The First Survivor

By Korkle_Hatchet All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Other

Chapter 15

”I think we should call it a night.” Enoch said. He looked out the window. “It’s too dark.” “Are you sure?” I asked. “It IS November, daylight savings and whatnot. It could just be dinnertime.” The three of us looked up at the clock. “7:43.” I said. “Let’s eat before we sleep. Don’t want to be hangry!” “Yeah…” Mason added. “We skipped lunch. I want food.” Enoch nodded, and he stood up to go to the kitchen. Mason and I followed. “Weather we skipped lunch or not, we had a big breakfast.” He said. “Yeah.” Mason and I replied.

We searched the fridge for a while until Enoch found some cereal, Mason found some cake, and I found some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. (To be honest, I was quite hungry… there was just nothing else I wanted to eat… let alone liked.)

We ate for only about 2 minutes until Enoch left, followed by Mason. I slowly ate my Reece’s to savor the taste of food. Then, after a while, I walked upstairs.

I looked in the master bedroom, where Mason was sleeping. He was out cold, hadn’t even taken his shoes off. I closed the door and opened the door to Enoch’s room. I slightly opened it a little until I saw him, still awake but in the bed and under blankets. His shoes were by the bed, along with his socks. His clothes were on the floor, and a drawer was opened, with boy pajamas hanging out of it.

I closed the door at the second look at his cloths. It felt weird to see a boy besides by little brother whose clothes were on the ground. I walked down the stairs and laid down on the couch.

I stared at the walls, the paintings, the TV, and anything else I could see. Slowly, I drifted to sleep and, to my surprise, looking up at Enoch’s room upstairs.

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