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Faith In None

By Poppy_Raven All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance


Sitting there and watching the minster preach about the book of Matthew was a tedious task. There was a fiery ache burning inside her ribs and out towards the rest of her body with every inhale and every exhale of breath.

The Minsters arms waved around as he finalised his points on Matthews book of the bible and flowed into a pray with the minster wishing the best of health for the church community he was in charge of. The broad, wooden chapel echoed with ‘amen’ and Minster Andrews finished his sermon. Chatter spread in the large, barren building. As the chatting increased so did the pain in Alein’s body.

Alein was born to her father and mother when they were just 17 years of age. In a fit of fury, her father, Jackson Andrews ran off for a year and returned just after her birth to find his high school girlfriend had disappeared after giving birth to a small, weak baby girl just two months premature. The young girl left in an incubator at the hospital abandoned by both parents, and not a single tear fell from the child’s vibrant forest, green eyes.

After learning of his abandoned child, Jackson returned and took her in but after Alein’s third birthday and still no sight of her mother, Jackson began to drink. And Drink. And drink. To a point where good and bad were just a blurred line. And hitting his only, and very young child did not bother him.

For 14 years, Alein has been through hell and wants to work her way out of the awful place where she would rather live through her fear of the dark or clowns over the real fear of what waits at home for her with her Minster of a father.

Follow Alein as she runs from a God-loving father with no heart and lets his only child go through hell for his own pleasure. Watch Alein flourish into a independent and loved women.

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