Sydney Takes New York

By Hannah Alisia Ball All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter Nine

The next day was eventful for many reasons, but the main reason centered around the arrest of Bryan Murphy. Authorities tracked him down near the corner of Broadway and 42th street, and thankfully they were able to spot him because of that golden sun on the hood of his jacket.

The next day at work began normally, but I knew something different was about to take place when Ivan called me into his office that morning.

"Sydney, sit down. I have some exciting news for you. My son happens to be in town this week, and I think you would really enjoy getting to know him. From the first day I saw you, I knew that you and Thomas would become good friends, and who knows, maybe more than that. Are you free this evening for dinner? My treat."

Surprise burst out the seems of my heart, and I had a hard time controlled this sudden burst of energy. The first day I ever met Ivan, I secretly thought he was interested in me, but little did I know he was looking out for someone else, someone who he thought I would like. Not only did this prospect amuse me, but it filled me with expectation for what could come out of this partnership.

"Of course I would love to have dinner with you and your son. It sounds enchanting."

"Good, darling. I look forward to it. Just plan on meeting me here at 7:30, and we will proceed to the restaurant of your choosing. You deserve it, Sydney. You are a star."

Exiting the office, feelings of zeal and passion filled me, and I could not wait for that evening to arrive. This was the kind of adventure I was looking forward, and I could not wait for it to arrive. Who knew, I might be meeting my soul mate tonight.

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