The First Survivor

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Chapter 14

It seemed as though time had froze. I was looking at Enoch, who was looking at Mason, who was looking at me. “So……” Mason said. “Anyone going to say anything?” I looked at him like he was insane. “You just said something.” I told him. “Oh.” He replied, acting totally oblivious. I giggled and looked back down at the paper, replaying the last events in my mind.

Piecing it together, it seemed that there was this guy who took the school hostage or something… and he is building something that’s apparently very important. I looked up. Enoch and Mason were now looking down at the paper, too. Enoch was staring into space, but I think Mason was actually trying to READ it. I could barely get a sentence translated, and he was just breezing through. I was shocked at him mouthing the words as he was reading them, and looking at his mouth and the words, they went in sync… even though I still couldn’t read the words.

Enoch looked up at me, then at Mason. He made a surprised face, and then I realized I was making one, too. We stared at Mason for a while, then when he reached the end of a paragraph, he looked up at us.

“What?” He asked. “Were you reading that?” Enoch asked. “Yeah…” “How?” I said, still amazed. “My mom has the sloppiest handwriting in the world… this is a piece of cake.” Mason said, confused. “Can you decipher it for us?” Enoch asked, hopefully. Mason caught on, remembering that not everyone can read bad handwriting. “Sure… but one problem.” He said. “My handwriting is bad, too.” “How bad?” I asked. He wrote down the words ‘My Favorite Book’ on a piece of paper. Enoch was obviously confused, but I could read it. Elizabeth had bad handwriting too, and I was getting used to it.

“What if you say it, and I write it?” Enoch asked, hopefully. Mason and I knew Enoch had amazing handwriting, so we agreed.

It was almost dark outside by the time we were done, and Enoch was complaining about how badly his hand hurt. There was about three pages of stuff on that paper that they had deciphered, and it was very easy to read now. What was deciphered onto the paper lined up with what we had hypothesized about earlier, a guy took over the school and is now building something. Enoch read the first paragraph out loud.

““3 quarters left of here, (Arrow) 5 by 12 ft boards will be pasted at around 9:00AM. The MALS needs to go through the 5th pipe, then the first, then when at the 4th, skip the 5th and move on to 6th. (No idea how that happened.) After the 15th pipe, MALS will move over to the main baseline. The pump valve needs to be oiled for about 2 min. before use. The baseline needs to be at a 45 degree angle after the pump valve is released. Activating the valve is hard. Here are the steps: 1. Grasp valve tightly. 2. Make sure the hinges are oiled. 3. Hold breath while turning. (Believe me, this helps a TON.) 4. If it does not turn, oil again. 5. Turn for about 5 min. until you can see MALS. 6. Once you see MALS, make sure Mr. Christensen helps. 7. Twist valve at same time. 8. Keep twisting until water comes out of the 9th pipe. Then, over here, (Arrow) push the blue, green, and red buttons. The order is: red blue blue green green. This 5 digit code should react to the CO2 in the boat. In the boat the CO2 in highly concentrated Magnetic Athorium Leatheum and Sodium cloroxide. This will allow the formula to be as small as cells. The pipe system downtown should work, but the MALS will disintegrate in about 6 ½ days. This is around the time it will reach most of the neighborhood. But remember to close the 2nd pipe to the left, (Arrow) because it needs to reach the Recovery Center first. The MALS MUST be over to the North side of the building at room #278. Fossett should stay intact until the MALS enters the left pipe. This way the water containing MALS will be available to the parent, not infecting her, but the baby instead. Then, the baby will rampage like... uh… a baby, infecting the people in the town/city or whatever. When this happens, shut down all systems. These spots (Arrows) will be the machinery for the ZIC. Students will then be zombified. Postpone last search until the 18th. Make sure all safety measures are working before the ZIC opens.””

There was an awkward pause.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” I said sarcastically. “That’s what it says.” Enoch said, shaking the paper. “Or, at least, that’s what Mason said it said.” “And it does say that!” Mason defended. “I was reading along.” He pointed at the blueprint to prove his statement. “Also, look at this.” Mason pointed at the bottom left hand corner of the paper. It said: MALS something something ZIC something something. “It says MALS Magnetic Athorium Leatheum and Sodium cloroxide. ZIC Zombie Infection Center.” “ZOMBIE INFECTION CENTER?!” Enoch and I yelled. “That’s what it says…” Mason said, worriedly. “So…” Enoch re-read the paper he wrote on. “It says: “The machinery for ZIC. Students will then be zombified.”” “How did I miss that?” I asked myself. I felt dizzy and put my hand up to my forehead. Students are being zombified? That was too much for my brain.

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