” I pulled out the blueprint. “We can’t really turn back now, can we?” Mason whined. Enoch shook his head. “I guess not.”

I got off of the couch and wobbled as I stood up. “Well, not now!” Enoch said, waving his arms. “You can’t walk and zombies are still in here.” I reluctantly sat back down. “Let’s wait for them to go outside again. Until then,” Enoch pulled out my bag. “Let’s eat.”

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