The First Survivor

By Korkle_Hatchet All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Other

Chapter 11

”I can’t explain how happy I am to see a familiar face!” The boy exclaimed. “Four days stuck in this house, not knowing if there are other survivors.” He looked up at Mason. “Have I seen you before? At school?” He asked. “Uh, I see you at P.E.” Mason replied. “I think…”

They looked at me. I was sitting now, instead of lying down on the floor. “I’m just glad we’re all still alive.” I sighed. “Your trap almost killed Mason, Enoch.”

Enoch quickly turned to face Mason. “I’m sorry,” He walked over to him and started untying the knot around his ankles. “This was supposed to be for a zombie.” “I see that.” Mason said as he looked at the door. “Excellent trap skills.” “Me? No no no, I just like to get my hands on things.”

Enoch finished untying the knot and Mason fell to the ground. “Welp.” I stood up. “Care to join us?” Enoch looked at me. “Join what?” He asked, curiously. “Uhh… me and Mason? I think?” I shook my head. What was the thing always called in the movies? “The resistance?” Mason corrected, standing up as he did so. “Right. The Resistance.” I said, dramatically.

Enoch looked around. “Where are you guys headed?” He asked. “Over to Kira’s house to pick up some scooters.” Mason said. “And how have you been doing this? There are zombies about, you know.” “Yeah, we know.” I said. “We’ve been house hoping.” “What?” Enoch asked. “What she means is,” Mason corrected. “We have been jumping from roof to roof to avoid zombies.” “Oh.” Enoch realized. “OK then… just let me grab some food real quick an-” “Covered.” Mason and I said at the same time. “Kira packed so much food, that her bag is lumpy.” Mason said. “Jynx!” I said, pointing at Mason. “You oe me a soda!” I did this little dance while Mason and Enoch looked at me, confused.

Enoch suddenly shook his head. “Where is this bag? Because I have some food I think you guys will like..” “OK!” I shouted.

The three of us walked downstairs and over to the fridge.

“Is this your house, Enoch?” Mason asked. “Nope.” Enoch replied.

There was an awkward pause.

“So who’s is it?” I asked. “I don’t know…” Enoch answered.

When we got to the fridge, the second I looked inside my stomach totally flipped. It was full of corn bread, some apples, peanut butter, waffles, milk, and a few slices of some sort of birthday cake. I started to eat some corn bread while Enoch was talking to Mason. “You think we can stay here?” Mason asked. “Just for the night?” “You can stay your whole lives, as far as I’m concerned.” Enoch exaggerated. “This isn’t my house.”

When I finished the cornbread, I stood up and looked out a window that wasn’t covered in string. There were a few zombies, but it was hard to count them because it was so dark.

I looked at a black clock on the wall. It read 8:43. I was starving, and I’m pretty sure Enoch and mason were, too.

“Hey!” I yelled at them. They looked at me. “How about some dinner?”

“I’m starving!” Mason said as he squatted and then sat on the floor in ‘pain’. “Oooooooh! It hurts! It huuuuuuuurrrts!” He yelled. He was now on the floor. “I’m gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiee!” Mason then dramatically threw his hands to the side and stuck his tongue out. “Bleeeeaaarg…” He whispered. We all started laughing at Mason’s performance, even Mason. “Yeah, I could go for some food right now, too.” Enoch said, patting his stomach. “My stomach is screaming: Feed me… FEED ME!” We all started laughing again.

Suddenly, the fact that there were zombies outside didn’t seem to matter anymore… like the whole idea was just thrown out the window somehow.

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